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Colleges, &c., from which meteorological registers were received, &c.—Continued.

Ohio --------------------- Famero'college........................ College Hill. Halcyon Academy---------------------- Croton. - 3. University--------------------- Westerville. Urbana University---------------------- Urbana. Western Reserve College................ Hudson. | Woodward High School................. Cincinnati. Oregon ------------------- Willamette University------------------- Salem. Pennsylvania ------------- Central High School-------------------- Philadelphia. Haverford College----------------------- West Haverford. | Jefferson College ----------------------. Cannonsburg. Rhode Island.------------. Brown University----------------------. Providence. Tennessee----------------- Stewart College------------------------- Clarksville. Vermont ------------------ University of Vermont.................. Burlington. Wisconsin ---------------- Beloit College -------------------------- Beloit. | Wisconsin University ...---------...---. Madison.


Abbott, Francis-Abstract of observations made at eight stations in Tasmania, or Van Dieman's Land, during the six months ending June, 1862, for the papers and proceedings of the Royal Society. Caswell, Prof. A., D. D.—Summary for the year 1863, and comparison with the previous thirty-two years, at Providence, Rhode Island. Printed in the Providence Daily Journal. Dabney, William H-Temperature of the valley of Orotava, Island of Teneriffe, compared with that of London, Paris, Pan, Nice, Rome, and Madeira. Extracted from the pamphlet of the Baron of Belcastel. Dreutzer, O. E., (consul, Bergen, Norway.)—Summary of meteorological observations for each month in the year 1863, kept at the hospital in Bergen. The readings of the barometer reduced to inches, and the thermometer to Fahrenheit scale, by Mr. Dreutzer. Gardiner, R. H.-Printed summary of observations during the year 1863, at Gardiner, Maine, and monthly mean temperature and amount of rain for a period of twenty-seven years, from 1837 to 1863, inclusive. Goddard, C. W.-Daily observations at Constantinople, from October, 1862, to September, 1863, inclusive. Also a summary for the year 1862. Gregory, S. O.-Diagram showing the changes of the wind every day in the year 1863, at Theresa, New York. Graham, Colonel James D.—Register of water-level and meteorological observations, made at the following places, under the direction of Captain George G. Meade, topographical engineers, until August, 1863, and subsequently under the direction of Colonel James D. Graham, corps of engineers, superintendent of the survey: Sackett's Harbor, New York.-July, 1861, to December, 1863. Charlotte, New York.-July, 1861, to December, 1863. Fort Niagara, New York.-July, 1861, to December, 1863. Buffalo, New York.-June, 1860, to December, 1863. Cleveland, Ohio.—June, 1860, to December, 1863. Monroe, Michigan.-July, 1861, to December, 1863. Detroit, Michigan.—January, 1860, to December, 1863. Tawas City, Michigan.—July, 1861, to December, 1863. Thunder Bay Island, Michigan.—July, 1861, to November, 1863. Sugar Island, Michigan.-November, 1863, to December, 1863. Grand Haven, Michigan.—July, 1861, to July, 1863. Ontonagon, Michigan.-July, 1861, to December, 1863. Superior, Wisconsin.-June, 1861, to December, 1863.

Ires, William.-Summary of observations at Buffalo, New York, during the year 1863, newspaper slip.

Kirkpatrick, Professor James A.-A general abstract of the meteorological obbervations made at Philadelphia during the year 1863, and a comparison with those of the last twelve years. Printed sheets from the Journal of the Franklin Institute.

Lake Winnipisseogee Cotton and Woollon Manufacturing Company, New Hampshire.— Amount of rain for each month in 1863, at the outlet of Lake Winnipisseogee, in the town of Laconia, New Hampshire, and also at Lake Village, about four miles south on the same stream of water.

Lapham, I. A., LL.D.-Table showing the direction and force of the wind for each hour during the month of September, 1863, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, taken from the autographic record made by Burnell's anemograph. Prepared for the Commissioner of Agriculture by I. A. Lapham, LL.D.

Summary of observations at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a full set of instruments, during the year 1863. (Printed slip from the Milwaukee Sentinel.)

