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Senator ELLENDER. Well, Senator McClellan, I want you and Senator Fulbright, as well as Senator Harris and all the others, to know that I did not do this alone. It was because of the help that you gave, and the help of the people who come here year after year to justify these projects. I can assure you that I am always happy to do anything I can that will protect and preserve our two most precious resources that is land and water. I have labored in that field all my life, and I hope to keep it up, because I take a good deal of interest in the development of our natural resources. It is my sincere hope that before I lay down, many of the projects that we have authorized shall be completed, and that all of the Mississippi Valley here after will be free from floods.

Now, of course, we have a few flash floods. We had a flood down in Baton Rouge just about 3 weeks ago. Of course, we cannot provide projects to prevent flooding from such intense storms. Whenever as much as 14 inches of water falls within about 10 hours, why, I do not know of anything that can be done to protect people who live within an area that is subjected to such a downpour. But generally speaking, I am happy to say that the work that this committee has done, with the assistance of men like Senators Fulbright, McClellan, Carlson, Pearson, and Harris over here lately, why, we are getting results now, and there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see such progress in the development of our land and water resources.



Senator ELLENDER. All right, Senator Harris. Do you wish to say anything at this time?

Senator HARRIS. Mr. Chairman, if I may, with your permission, I will file this for the record and then make a few brief comments. I want to associate myself with the remarks of Senator McClellan and Senator Fulbright, and say that I am pleased to join with them and Senator Carlson, Senator Pearson, my colleague Senator Monroney, and all these people who are here today, to, if for nothing else, say thank you for your great leadership in the past in the development of these water resource projects, which have meant so much to our tristate area of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. We are proud that the budget will keep the Arkansas River navigation project on schedule.

There are some other items that are not covered in the budget. The Copan Reservoir has a capability for initiating construction this year. It is not in the budget. The Sand Reservoir has a capability of $50,000 to initiate planning. The Birch Reservoir could begin construction with an appropriation of $500,000.

And then, particularly, I want to mention two projects, the Kaw Reservoir, which is in the budget for $4,700,000, but the Corps of Engineers has a capability of $7 million, which would keep that very important flood control and municipal and industrial water supply project on its present construction schedule, and then lastly, the central Oklahoma project. This is a multipurpose project which has not yet been authorized, but we are hopeful that it will be authorized in

the near future, to extend this navigation project, the Arkansas River navigation project into central Oklahoma. It is presently under restudy by the Tulsa District Office of the Corps of Engineers, but they need approximately $75,000 to conduct this restudy of the navigation features of the project. And that amount is not in the budget, and we are hopeful that this $75,000 could be supplied this year, so that that restudy could get underway.

I also want to mention the Skiatook Reservoir, which has a capability of initiating construction with funds which would be provided over and above the budget, but the details on each of those, if I may, I will supply with my written statement, and Mr. Glade Kirkpatrick of Tulsa, and Colonel Maynard of Arkansas will speak for our TriState group who are here this morning, and I will leave my time to them, if I may, Mr. Chairman.

Senator ELLENDER. Yes, that will be permitted.

I left Senator Monroney just a moment ago in another committee. Senator HARRIS. Yes. He is on the way over.

Senator ELLENDER. Yes, I am sure he will be here. At this time I want to add to what I stated a while ago, that we will hear witnesses on any project where there is no budget estimate, or where you desire more money than the amount recommended in the budget. As in the past it is my intension to recall the Corps of Engineers after all of the outside witnesses have been heard, for the purpose of determining their capability, on each request in excess of the budget, and to find out whether or not it is feasible to proceed on the projects that you propose that are not in the budget.

We have done that in the past, and I hope to continue that same procedure this year.

(The statement follows:)

Mr. Chairman, and members of the committee, once again, it is indeed a pleasure for me to come here to appear before your committee in support of the President's proposed budget for public works projects in the Akransas River Basin.

I am very happy to note that the proposed budget for fiscal year 1968 calls for adequate appropriations to keep the Arkansas River Navigation project on schedule for completion to Tulsa in 1970, and I would urge the committee to appropriate the full amount requested in the budget in order to assure the continued progress of this great inland navigation system without delay.

