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Cl. 660.

Cl. 660.

Cl. 660.

Parkinson, Bros. See Cl. 200. Wyndham, F., & Co. See, Cl. 200. Bernard & Co., The Distillery, Leith, Scotland. Quart Bottle of Whiskey before Fusel Oil is extracted; Quart Bottle of Whiskey after Fusel Oil is extracted; Quart Bottle of Fusel Oil. (934)

Cork Distilleries Co., Cork, Irish Whiskey. (935)

Gissing, Anthony S., & Sons, Biscuit Bakers and Baking Powder Manufacturers, Castle Street, Eye, Suffolk. "East Anglian," "Hand-made," "Ne Plus Ultra Biscuits; Baking Powder.

Exhibitors, London, 1873 (Medal).

Fancy (936)

Cl. 660.

Cl. 661, 200.


CLASS 665.-Cotton on the stem, in the boll, ginned, and baled.

CLASS 666.-Hemp, flax, jute, ramie, etc., in primitive forms, and in all stages of preparation
for spinning.

CLASS 667.-Wool in the fleece, carded and in bales.

CLASS 668.-Silk in the cocoon and reeled.
CLASS 669.-Hairs, bristles.

Cl. 665,

666, 667, 668, 669.

Dickson, James Hill, and Nephews Mechanical Engineers, Patentees, and Proprietors of the Rheea Fibre Works, Godalming, Surrey. Rheea in the rod and in every stage up to final finish. Yarn and woven cloth made from the Indian Rheea fibre alone, and also Yarn and Cloth mixed with Silk, Worsted, Alpaca, Mohair, and Cotton; also Damask Table Cloth made from Rheea Fibre; Rope and Canvas Plantain, Pine Apple, and Aloe fibres, spun and woven; Irish and English Flax in all stages; Work by J. Hill Dickson on the improved method of cultivating flax and hemp, and the science and

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Cl. 670, 673, 674, 683, 560.

Cl. 670,



CLASS 670.—Tillage.—Manual implements, spades, hoes, rakes.
ploughs, cultivators, horse-hoes, clod crushers, rollers, harrows.
ploughs, breakers, harrows, cultivators.

Animal power machinery,
Steam power machinery,

CLASS 671.-Planting.-Manual implements, corn planters, and hand-drills. Auimal power
machinery, grain and manure drills, corn and cotton planters. Steam power machinery,
grain, and manure drills.

CLASS 672.-Harvesting.-Manual implements; grain cradles, sickles, reaping hooks. Animal
power machinery, reapers and headers. Mowers, tedders, rakes, hay elevators, and hay


Potato diggers.

CLASS 673.-Preparatory to marketing.-Thrashers, clover-hullers, corn-shellers, winnowers,
hay, cotton, wine, oil and sugar making apparatus.

CLASS 674.-Applicable to farm economy.-Portable an stationary engines, chaffers, hay and
feed-cutters, slicers, pulpers, corn mills, farm boilers and steamers, incubators.

CLASS 675.-Dairy fittings and appliances.—Churns for hand and power, butter-workers, cans
and pails, cheese-presses, vats, and apparatus.

Fison, J. P., Agricultural Engineer,
Teversham Works, Cambridge. Agricultural
machinery: Improved Combined Vertical
Steam Engine and Boiler, 2-Horse Power;
Improved Chaff-Cutter; 4-Inch Centrifugal
Pump; Steam Thrashing Machine fitted with
Patent Combined Guard and Feeder-this
apparatus obtained the first Special Prize of
the Royal Agricultural Society of England
at Taunton 1875; General Purpose Chain
Harrow. Models: Portable Steam Engine;
Moveable Hut-one full size obtained the
First Prize of the Royal Agricultural Society
at Bedford 1874; Centrifugal Pump; Double
Furrow Plough-the full sized implement
gained the First Prize at Newmarket 1873;
Improved Single Furrow Plough. (960)

Fussell, James, Sons, & Co., Edge Tool
Manufacturers, Mell's Iron Works, near
Frome, Somersetshire. Edge Tools used in


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Cl. 673,


barley or oats, self-feeding,-one man can
separate 50 bushels per hour.

Corcoran, Witt, & Co., Mill Furnishers,
674, 228, Millwrights, and Wire Weavers, 26, 27, 28,
Market Buildings, 28, Mark Lane, London,
E.C., and Epernon, Eure et Loire, France.
Samples of French Burr and Derbyshire Peak
stones for shelling rice. French Burr millstones,
for grinding wheat, corn, &c.; mill bills and
handles for dressing and furrowing millstones;
woven iron wire for rice cleaning, mining pur-
poses, sieves, &c.; woven wires for paper-
making, woven wire for malt kiln floors,
and for corn drying; stones for shelling and
whitening rice. Chrondometer, or corn weigh-
ing apparatus, to enable anyone to tell the
exact weight of a bushel of corn or seeds of
any kind, from a sample of a quarter of a
pint to one pint, made with scales for all

Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal and Hon.
Mention); Paris, 1855 (Prize Medal and two
Hon. Mentions); Leicester, 1868 (Prize
Medal); Moscow, 1872 (Grand Gold Medal).

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CLASS 680.-Laying out and improving farms.-Clearing, (stump extractors,) construction
of roads, draining, irrigating, models of fences, gates, drains, outfalls, dams, embankments,
irrigating machinery, stack building, and thatching.