Lewis, James, M. D.-Hourly record of the temperature at Mohawk, New York, during the year 1863, from the register made by his metallic self-recording thermometer; also, monthly and half-monthly means, and hourly mean for the whole year 1803.

Lippincott, James S.—Meteorological observations made by Benjamin Shepherd near Greenwich, Cumberland, New Jersey, from March, 1856, to June, 1861. Tabulated and reduced by James S. Lippincott, Haddonfield, Camden county, New Jersey, for the Smithsonian Institution.

Logan, Thomas M., M. D.-Monthly summaries of the meteorology and necrology of Sacramento, California, reported for the Sacramento Daily Union by Thomas M. Logan, M. D., secretary of the Board of Health.

Contribution to the Physics, Hygiene, and Thermology of the Sacramento River, by Thomas M. Logan, M. D. From the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal. 8 pp. 8vo.

Magnetical Observatory, Toronto, Canada West, (Professor G. T. Kingston, M. A., director.)- Mean meteorological results for the year 1862; also, a comparison of the same with a series of preceding years.

Mayhew, Royal.-Mean temperature at Indianapolis, Indiana, for the hours of sunrise, 7 a. m., 12 m., and 2, 6, and 9 p. m., during each month in the years 1861, 1862, and 1863; also, the amount of rain in each month during the same period.

Morris, Prof. Oran W.-Summary of observations for 1863, giving maxi. mum, minimum, mean, and range of all the instruments for each month, as kept at the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, New York.

Murdock, G.-Appendix to Agricultural Report, being hints on meteorology, with summaries of observations made at Saint John, New Brunswick, in the years 1851 to 1862, inclusive, by G. Murdock, superintendent of water-works at St. John. 8vo. 34 pages.

Nason, Rev. Elias.-Record of events in Exeter, New Hampshire, during the year 1863, containing notices of the weather. No. 3, by the Rev. Elias Nason. 12mo. 24 pages.

Ohio State Board of Agriculture. Fifteenth Annual Report of the board to the general assembly of Ohio for the year 1860. Contains articles on the influence of forests upon soil, climate, rain, and winds. P. 255 to 274.

Report for 1861. • The atmospheric conditions, showing the value of barometers for agricultural purposes,” by C. A. Richard, of Columbus, Ohio. P. 234 to 275.

Osservatorio del Collegio Romano.--Bulletino Meteorologico del'Osservatorio del Collegio Romano con corrispondenza e bibliografia per l'avanzamento della fisica terrestre. Published at Rome twice a month, beginning March, 1862.

Paine, H. M., M. D.-Summary of observations at Clinton, New York, for 1862 and 1863, with a full set of instruments, giving the monthly and annual means, maxima, and minina.

Paterson, Rev. A. B.-Meteorological notes for December, 1863, at St. Paul, Minnesota, with a comparison with the previous four years. (Newspaper.)

Riotte, C. N.-Printed summary of observations made at seven stations in Costa Rica in the year 1863.

Sartorius, Charles.-Summary for the year 1863, with full set of instruments, at Mirador, Mexico.

Secchi, P. Angelo.-Alcune richerche meteorogiche sulle tempeste occorse nel 1859_'60 memoria del P. Angelo Secchi. Estratta dagli Atti della accademi de' Nuovi Lincei Sessione III, dell' Anno XIII, del 5 febbraro 1860. Rome, 1860. 28 pp. quarto.

State Department.-Statistical report on the weather and health of Frankforton-the-Main during the year 1863, by William W. Murphy, consul.

Vaughan, Captain D.-Meteorological Journal and Report relative to the currents, climate, and navigation of that portion of the lower St. Lawrence forming the Strait of Belle-Isle. Second edition. Compiled by Captain D. Vaughan, Quebec. 8vo. 62 pp.

Whitehead, W. A.–Summary of observations during the year 1863 at Newark, New Jersey. Printed slip from Newark Daily Advertiser. Also, an article on the “ Climate of Newark,” being an examination and comparison of the observations made there during the last twenty ycars.

