Joannis Lelandi Antiquarii de rebus britannicis collectanea

Impensis Gul. & Jo. Richardson, 1770

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Página 631 - was built close to the upper end of the hall, as it seemed at the first sight : but indeed it was but a false wall faire painted, and adorned with stately pillars, which pillars would turn about; by reason whereof, with the help of other painted clothes, their stage did vary three times in the acting of one tragedy :" that is, in other words, there were three scenes employed in the exhibition of the piece.
Página 565 - ... both before and behind with the Scottes. Yet for al that Gray with his men lightting apon foote set apon them with a wonderful corage, and killid mo of them than they did of thenglisch men. Yet wer there vi. Scottes yn numbre to one Englisch man, and cam so sore on the communes of England, that they began to fly, and then was Thomas Gray taken prisoner.
Página 660 - From the upper end of the great hall a steyer ascending up towards the great chamber, at the lop whereof are two lodging rooms. Leading from the steyer's head to the great chamber is a fair room paved with brick, and a chimney in the same. At the end whereof doth meet...
Página 637 - I have seen in King's Colledge in Cambridge. In the acting thereof they brought in five or six men almost naked, which were much disliked by the Queen and Ladies, and also many rusticall...
Página 642 - I marvell what they think me to be," with such other like speeches shewing his dislike thereof, yet he did tarry till they had ended it, which was after one of the clock. The Queen was not there that night.
Página 678 - Ireland, defender of the faith, and of the church of England, and alfo of Ireland, in earth...
Página 639 - Flagellifer," wherein the stage varied three times; they had all goodly antique apparel), but for all that, it was not acted so well by many degrees as I have seen it in Cambridge. The King was very weary before he came thither, but much more wearied by it, and spoke many words of dislike.
Página 660 - At the end whereof doth meet з fair gallery, leading from the great chamber to the earle of Bedford's lodging on the one side, and to the chappell on the other side. The great chamber very fair, with a chimney therein, within the same is one other feir chamber, called the dining chamber within, a chimney therein likewise.
Página 468 - Pakington, varies from both, as follows : — " At this tyme Walter Stapleton was making a faire toure on the very Tamys side at his place with owte Temple bar, and lakking stone and lyme to finishid it, sent a force to the Church of the White Freres (Freres de la Eie) and toke it, and yn despite of this, the Londeners biryid Stapleton and his 2. Esquires in the hepe of Rubrische aboute his Toure as they had bene Dogges. And no raerval : for he was fumisch and withowt Pite 44.
Página 566 - Lownes, destroying the countery on to Edingburg. Then he repayrid yn to England, and left the erle of Northampton gardian of the marches, which toke a trews with the Scottes that was not wel kept. John king of Fraunce toke by covyne the king of Navar, that had afore treatid with king Eduard for alliaunce. In the yere of our lorde 1355.

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