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CLASS 120.-Surface and underground surveying and plotting. Projection of underground work, location of shafts, tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts, and for drainage.

Boring and drilling rocks, shafts, and tunnels, etc. Surveys for aqueducts, and for ascertaining the nature and extent of mineral deposits.

Construction. Sinking and lining shafts by various methods, driving and timbering tunnels, and the general operations of opening, stopping, and breaking down ore, timbering, lagging, and masonry.

Hoisting and delivering at the surface, rock, ore, or miners.

Pumping and draining by engines, buckets, or by adits.

Ventilation and lighting.

Subaqueous mining, blasting, etc.

Hydraulic mining, and the various processes and methods of sluicing and washing auriferous gravel, and other superficial deposits.


CLASS 121.-Models of mines, of veins, etc.




CLASS 200.-Chemicals, pharmaceutical preparations.

Mineral acids, and the methods of manufacture. Sulphuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids.
The common commercial alkalies, potash, soda, and ammonia, with their carbonates.
Salt and its production. Salt from deposits-native salt. Salt by solar evaporation
from sea water Salt, by evaporation from water of saline springs or wells. Rock salt.
Ground and table salt.

Bleaching powders and chloride of lime.

Yeast powders, baking powders.

CLASS 201.-Oils, soaps, candles, illuminating and other gases.

Oils from mineral, animal, and vegetable sources. Refined petroleum, benzine, naptha and other products of the manufacture. Oils from various seeds, refined, and of various degrees of purity. Olive oil, cotton seed oil, palm oil. Animal oils, of various kinds, in their refined state. Oils prepared for special purposes besides lighting and for food. Lubricating oils.

Soaps and detergent preparations.

Candles, stearine, glycerine, paraffine, etc., spermaceti.

Illuminating gas and its manufacture.

Oxygen gas, and its application for heating, lighting, metallurgy, and as a remedial agent.
Chlorine and carbonic acid.

CLASS 202.-Paints, pigments, dyes, colours, turpentine, varnishes, printing inks, writing inks

CLASS 203.-Flavoring extracts, essences, perfumery, pomades, cosmetics.

CLASS 204.-Explosive and fulminating compounds; in small quantities only, and under special
regulations, shown in the building only by empty cases and cartridges. Black powder of
various grades and sizes. Nitro-glycerine and the methods of using and exploding. Giant
powder, dynamite, dualin, tri-nitro-glycerine.

CLASS 205.-Pyrotechnics for display, signalling, missiles.

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CI. 200.

Cl. 200, 201.

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

CI. 200.

The Newcastle Chemical Works Co., Limited (late C. Allhusen & Sons, Limited), Chemical Manufacturers, Newcastleupon-Tyne. Soda ash, Alkali, refined and unrefined, Bleaching Powder, Crystals of Soda, (Sal. Soda), Bicarbonate of Soda, Caustic Soda, Chloride of Calcium. (62) Exhibitors, Paris, 1855, London, 1862 (1st Class Medals); Paris, 1867 (Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal of Merit).

Calvert, F. C., & Co., Carbolic Acid Manufacturers, Bradford, Manchester. Carbolic and Cresylic Acids and Derivatives. Carbolic Acid Soaps.


Exhibitors, Paris, 1867 (Silver Medal); Havre, 1868 (Gold and Silver Medals); Amsterdam, 1869 (Diplome d'Excellence); Santiago, Chili (Diplome d'Honneur); Naples, 1871 (Silver Medal, 1st class); London, 1871; Vienna, 1873 (Juror, Hors Concours).

Brunner, Mond, & Co., Alkali Manufacturers, Northwich, Cheshire. (pure), and Bicarbonate of Soda.

Alkali (64)

Richards, Kearne, & Gasquoine, Alkali Manufacturers, Malkins Bank Alkali Works, Sandbach, Cheshire. Sample of Brine from which the Soda Ash is produced; sample of Sulphate of Ammonia employed in manufacture of Soda Ash; sample of Soda Ash ; sample of Bicarbonate of Soda prepared by Richards' Patent. (65)

Corbett, John, M.P., Salt Manufacturer, Stoke Prior Salt Works, Worcestershire. Refined Worcestershire Salt for Domestic, Dairy, and all other purposes.


Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Hon. Mention); 1873 (Gold Medal); Paris, 1867 (Hon. Mention); Maritime Exhibition, 1875 (Silver Medal).

Hutchinson, John, & Co., Alkali Manufacturers, Widnes, Lancashire. Soda Ash (ordinary and refined, Caustic and Carbonated), Soda Crystals, Caustic Soda, Bicarbonate of Soda, Saltcake, Bleaching Powder, and Sulphur recovered from vat waste. (67)

Exhibitors, London, 1862 (Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal of Merit).

Young, James, Chemist, Kelly, Wemyss Bay, N.B. Illustrations of manufacture of

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Allen & Hanburys, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Wholesale Druggists and Manufacturers, Plough Court, Lombard Street, London. Varieties of pâte de jujube, and analogous articles prepared by Hawker's patent process to lessen adhesion and deterioration in appearance and consistence. Cod liver oil. Gelatine impregnated with Atropine and Calabar Bean for application to the (69) eye. Exhibitors, London, 1862 (Hors Concours); Paris, 1867.

Usher, Rufus, Grower and Preparer of Medical Plants, Bodicote, near Banbury, Oxon. Specimens of English Medicinal Rhubarb Trimmed, Extract of Biennial Henbane, and Dried Biennial Henbane Leaves. Also Photographs of Biennial and Annual Henbane Plants.


[blocks in formation]

Exhibitors, London, 1862, (Bronze Medal); Paris, 1867 (Gold Medal).

Muspratt Brothers & Huntley, Chemical Manufacturers, Office, 5, Chapel Street, Liverpool; Works, Flint, North Wales. Soda Ash, 60°Cream Caustic Soda, and 60°。 and 70°/White Caustic Soda, Bleaching Powder, Soda Crystals, and Bi-carbonate of Soda. (72) Exhibitors, London, 1862 (Bronze Medal). Kinmond & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Kenilworth Street, Leamington. In bottles, Fluid Magnesia, containing double the strength of the British Pharmacopæia, also Effervescing Fluid Citrate of Magnesia of the same strength, and contained in a duplex bottle.


Runcora Soap and Alkali Company, The (Limited), Alkali Manufacturers, 6, Water Street, Liverpool. Bleaching Powder,

CL. 200.

CI. 200,


Cl. 200.

CL. 200.

CI. 200. 272

Cl. 200.

Cis. 200.

Cl. 200, 272.

CI. 200, 203, 272.

CI. 200.

CI. 200, 272.

Cl. 200.

CI. 200, 660.

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Morson & Son, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Southampton Row, Russell Square, London, W.C. General Chemicals and Specialities. Kreosote, Pepsine, Gelatine, and other products. (76)

Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal); 1862 (Juror, Hors Concours); Paris, 1855, 1867 (Medal).

Evans, Sons, & Co., Liverpool, and Evans, Lescher, and Evans, 60, Bartholomew Close, London, E.C. Wholesale Druggists, Vegetable, Animal, and Mineral Drugs and Perfumery, Pharmaceutical Products and Accessories.


Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit). Weldon, Walter, Abbey Lodge, Merton, Surrey, S.W., Manufacture of Chlorine. Samples, and models of apparatus illustrative of the Weldon Process for the Manufacture of Chlorine.

White, John and James, Manufacturing Chemists, Shawfield Works, and 80, Wilson Street, Glasgow. Bichromate of Potash. (82) Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Medal).

Spence, Peter, Alum Manufacturer, Manchester. Specimens of crystallized Alum,, in block and in crystals, and of a new Aluminoferric compound for Precipitating Sewage, and for superseding the ordinary Aluminous cake in Paper Making. (83)

Exhibitor, London, 1851 (Hon. Mention); 1862 (Medal).

Chance Bros. & Co., Alkali Works, near Birmingham. Chemical Products.


Greenbank Alkali, Co., Limited, St. Helen's, Lancashire. Chemical Products, including Pure Caustic Soda, Pure Chlorate Potash, Chloride Calcium, Concentrated Sal Soda; Soapmaker or Concentrated Lye for family soap-making; Washing Powder. (85)

Jennings, Thomas, Brookfield Chemical Works, Cork. Carbonate and Calcined Magnesia in blocks, bottles, tins, and boxes. (86)

Liver Alkali Works Co., Limited, The, Lightbody Street, Liverpool. Caustic Soda. (87)

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

Cl. 200.

