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.Published by W. Kent, No. 1)6, High Hoi born; Sold also by T. Hamilton, Paternoster-Row; T. Blanchard, City-Road; J. Nishrt, 15, CartleStrt-et, Oxford-Street; J. Conder, Bucjilersbury; A. Johnstone, Gran Market, Edinburgh» R/Dallas and Co. Glasgow; E. Leslie, Dundee\ M. Richardson, Manchester; J. Dunn, Nottingham; Hazard, Bath; Rusher, Ki-ading; Brightly, Bungay; J. Omer, Chatham; M. Keene, College Green, Dublin; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country,

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EMOIR of Mr. Robert Raikcs, and the Origin of Sunday) t


His Letter to Colonel Townley, giving an Account of)

the good Effects resulting from toe first trial of a Sun- £ 9

day School «■»-.•'

Account of the Rise and Progress of the General Sunday School ) ,q

Soc u t y'

Their circular Letters to the Laity and Clergy 13, 14

Letters from the Bishops of Salisbury and Landaff in com-? . e

mendation of Sunday Schools'

Extract from a Charge to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry > ..

of Nottingham'

Letter from William Morton Pitt, Esq. to the Committee.. 21
A Table, shewing the gradual Progress of the Society for? „,

Twenty-seven Years *

Extract from the last Report of the Society 28

Questions to which answers are required from Applicants, &c 30
On the Advantages of Sunday School Unions, with Rules for con- \ gj

stitutisg them .*

On the Propriety of forming Bible Associations in Sunday Schools,)

with an Account of the Southwark Sunday School Bible Asso-> 34

elation .')

Review of Lancaster's Address to the Friends and Superintendents ) <>

of Sunday Schools.'

Letter from the late Robert Raikes giving an Account of the Sun- ) ,,

day Schools at Painfwick'

The Utility of Commands. 54

Spelling by means of Writing 3i

Sunday School intelligence.—Roman Catholic Sunday School 55

Extract of a Letter from Ireland 57

Obituary!—Account of the Happy Death of Charles Lipscomb 59

An Account of the Rise and Progress of the Sunday School Union.. 65

An Account of the Hibernian Sunday School Society 68

An Account of the Stockport Sunday School 75

An Address to S°unday School Teachers 84

Thoughts on the Propriety of Unity among Sunday School Teachers. 89

Review of Macgowah's' Life of Joseph 93

— Bunting's Sermon, before the Sunday School Union.... 97

The Duty of Ministers to Catechise their Young People and Sun- i „,.

day .Scholars'

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