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CL 100, 115, 222. 106.



CLASS 100.-Minerals, ores, etc. Metallic and non-metallic minerals, exclusive of coal and
oil. Collections of minerals systematically arranged; collections of ores and associated
minerals; geological collections.

CLASS 101.-Mineral combustibles. Coal, anthracite, semi-bituminous and bituminous, coal-
waste and pressed coal; albertite, asphalt, and asphaltic limestone; bitumen, mineral tar,
crude petroleum.

CLASS 102.-Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewn, sawn, or polished, for build-
ings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture.
Marble-white, black, or coloured-used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments,
or furniture, in blocks or slabs not manufactured.

CLASS 103.-Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimens
of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton.

Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, etc.
Hydraulic and other cement.

Beton mixtures and results, with illustrations of the processes.

Artificial stone for building purposes, building blocks, cornices, etc.

Artificial stone mixtures, for pavements, walls, or ceilings,

Plasters, masties, etc.

CLASS 104-Clays, kaolin, silex, and other materials for the manufacture of porcelan, thence,
and of glass, bricks, terra-cotta and tiles, and fire brick. Refractory stones for lining
furnaces, sandstone, steatite, etc., and refractory furnace materials.

CLASS 105-Graphite, crude and refined; for pollahing purposes; for lubricating, electrotyping,
photography, pencils, etc.

CLASS 106.-Litographic sows, boues, whetavus, grindstone, grinding and polishing
materials, sand quartz, garet, erude topez, diamond, corundum, emery in the roK BIĄ
pulverized, and in assorted sizes and grace.
CLASS 197-Mizerd war, antaa v

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Shearer, Smith, & Co., Granite Merchants and Quarry Owners, and Granite Polishers, Dalbeattie Granite Quarries, Scotland, and 21, Great George Street, Westminster, London, S.W. Specimens of Scotch Polished Granite from their Quarries at Dalbeattie. Also specimens of axed and pick-dressed Granite for Buildings, Docks, Lighthouses, &c., and specimens of Street Paving Blocks. (11) Hunter, James, Polished Granite Manufacturer, 209, King Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. Red polished granite Monument. Exhibitor, London, 1862, under the Firm of Robertson and Hunter.


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CI 102.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 103, 104.

CL. 103.

CI. 103.

Cl. 103, 206.

Cl. 103, 517.

Wouldham Cement Co., Portland Cement Manufacturers, and Grey Stone Lime Burners, Offices, 10A, King's Arms Yard, Moorgate Street, London, E.C.; Works, Wouldham-on-the-Medway, Kent, England. Specimens of Portland cement and its ingredients in different stages of manufacture. Concrete blocks and other objects made therefrom. (16)

Exhibitors, Moscow, 1872 (Grand Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit); London, 1874 (Exhibitors Medal); Paris Maritime Exhibition, 1875 (Diploma of Honour).

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Francis & Co., Cement, Whiting, and Plaster of Paris Manufacturers. Offices Vauxhall, London. Works, Cliffe Creek, Rochester. Depôts, Liverpool and Goole. Specimens of Portland, Roman, Medina, and Parian Cement; also of Cement Concrete as used for Building Foundations, Stabling, Paving, and Railway Arches. Samples of

Parian Scagliola and decorated Parian. (21) Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal).

Busse, G., & Co., See Cl. 224.

Pike, William Joseph, Clay Merchant. Wareham, Dorsetshire. Raw materials. (22)

Harrison, George King (late Perrens and Harrison), Stourbridge Clay Proprietor Fire Brick and Gas Retort Manufacturer, The Lye and Brettell Lane Fire Clay Mines, and Brick Works, Stourbridge, England. Specimens of Stourbridge fire-clays as raised from the mine, and piece of same after having been subjected to intense heat, showing the small amount of contraction, the portion burnt fitting that unburnt.

(23) Exhibitors, London, 1862; Paris, 1867 (Hon. Mention).

Dunn, Robert, & Co., Clay Merchants Oak Villa, St. Austell, Cornwall. "China clay," in its raw material; also samples, for potting, bleaching, paper manufacturing, and other purposes.