CI. 200.

Cl. 200.

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Cl. 200.

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Higgin, Thomas, & Co., Salt Proprietors, 33, Tower Buildings West, Liverpool; Works, Northwich, Cheshire. HIGGIN'S FACTORYFILLED SALT for domestic, dairy, and curing purposes generally. (80)

Wyndham, F., & Co., General Merchants, 37, Eastcheap, London, E.C." Esprit des Eufs" (Spirit of Eggs), a medicinal compound proportionately formed of citric acid, citrate of magnesia, phosphoric acid, phosphate of lime, potash, phosphate of iron, and albumen, seven ingredients in all. In AGRICULTURAL HALL. (81) Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873; London, 1873 (Medal); Paris, 1875 (Hon. Mention).

Goodall, Backhouse, & Co. See Cl.


Ledger, H. & Co. See Cl. 656.

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CI. 201.

Cl. 201, 202.

CI. 201.

CI. 201.

Cl. 201, 202.

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Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Bronze Medal).; London, 1862 (Juror, Hors Concours); Paris, 1855 (Gold, Silver, and Three Bronze Medals); Paris, 1867 (Gold Medal); Dublin, 1865 (Medal); Dublin, 1872 (Medal); Havre, 1868 (Gold Medal); Amsterdam, 1869 (Diplôme d'Honneur and Gold Medal); Moscow, 1872 (Grand Gold Medal); Lyons, 1872 (Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Progress).

Pears, A. & F., Toilet Soap Makers, Perfumers, &c., Inventors of Transparent Soap, 38 & 91, Great Russell Street, London, W.C., and Lanadron Soap Works, Isleworth, near London. Transparent Soap. (90)

Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal and Hon. Mention); 1862 (Medal); Paris, 1867 (Medal).

Williams, Miles, Varnish Manufacturer, Britannia Varnish Works, Wigan, Lancashire. Samples of coach builders', painters', decorators', japanners' and other varnishes; varnish paints, enamels, acquers, and specimens of work; Gas carburetter and drawings of patents; English and American Patents; Improvement in manufacture of Gas, and Liquid Fuel.


[blocks in formation]

CI. 201.

Marrison, Robert D. See Cl. 269.


Stephens, Henry Charles, Chemist, 171, Aldersgate Street, London. Fluids and Copying Inks, with some new and important discoveries therein, Ink Powders, Machine Ruling and Endorsing Inks, Inkstands, Gum Mucilage, Quills, Sealing Wax, Parallel Rulers, and Stains for Wood. (95)

Exhibitor, Paris, 1867 (Two Medals, Silver and Bronze); Havre, 1868 (Silver Medal); Amsterdam, 1869 (Silver Medal); Lyons, 1872 (Bronze Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit).

Lyons, William, Writing and Copying Ink and Sealing Wax Manufacturer, Park Street, Manchester, and Watling Street, London, E.C. Blue Black Writing and Copying Fluids, Marking Ink, Sealing Wax, Gum Mucilage, Ink Powders, Paper Dye Tablets, and various Coloured Writing and Copying Inks. (96)

Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Hon. Mention); Paris, 1867 (Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit).

Bowman, Charles, Stencil Plate, Ink, and Brush Manufacturer, 6, King Street, Tower Hill, London, E. Specimens of solid ink, stencil plates, stencil brushes, &c.


[blocks in formation]

Cooper & Co., Ink Manufacturers, 5, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, London, E.C. Writing Inks, Japan Ink, Register, Extra Black and Blue Black Fluid Inks, Blue Black and Copying Fluid, Black Copying Ink, Red Ink, Brilliant Scarlet Ink, Blue and Violet Inks. (99)

Silicate Paint Company, Paint Manufacturers, 24, Fenwick Street, Liverpool. Silicate paints and colours for House, out and indoor work, ship, general, and iron work of all kinds; petrifying liquid for damp walls, &c., &c. Griffiths' Patent Enamelling Paints for decorative work; Griffiths' Patent AntiFouling Paint for ships' bottoms; Vulcan Cement for steam joints, Anti-Incrustation Fluid, Nitre Killer, &c. (100)

Both (the Company and Mr. Griffiths) Exhibitors, London, 1874 (each obtained Medal).

CI. 202,


Cl. 202.

CL. 202.

CI. 202.

CI. 202.

Cl. 202.

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