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Note.-- The reports missing from this volume will be found in volume 3 of Senate public reports or in

the bound volumes of Senate private reports.

636. Bridge across Columbia River near The Dalles, Oreg.

637. Bridge across Columbia River near The Dalles, Oreg.

638. Bridge across Mississippi River from St. Louis, Mo., to East St. Louis, Ill.

639. Bridge across Des Moines River near Keokuk, Iowa.

640. Bridge across Black River near Pocahontas, Ark.

641. Bridge across Potomac River near Shepherdstown, W. Va.

647. Interest by Members of Congress in Government contracts.

663. Amend agricultural adjustment act rel. to products for charitable use.

665. Bridge across Chesapeake Bay between Baltimore and Kent counties, Md.

666. Bridge across Missouri River at Florence, Nebr.

667. Bridge across Mississippi River at Bettendorf, Iowa.

668. Bridge across Mississippi River near New Boston, Ill.

669. Bridge across St. Francis River near Lake City, Ark.

670. Bridge across Pearl River at Carthage, Miss.

671. Bridge across Wabash River in Sullivan County, Ind.

672. To authorize opening of graves in District of Columbia.

673. To change name of Four-and-a-half Street SW. to Fourth Street in D. C.

674. Amend act to establish Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole, D. C.

683. Circuit judge next in seniority to serve on disability of senior judge.

688. To amend act to require erection of fire escapes in D. C.

689. Harbor regulations for waterfront of D. C.

690. Disposal of property in custody of property clerk of D. C. Police Dept.

691. Transfer powers of Board of Public Welfare to commissioners of D. C.

692. Fees charged by recorder of deeds of D. C.

693. Exchange of Government land in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

694. Bridge across Wabash River in Posey County, Ind.

696. Condemnation of land by United States for public works.*

697. Encourage sale of American agricultural surplus products abroad, etc.

698. Purchase of land in Wyoming for use as rifle ranges for Army.

707. Relief for disbursing officers of Army in certain cases.

710. Antilynching bill.

720. Amend sec. 4878, Revised statutes, rel. to burials in national cemeteries.

721. Relief of Baltimore, Md.

722. Bridge over Niagara River between Buffalo, N. Y., and Fort Erie, Canada.

725. Establishing certain commodity divisions in Department of Agriculture.

727. To include lands in national forests in Idaho.

728. Improvement of approach road to Confederate cemetery, Fayetteville, Ark.

731. To amend act to incorporate Mount Olivet Cemetery Company in D. C.

732. To amend national defense act so as to provide for 4 generals for Army.

733. Sugar beets and sugarcane as basic agricultural commodities.

734. Bridge across Tombigbee River at Naheola, Ala.


738. Proposing amendment to Constitution of U. 8. rel. to taxes on incomes.

740. Authorizing appropriation for survey of Natchez Trace.

741. Postage stamp in honor of three hundredth anniversary of Connecticut.

742. Depositing circulars, etc., in letter boxes without payment of postage.

743. To require postmasters to account for funds collected on C. O. D. mail.

744. To protect labor in its old age.*

745. Custody and maintenance of Supreme Court Building, equipment, etc.

750. Claim for damages due to changes of water levels of Lake of the Woods.

751. Disposal of portion of Amelia Island lighthouse reservation.

752. Authorizing pursers, etc., to perform certain duties of masters.

753. Disposal of Pass A’Loutre lighthouse reservation to Louisiana.

754. Conveying to Bridgeport, Conn., Fayerweather Island.

755. Preliminary examination of Ogeechee River, Ga.

768. Claims of certain officers and enlisted men of Army for extra pay, etc.

772. Relief of Mississippi State treasurer.

781. Communications act of 1934.*

792. Federal securities exchange act of 1934.

793. To add lands to Pike National Forest, Colo.

794. To add lands to Cochetopa National Forest, Colo.

802. Changing time of meeting of Congress, terms of Congressmen, etc.

803. Prevent evasion of certain statutes concerning rates of pay for labor.

804. Cooperation with Marysville school district no. 325, Wash.

805. Cooperation with school board at Brockton, Mont.

806. Alternate budget for Indian service, 1936.

807. Amend agricultural adjustment act as to formula for parity of prices.

808. Amend act rel. to contracts of attorneys for Chippewa Indians.

809. Transferring jurisdiction over sale of liquors to Indians.

811. Construction of consolidated high-school building, Shannon County, S. Dak.

812. Amend act authorizing Chippewa Indians to submit claims to Ct. of Cls.

813. Bridge across Lake Champlain from East Alburg to West Swanton, Vt.