I recognize in this room a great many of my friends both from Oklahoma and Arkansas. These men represent the Tri-State committee, and the Arkansas Basin Navigation Association, and their testimony will, I'm sure, point out in detail the necessity of providing the full amounts contained in the proposed budget, and perhaps some suggestions for increases. I heartily endorse the statements of these two groups, and would like to add that their foresight and dedication to the development of the Arkansas Basin has been invaluable over the years in bringing the project this far along toward completion.

I realize, Mr. Chairman, that it is not possible for the Committee to provide the full capability of the Corps of Engineers on all their many projects, however, I would like to submit for your consideration a request for additional funds for projects located in the Arkansas River Basin.

Mr. Chairman, the budget for FY 1968 does not call for any funds for the Copan Reservoir. Planning on this reservoir will be completed in fiscal year 1967, and the Corps of Engineers has a capability of $1,500,000 to initiate conIstruction on this important project in fiscal year 1968. I would, therefore, request that the budget be increased to provide the full capability of the Corps on this project. Another project which was omitted in the proposed budget is the Sand Reservoir project in North Central Oklahoma. The Corps of Engineers has a capability of $50,000 to initiate planning on this project, and I would, therefore, request that your committee include this amount in the appropriations.

Thirdly, I request the committee to appropriate $500,000 to begin construction of the Birch Reservoir. This project, which was also omitted from the President's proposed budget, is located on Birch Creek, a tributary to the Arkansas River. The total cost of the project is only $5,900,000, and it is badly needed for municipal and industrial water supply, flood control, and water quality control. Its benefit/ cost ratio is 3.2 to 1. Mr. Chairman, I urge the committee to appropriate $500,000 to begin construction on this much needed project.

Last, Mr. Chairman, I would like to call your attention to the Kaw Reservoir. The proposed budget calls for $4,700,000 to continue construction on this project. The capability of the Corps of Engineers is $7,000,000, or $2,300,000 greater than the budget request. This is a very important project for flood control, and municipal and industrial water supply, and I would, therefore, request the committee to increase the appropriation by $2,300,000 in order to enable the Corps of Engineers to carry out their full capability on the project during fiscal year 1968. Provision of these additional funds would allow the Corps to complete this important project approximately one year sooner.

I would also like to mention the Central Oklahoma Project. Although this multi-purpose project has not yet been authorized, we are hopeful that authorization will come in the near future. The project is presently under restudy by the Tulsa District Office of the Corps of Engineers. There is a need for approximately $75,000 to conduct a restudy of the navigation features of this project. This amount is not presently in the budget, however, I would urge the committee to include $75,000 for this purpose in the appropriations.

Also, the Corps of Engineers has a capability of $2,100,000 to initiate construction on the Skiatook Reservoir on Hominy Creek, a tributary to the Arkansas River. No funds were requested in the proposed FY 1968 budget for this project, however, I request the committee to appropriate the $2,100,000 needed to begin construction on this multi-purpose project.

Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to appear here today, and as I have stated earlier in my remarks, I basically support the President's proposed budget for public works projects in the Arkansas River Basin with the exception of those few items which I have specifically mentioned above. I know you and your committee will give careful consideration to my requests within the limits of funds available to you. Thank you.

Senator ELLENDER. All right, Senator Carlson.

Senator CARLSON. Senator Monroney has just come in. I would be glad to yield to him.



Senator ELLENDER. Excuse me. I did not see you. I thought you were still in the Agriculture Committee meeting.

Senator MONRONEY. Mr. Chairman, I would like to introduce the Oklahoma people. They have not been introduced; have they?

We are honored to have Mr. Glade R. Kirkpatrick, president of Guaranty Abstract Co., chairman of the Tri-State Committee, chairman of the board of the Arkansas Basin Development Association, of Tulsa, Okla.

We have Col. Francis J. Wilson, executive vice president of the Arkansas Basin Development Association, of Tulsa; Harris Bateman, vice president of Cities Service Oil Co., director of ABDA, Bartlesville, Okla.; Mr. John A. Reinhart, investments, director of ABDA, Oklahoma City; Mr. Charles B. Gannaway, Jr., president of ABDA, executive vice president of Flint Steel Corp., Tulsa; and Mr. N. G. (Bill) Henthorne, Jr., president of Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, associate editor of Tulsa Daily World, Tulsa, Okla.

