Need for Congressional Approval of Governing International Fishery Agreements: Hearing Before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, First Session, on the Need for Congressional Approval of the Governing International Fishery Agreements Negotiated in Accordance with the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976, February 3, 1977

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1977 - 51 páginas

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Página 25 - optimum", with respect to the yield from a fishery, means the amount of fish — (A) which will provide the greatest overall benefit to the Nation, with particular reference to food production and recreational opportunities ; and (B) which is prescribed as such on the basis of the maximum sustainable yield from such fishery, as modified by any relevant economic, social, or ecological factor.
Página 24 - June 28, 1994] § 195.54 Accident reports. (a) Each operator that experiences an accident that is required to be reported under §195.50 shall as soon as practicable, but not later than 30 days after discovery of the accident, prepare and file an accident report on DOT Form 7000-1, or a facsimile. (b) Whenever an operator receives any changes in the information reported or additions to the original report on DOT Form 7000-1, it shall file a supplemental report within 30 days. [Amdt. 195-39, 53...
Página 47 - if Cuba is willing to live within the international system, then we ought to seek ways to find whether we can eliminate the impediments which exist between us and try to move toward normalization.
Página 23 - Polish fishing vessel that engages in fishing for living resources subject to the fishery management authority of the United States, shall allow and assist the boarding and inspection of such vessel by any duly authorized enforcement official of the United States, and shall co-operate in such enforcement action as may be undertaken pursuant to the laws of the United States.
Página 26 - ... king crab, shrimp, and bottom species such as rockfish, soles and ling cod. The boat operators live in communities from San Diego, California to Kodiak, Alaska. Their vessels range in size from 40 to 100 feet in length and carry crews of from 3 to 8 men each. The vessels are all high seas vessels operating in the waters of the North Pacific Ocean from Mexico to those adjacent to the Soviet Union in Bering Sea. The Deep Sea Fishermen's Union is a trade union which has been active during the past...
Página 6 - Read the entire statement or summarize as you wish. There was some hope that we would be able to have a recording of this and that is the purpose of the microphone. It turns out that it is against the rules of the House to record, so the microphone is not working. Please ignore it and talk a little louder so the people in the back of the room might hear you. STATEMENT OF DR.
Página 11 - Mr. Chairman, this concludes my testimony. I would be happy to answer any questions you or other members of the subcommittee may have.
Página 26 - Pacific Ocean. This association has been active in its field for the past 52 years. Its members operate approximately 175 vessels in the harvest of halibut, blackcod, albacore, king crab, shrimp, and bottom species such as rockfish, soles and ling cod. The boat operators live in communities from San Diego, California to Kodiak, Alaska.

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