(24) Oakey, John, & Sons, Emery and Black Lead Manufacturers, Wellington Mills, West minster Bridge Road, S.E. Crude emery tone grain emery; flour emery prepared for the uses of machinists. (25)

Cl. 103.

Cl. 103.

Cl. 103.

Cl. 104.

Cl. 104.

Cl. 104.

Cl. 106.


Cl. 110, 508.

Cl. 111, 103.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111, 113.

CLASS 110.-Precious metals.

CLASS 111.-Iron and steel in the pig, ingot, and bar, plates and sheets, with specimens of
slags, fluxes, residues, and products of working.

CLASS 112.-Copper in ingots, bars, and rolled, with specimens illustrating its various stages
of production.

CLASS 113.-Lead, zinc, antimony, and other metals, the result of extractive processes.
CLASS 114.-Alloys used as materials, brass, nickel, silver, solder, etc.

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Houghton, William Dickson, trading
as Houghton, W. D., Steel Wire Manufac-
turer, Friars' Green Mill, Warrington. Patent
Steel Music wire for pianoforte and other pur-
poses; Patent Steel Rope wire for Colliery,
Mining, and Agricultural purposes; for Tow-
ing Hawsers, and for Tramways, Bridges,
and other purposes requiring great strength
and toughness combined. Round Steel wire
for watch and clock purposes; for Sewing
Machine purposes; Steel wire for Drills and
other tools; for Needles. Square and flat,
Click, and other shaped Steel wires. Steel
wire for general purposes. Brass Pinion wire
for gas and meter.

Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Medal); Lyons,
1872 (Gold and Silver Medals); Vienna, 1873;
(exhibited by mistake in French Department,
and thereby disqualified to claim a medal).

Baldwin, E. P. & W., Iron Masters and
Tin Plate Manufacturers, Wilden Works,

near Stourport. Black Plates, Button Iron,
Sheet Iron, Tin Plates, Tinned Sheets, Terne
Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873 (Diploma of


Smith, Frederick, & Co., Wire Manu-
facturers, Caledonia Works, Halifax, York-
shire. Rope wire, rigging wire, telegraph
wire, card wire, reed wire, and bonnet wire;
samples of iron in its various stages of manu-
facture into card wire for dressing wool and
cotton, and also superior class of charcoal wire
for colliery ropes, ships' rigging, reed wire,
bonnet wire, and covered wire for stems of
artificial flowers, weaving wire, &c.
Exhibitors, London, 1862; Paris, 1867;
Moscow, 1872; Vienna, 1873. (Medals.)


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Cl. 111.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111, 320, 516.

Cl. 111,

Morewood, E., & Co., Tin and Terne
Plate Manufacturers, South Wales Iron Works, 113, 512,
Llanelly & Cambrian Tin and Terne Plate

Cl. 111, 113.

Cl. 111, 113.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111, 100, 101,


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West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co. (Limited), Workington, Cumberland. Illustrations of the manufacture of Iron and Steel, The specimens include samples of Hematite and other Ores, Coal, Coke, Limestone, Pig Iron, Spiegeleisen, Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Bessemer Steel in the Ingot. Steel Forgings, Steel Rails, and Rail Sections, Steel Boiler and Bridge Plates, Steel Railway Chairs (for India), &c. Also Samples illustrating the Testing of Steel, and the Metallurgy thereof. (42) Exhibitors, Paris, 1867 (Silver Medal).

Wire Rope Works, Limited, The, 32, Redcross Street, Liverpool, and Warrington. Wire Ropes for Mines and Ships' Rigging, &c.; Signal, Sash and Picture Cord; Fencing Strand, Plough and very pliable Hoisting Ropes. (47) Whitwell, Thomas, See Cl. 100, 222,


The Phosphor Bronze Company (Limited), Phosphor Bronze Manufacturers and Founders, 139, Cannon Street, London, E.C.; Works, 115, Blackfriars Road, London, S. Specimens of Phosphor Bronze, such as Tools, Locks, Keys, Tubes, Wire, Sheet, Steam Fittings, Parts of Machinery, &c. (48)

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 111.

Cl. 114, 264.

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