Clyde C. Cole, Jr., executive vice president, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa, Okla.; C. A. Border, secretary, Arkansas Basin Development Association, Tulsa; R. Dale Christy, manager of Muskogee Chamber of Commerce, Muskogee, Okla.; Mr. Burney Toler, member of the Muskogee Port Authority, Muskogee, Okla.; Mr. Robert S. Kerr, Jr., attorney, president of Water Development Foundation, vice president of Arkansas Basin Development Association, Oklahoma City; Morrison B. Cunningham, manager of Water Development Foundation and director of ABDÁ, Oklahoma City; Mr. Ray H. Eisele, president of Kaw Dam and Reservoir Development Association, first vice president of MAVDA, and director of ABDA, Ponco City; and Herman J. Smith, vice president of Kaw Dam and Reservoir Association, Ponca City.

Robert Wright, manager of McAlester Chamber of Commerce, McAlester, Okla.; and Richard Hefton, president of McAlester Chamber of Commerce, manager of Public Service Co. of Oklahoma, McAlester, Okla.

Those are the Oklahomans. We welcome them to this committee. Mr. Chairman, I would not like to take their time, but I would make a very brief statement when they have finished, if I may. Senator ELLENDER. Very well, Senator.

All right, I note in the audience former Congressman Trimble. We are certainly glad to have you present, Congressman, and I am glad that you still maintain your interest in these projects, flood control and navigation, et cetera.




Senator ELLENDER. All right, Senator Carlson.

Senator CARLSON. Mr. Chairman, my colleague, Senator Pearson, and I appreciate very much your kindness in letting us appear this morning.

I do want to associate myself with the views expressed earlier by Senator McClellan in regard to our indebtedness to you for the very outstanding help that we have had from you and the committee in the development of the Arkansas River Basin. I hope the chairman will notice that I said "Arkansas River." We in Kansas get called by our colleagues in other States by calling it "Ar-Kansas" River. But in order to be in conformity this morning, I am going to call it the "Arkansaw" River. We do appreciate so much the opportunity to appear here, and we have a very fine delegation here that will want to present their statements.

For instance, we have Messrs. Pray, Spencer, Liebert, Keith, Peckham, and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Rich, representing our State on this particular section of the Arkansas River Basin, and I know you will be pleased to get their statements.

I want the record to show that I wholeheartedly endorse the projects that are included in the President's budget for the Arkansas River Basin in Kansas as well as in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I would like to specifically mention that we are greatly pleased that the budget before

you includes $70,000 for an investigation of the Verdigris River Basin, including navigation for Kansas and Oklahoma.

I know that any projects not included in the President's budget this year will require much soul searching on the part of this distinguished committee. It would, however, be most helfpul to us if you could see your way clear to appropriate preconstruction planning funds for the Towanda Reservoir, which is on a tributary of the Arkansas River in Kansas. This reservoir is badly needed for flood prevention in Augusta, Winfield, and Arkansas City, and for municipal and industrial water supply in Augusta. As you know, we have had extremely devastating floods in these areas on many occasions with the last one being in 1965.


The Big Hill Reservoir is now ready for construction money. We will appreciate any consideration you can give our request for funds so that the Corps of Engineers could at least start that project.

Thank you again, Mr. Chairman, and the other members of the committee. I want you to know that we in Kansas have always appreciated very much the fine consideration that you have given our requests. Thank you very much.

Senator ELLENDER. Well, Senator Carlson, I notice that the President has put in a few new starts in the Budget Bureau that is before us, and I expect that the House is going to recommend a few that the President overlooked, so I imagine we will do the same.

Senator CARLSON. Thank you.



Senator ELLENDER. Senator Pearson, do you wish to make any comments?

Senator PEARSON. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. First, as I always do, I associate myself with great pride with the comments of Senator Carlson, my senior colleague. I also express pride and appreciation for the public service of the people from Kansas that have been introduced to the Chair and to the committee by Senator Carlson. I welcome them here, as he does. Next, at the risk of repetition and perhaps even to the embarrassment of the chairman, I also join my colleagues in praise and salute to the leadership that Senator Ellender has given this committee. The great work that he has done, goes far beyond the parochial interest represented by the groups here.

You have really served a great national interest, as we seek to develop our country and all of its potentials.

I have a prepared statement. I will not read it, although it is not long. But I do endorse and concur in those specific items outside the budget that Senator Carlson referred to, Towanda, Big Hill Reservoir on all these projects we find ourselves in agreement, not by virtue of conferring together but because they are and do represent the great priorities of this section of our country.

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