The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

Historical Society of Pennsylvania., 1902

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Página 4 - electric Fire. With several others and the following lines from Hudibras. " ' So a wild Tartar, when he spies A man that's handsome, valiant, wise If he can kill him thinks t'inherit His wit, his beauty, and his spirit, As if just so much he enjoy'd As in an other is destroy'd.'
Página 336 - nor would I make more than this one, that when I consider the extreme corruption prevalent among all orders of men in this old rotten state, and the glorious public virtue so predominant in our rising country I cannot but apprehend more mischief than benefit from a closer union.
Página 363 - in a foe)— And when each effort he in vain had tried, Kindled the flame in which he bravely died ! To Tammany let the full horn go round ; His fame let every honest tongue resound ; With him let every generous patriot vie To live in freedom, or with honor die ! Nor shall I think my
Página 129 - at an end, they would adjourn in order to consult the people, whether an humble address should be drawn up, and transmitted to his Majesty, praying that he would be graciously pleased to take the people of this province under his immediate protection and government.
Página 331 - them, the colonies in general, or more than one colony, are in any manner concerned, as well civil and criminal, as commercial." The Grand Council was to consist of representatives chosen by the Colonial Assemblies once in every three years; representation was to be proportional,
Página 80 - distinguished men, whose sympathy we in Illinois did receive last year, of all those whose sympathy we thought we had reason to expect. Of course I would have preferred success; but failing in that, I have no regrets for having rejected all advice to the contrary, and resolutely made the
Página 245 - I am glad you are returned again to a seat in the Assembly, where your abilities are so useful and necessary in the service of your country. We must not in the course of public life expect immediate approbation and immediate grateful acknowledgement of our services. But let us persevere through abuse and even injury. The internal satisfaction of a
Página 193 - And what Fruits are to result from making you a conquered People ?—Not an Increase of Trade: that is impossible: For a Shop-keeper will never get the more Custom by beating his Customers: And what is true of a Shop-keeper, is true of a Shop-keeping Nation.
Página 251 - utmost endeavors to form and adopt a plan which shall afford the best prospect of obtaining a redress of American grievances, ascertaining American rights and establishing that union and harmony which is most essential to the welfare and happiness of both countries.
Página 143 - that Nathaniel Puckle had a Letter from the Proprietary to be communicated to several Persons here, encouraging them to insist upon the Privileges of their Charter and Laws, and not tamely give them up; and instanced what Advantage it has been to the People of Rhode-Island, Connecticut, and other Proprietary Governments, to assert their Rights,

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