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ployee. Each special Corporation employee shall keep his statement current throughout his employment with the Corporation by the submission of supplementary statements. (31 F.R. 5751, Apr. 14, 1966, as amended at 32 F.R. 13964, Oct. 7, 1967)

Corporation employee may be cause for appropriate disciplinary action which may be in addition to any penalty prescribed by law.

(b) When, after consideration of the explanation of the employee or special Corporation employee provided by § 336.735–41, the Chairman of the Board decides that remedial action is required, he shall take immediate action to end the conflicts or appearance of conflicts of interest. Remedial action includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Changes in assigned duties;

(2) Divestment by the employee or special Corporation employee of his conflicting interest;

(3) Disciplinary action; or

(4) Disqualification for a particular assignment. Remedial action, whether disciplinary or otherwise, shall be effected in accordance with any applicable law, Executive orders, and regulations.

§ 336.735-41 Reviewing statements and

reporting conflicts of interest. (a) When a statement submitted under this subpart or information from other sources indicates a conflict between the interests of an employee or special Corporation employee and the performance of his services for the Corporation, the Counselor designated in the regulations in this part shall investigate and dispose of the matter in such manner as he may deem appropriate. When the conflict or appearance of conflict is not resolved by the Counselor, the information concerning the conflict or appearance of conflict shall be reported to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

(b) The employee or special Corporation employee concerned shall have a reasonable opportunity, orally and/or in writing to explain the conflict or appearance of conflict. § 336.735–42 Disciplinary and other

remedial actions. (a) A violation of the regulations in this part by an employee or special




SPECIFIC POSITIONS A Head, Associate Head or Assistant Head of a Division or Office of the Corporation (regardless of his specific title)

An Adviser or Assistant to the Board of Directors.

A Supervising Examiner

An Assistant Supervising Examiner (32 F.R. 13965, Oct. 7, 1967)

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A list of current CFR volumes, a list of superseded CFR volumes, and a list of CFR titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters and parts are included in the subject index volume to the Code of Federal Regulations which is published separately and revised annually.

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and Chapters
List of Sections Affected



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86-026 0-68-38

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters

Title 1-General Provisions


I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Appendix A-Guide to record retention requirements
Appendix B--List of acts requiring publication in the Federal

Appendix C-Guide to Federal Register Finding Aids

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I Proclamations 11

Executive Orders
III Presidential Documents other than Proclamations and Executive

IV Codified Text of Selected Presidential Documents
V Executive Office of the President

Title 4-Accounts

I General Accounting Office
II Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting Of-

fice-Department of Justice)

Title 5-Administrative Personnel

I Civil Service Commission
III Bureau of the Budget
IV Civil Service Commission (Equal Employment Opportunity)

V International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
VI Department of Defense
VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
VIII National Capital Transportation Agency
IX Appalachian Regional Commission

X National Capital Housing Authority
XI United States Soldiers' Home
XII District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency

Title 6-[Reserved]


SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Agriculture

SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Department of Agriculture
I Consumer and Marketing Service (Standards, Inspections, Mar-

keting Practices), Department of Agriculture
II Consumer and Marketing Service (Consumer Food Programs),

Department of Agriculture III Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture IV Federal Crop Insurance Corporation VI Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture VII Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Agricultural

Adjustment), Department of Agriculture VIII Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Sugar), De

partment of Agriculture IX Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts), Department of Agriculture
X Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Milk), Department of Agriculture
XI Consumer and Marketing Service (Marketing Agreements and

Orders; Miscellaneous Commodities), Department of Agri

culture XII Statistical Reporting Service (Agricultural Statistics), Depart

ment of Agriculture XIV Commodity Credit Corporation, Department of Agriculture

XV Foreign Agricultural Service, Department of Agriculture
XVI Consumer and Marketing Service (Food Stamp Program), De-

partment of Agriculture
XVII Rural Electrification Administration, Department of Agriculture
XVIII Farmers Home Administration, Department of Agriculture
XXI International Agricultural Development Service, Department of


Title 8-Aliens and Nationality
I Iminigration and Naturalization Service, Department of Justice
II Office of Alien Property, Department of Justice

Title 9-Animals and Animal Products
I Agricultural Research Service, Department of Agriculture
II Packers and Stockyards Administration, Department of Agri-

culture III Consumer and Marketing Service (Meat Inspection), Depart

ment of Agriculture

Title 10—Atomic Energy
I Atomic Energy Commission

Title 11 - Reserved)

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