Wislizenus, A., M. D.-Monthly and yearly mean of positive atmospheric electricity, of temperature, and of relative humidity, in 1861, 1862, and 1863, at St. Louis, Missouri, based upon daily observations at 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Published in the St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal. Vol. I, No. 1.


The Executive Committee respectfully submit to the Board of Regents the following report of the receipts and expenditures of the Smithsonian Institution during the year 1863, with estimates for the year 1864:

General Statement.


$30, 910 14

The whole amount of the Smithson bequest deposited in the

treasury of the United States is $515,169, from which an

annual income at 6 per cent. is derived of .................. The extra fund of unexpended income is invested as follows, viz: In $75,000 Indiana 5 per cent. bonds, yielding (less United States

tax) ................................................
In $53,500 Virginia 6 per cent. bonds.
In $12,000 Tennessee 6 per cent. bonds.
In $500 Georgia 6 per cent. bonds.
In $100 Washington city 6 per bonds, yielding .............

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Total income ....
Balance in the hands of the treasurer, January, 1863..........
Total receipts ..........


64, 175 25

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Balance in the hands of the treasurer, January, 1864.....

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STATEMENT IN DETAIL OF THE EXPENDITURES OF 1863. Building incidentals .....

.. $1, 598 79 Furniture and fixtures ..

512 99

$2,111 78 Meetings of the Board of Regents

104 50 Lighting ........

343 71 Heating ..............

1,090 75 Postage ......

421 46 Transportation, general ..

374 05 Exchanges ..........

1, 357 76 Stationery ..

486 09

General printing. ------------------------ - - - - - $3 50
Apparatus ----------------------------------- 531 98
Laboratory---------------------------------- 129 59
Incidentals, general.--------------------------. 584 65
Extra clerk-hire ------------------------------ 371 65
Salaries, secretary----------------------------- 3, 500 00
Salaries, chief clerk, bookkeeper, laborers, &c..... 2, 389 00
$11,688 69
Smithsonian contributions...................... 2, 545 48
Smithsonian reports --------------------------- 583 85
Smithsonian miscellaneous collections ............ 3, 535 88
Smithsonian and other publications...... - - - - - - - - 4.41 15
Meteorology ....... ------------------------- . 2, 410 97
Researches and investigations....... -----------. 150 00
Lectures------------------------------------ . 1,094 32
— 10,761 65
Cost of books and binding....................."... 1, 844 65
Pay of assistants in library................ ..... 1, 100 00
Transportation for library...................... 290 35
Incidentals for library ------------------------. 24 15
Museum, salary of assistant secretary............ 2,000 00
Transportation for museum..................... 695 29
Incidentals for museum ------------------------ 395 40
Explorations for museum------------------------ 762 39
Gallery of art........... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 147 00
— 7, 259 23

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The whole income during the year 1863 was $34,665 64, corresponding with the estimate in the report for 1862. The expenditures during the year 1863 were $31,821 31, leaving $2,844 33 to be added to the balance in the hands of the treasurer at the beginning of the year. The amount of bills outstanding will not exceed $2,000. The foregoing statement is an actual exhibit of the Smithsonian funds irrespective of credits and payments made in behalf of other parties. The Institution has during the year paid several bills for work done and articles purchased on account of the government, part of which has been refunded and credited to the appropriation from which the expenditure was originally made. Those which have been refunded are as follows: $476 87 from the Surgeon General's office for books purchased in Europe through the agency of the Institution; and $37 from the Naval Observatory for transportation. In addition to these, several expenditures have been o on account of the Light-house Board for hotometrical apparatus, and experiments in the laboratory, which have not yet en refunded. Messrs. Rice & Kendall, of Boston, have also refunded $93 80 for paper purchased of them remaining in their hands not used. The appropriations from Congress for the preservation of the collections and the distribution of the duplicate specimens of the exploring and surveying expeditions of the government have been expended, as heretofore, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior in assisting to pay the expenses of assistants in the museum, and the cost of arranging, labelling, and preserving the specimens. The sums thus received have been credited to the museum, and have served to diminish the apparent amount of expenditures for that object.

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