814. Cover handling of Osage Indian alcoholics and narcotics.

815. Relating to tribal and individual affairs of Osage Indians.

816. Granting citizenship to Metlakahtla Indians of Alaska.

817. Relief of Frank J. Boudinot.

818. Private sale of real estate selling under order of U. S. courts.

820. Requesting the President to proclaim Oct. 12 as Columbus Day.

837. Deposits of public moneys of Philippine Islands in Treasury of U. S.

838. To protect municipal water supply of Salt Lake City, Utah.

839. Amend District of Columbia alcoholic beverage control act.

841. Loans from Public Works Administration for municipal buildings in D. C.

842. Preliminary examination of Cromline Creek, N. Y.

847. National banks to obtain indemnity bonds from State-qualified companies.

848. Cooperation with White Swan school district no. 88, Yakima County, Wash.

849. To authorize sale or disposal of surplus real estate of War Department.

850. Donation of land to Bourne, Mass.

853. Amend code of law of District of Columbia with respect to usury.

854. Exploitation for oil, gas, etc., on Fort Morgan military reservation.

856. Financial responsibility of owners, etc., of vehicles for hire in D. C.

859. Amend act authorizing Chippewa Indians to submit claims to Ct. of Cls.

860. Loans to corporations engaged in farming and fruit growing.

*Corrected print.


861. To adjust account between United States and Connecticut.

862. To admit to Military Academy Eloy Alfaro and Jaime Eduardo Alfaro.

863. Modify effect of Chippewa Indian treaties on areas in Minnesota.

864. Certify for payment certain claims of grain elevators and grain firms.

865. Provide equality in citizenship between American men and women, etc.

866. Cooperation with public school board at Wolf Point, Mont.

867. Appropriation for completion of public high school at Frazer, Mont.

868. Cooperation with school district no. 27, Big Horn County, Mont.

869. Memorials in honor of James Wilson and Seaman A. Knapp.

870. Sale of cotton held for producers by 1933 cotton producers' pool.

871. Reciprocal trade agreements.

873. Counsel in proceedings against Electro Metallurgical Co., etc.

874. Further development of vocational education.

903. Issuing patents to school lands granted to States.

904. Study by Census Bureau with respect to cotton stocks held in U. S.

905. Establishment of foreign-trade zones in ports of entry of U. S.

906. Settlement of losses sustained by cooperative marketing associations.*

907. Appointment of assistant United States attorneys.

908. Adjustment of irrigation charges on projects on Indian reservations.

909. Cooperation with school district no. 28, Lake and Missoula counties, Mont.

917. To change name of Ct. of Appeals for D. C. to U. S. Ct. of Appeals for D. C.

918. Bridge across St. Clair River at or near Port Huron, Mich.

920. Loans to industry by Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

922. Amend laws rel. to military and naval tours of duty in the tropics.

923. Providing for additional justice of Court of Appeals of D. C.

924. Title to small tracts of land in Alaska occupied as homes.

926. To add lands to Boise National Forest.

927. Application for payment under settlement of war claims act of 1928.

928. Articles imported for A Century of Progress Exposition to be duty free.

929. Loans to fruit growers for rehabilitation of orchards during 1934.

930. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1935.

931. Bridges across Monongahela, Allegheny, and Youghiogheny rivers, Pa.

932. Bridges across Pee Dee and Waccamaw rivers near Georgetown, S. C.

933. Bridge across Wabash River near Delphi, Ind.

934. Bridge across Ohio River near Shawneetown, Ill.

935. Bridge across Susquehanna River near Holtwood, Pa.

936. Bridge across Connecticut River at Turners Falls, Mass.

937. Bridge across Susquehanna River near Bainbridge and Manchester, Pa.

938. Bridge across Susquehanna River near Millersburg, Pa.

939. Creation of St. Croix Island National Monument.

964. Bridge across Red River from Moorhead, Minn., to Fargo, N. Dak.

965. Bridge across Mississippi River at St. Louis, Mo.

966. Fix rate of postage on certain periodicals exceeding 8 ounces in weight.

967. Deferment of irrigation construction charges on Indian projects, 1934.

971. To proclaim May 20, 1934, General Lafayette Memorial Day.

972. Enrollment of members of Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin.

973. Timber operations on Menominee Indian Reservation.

974. Retirement system for railroad employees.

975. Bridge across Columbia River at Astoria, Oreg.

976. Leasing of coal lands in Alaska.

977. Enrollment as members of Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebraska.

•Corrected print.

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