CLASS 681.-Commercial fertilizers,-phosphatic, ammoniacal, calcareous, etc.

CLASS 682.-Transportation.-Waggons, carts, sleds, harness, yokes, traction engines, and
apparatus for road making and excavating.

CLASS 683.-Farm buildings.-Models and drawings of farmhouses and tenements, barns,
stables, hop-houses, fruit-driers, ice-houses, windmills, granaries, barracks, apiaries,
cocooneries, aviaries, abattoirs, and dairies.

[blocks in formation]

Aveling & Porter, Engineers, Rochester,
Kent, and 72, Cannon Street, London, E.C.;
9, Avenue Montaigne, Paris; Agent in New
York, W. C. Oastler, 43, Exchange Place.
Agricultural Locomotive Engine, for general
farm work, Locomotive Crane Engine for
ordinary roads, Steam Road Roller, Waggons
for Road Locomotive Engines.

Exhibitors, Mecklenberg - Schwerin, 1861
(Gold Medal); London, 1862 (Bronze Medal);
Hamburg, 1863 (Silver Medal); Odense, 1863

Cl. 682


(Silver Medal); Königsberg, 1863 (Silver Medal); Paris, 1867 (Silver Medal); Brussels, 1868 (Gold Medal); Amiens, 1868 (Gold Medal); Compiegne, 1868 (Gold Medal); Moulins, 1869 (Gold Medal); Beauvais, 1869 (Two Gold Medals); Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1869 (Silver Medal); Lille, 1870 (Three Gold Medals, and large Special Gold Medal, Bronze Medal, and 500 francs); Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1871 (Silver Medal); Albany, United States, 1871 (Bronze Medal); New Jersey, 1871 (Gold Medal); Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1872 (50l. and 207.) ; Lyons, 1872 (Diploma of Honour and Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Order of Franz Joseph and Medal for Progress); Lille, 1874 (Gold Medal); Nesle, 1874 (Gold Medal) Nantes, 1874 (Gold Medal); Soissons, 1874 (Gold Medal, large special); Brussels, 1874 (Gold Medal and Two Silver Medals); Ayr,

1874 (Bronze Medal); Royal Agricultural Society of England, 1874 (10l.).

Munroe, William, Architect, Inverness, Models and drawings of Farm Steadings and Cottages. Models of ancient Highland Cart, and of an ancient Shetland Plough. (983) Exhibitor, London, 1851, 1862; Paris,


Lovey, Edward, Artist, Ponsnooth, Perran-ar worthal, Cornwall. Beehives (with samples of honey and wax). (984)

Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Hon. Mention); Paris, 1867 (Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Diploma of Merit).

Neighbour, G., & Sons, Apiarians, 149, Regent Street, London, W., and 127, High Holborn, London, W.C. Beehives and bee furniture. (985)

Brown, J. B., & Co. See Cl. 228.

Cl. 670, 682.

Cl. 683, 654.

Cl. 683.

Cl. 683.


CLASS 690.-Systems of planting and cultivation.

CLASS 691.-Systems of draining and application of manures.
CLASS 692.-Systems of breeding and stock feeding.




CLASS 700.-Ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens.

CLASS 701.-Herbaceous perennial plants.

CLASS 702.-Bulbous and tuberous-rooted plants.

CLASS 703.-Decorative and ornamental foliage plants.

CLASS 704.-Annuals and other soft-wooded plants, to be exhibited in successive periods
during the season.

CLASS 705.-Roses.

CLASS 706.-Cactacea.

CLASS 707.-Ferns, their management in the open air, and in ferneries, Wardian cases, etc.
CLASS 708.-New plants with statement of their origin.

CLASS 709.-Floral designs, etc. Cut flowers, bouquets, preserved flowers, leaves, seaweeds.
Illustrations of plants and flowers. Materials for floral designs. Bouquet materials,
bouquet holders, bouquet papers, models of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Cl. 708, 700.

Cl. 700.


CLASS 710.-Hothouse and conservatory plants.

CLASS 711.-Fruit trees under glass.

CLASS 712.-Orchids and parasitic plants.

CLASS 713.-Forcing and propagation of plants.

CLASS 714.-Aquatic plants under glass, or in aquaria, etc.

CLASS 715.-Horticultural buildings, propagation houses hot-beds, etc., and modes of heating
them. Structures for propagating and forcing small fruits.

CLASS 716.-Portable or moveable orchard houses and graperies, without artificial heat.
Frames, beds.

Veitch, James, & Sons, Royal Exotic
Nursery, King's Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.
and Coombe Wood, Kingston Hill, Surrey.
Collection of choice Coniferæ, including
Taxads, Rhododendrons, Hollies. A small
collection of New and Rare Hardy Evergreen

Waterer, Anthony, Knap Hill Nursery,
Woking, Surrey. Exhibition of Rhododen-
drons and Azaleas in the Special Tent. (991)

Williams, Benjamin Samuel, Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, Upper Holloway, London, N. Set of Books. Miscellaneous collection of new and rare plants.


Exhibitor, London, 1866; Ghent, 1873; Manchester, 1874 ; Antwerp, 1875; Edinburgh, 1875; Cologne, 1875 (Awarded the Prize of Honour given by their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia).

Cl. 708, 306.

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