United States Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934
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Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Bridge across Pearl River at Carthage Miss
Bridge across Wabash River in Sullivan County Ind 672 To authorize opening of graves in District of Columbia
To change name of Fourandahalf Street SW to Fourth Street in D C
Amend act to establish Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole D C
Disposal of property in custody of property clerk of D C Police Dept 691 Transfer powers of Board of Public Welfare to commissioners of D C
Exchange of Government land in Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Bridge across Wabash River in Posey County Ind 696 Condemnation of land by United States for public works 697 Encourage sale of American agr...
Purchase of land in Wyoming for use as rifle ranges for Army
Relief for disbursing officers of Army in certain cases 710 Antilynching bill
Amend sec 4878 Revised statutes rel to burials in national cemeteries 721 Relief of Baltimore Md
Bridge over Niagara River between Buffalo N Y and Fort Erie Canada
Establishing certain commodity divisions in Department of Agriculture 727 To include lands in national forests in Idaho 728 Improvement of approa...
Bridge across Tombigbee River at Naheola
Authorizing appropriation for survey of Natchez Trace 741 Postage stamp in honor of three hundredth anniversary of Connecticut
Depositing circulars etc in letter boxes without payment of postage 743 To require postmasters to account for funds collected on C O D mail 744 To ...
Custody and maintenance of Supreme Court Building equipment etc 750 Claim for damages due to changes of water levels of Lake of the Woods 75...
Preliminary examination of Ogeechee River
Claims of certain officers and enlisted men of Army for extra pay etc 772 Relief of Mississippi State treasurer
Communications act of 1934
Corrected print III
Federal securities exchange act of 1934
To add lands to Pike National Forest Colo 794 To add lands to Cochetopa National Forest Colo 802 Changing time of meeting of Congress terms of ...
Cooperation with school board at Brockton Mont 806 Alternate budget for Indian service 1936
Cover handling of Osage Indian alcoholics and narcotics
Relating to tribal and individual affairs of Osage Indians
Granting citizenship to Metlakahtla Indians of Alaska
Relief of Frank J Boudinot
Private sale of real estate selling under order of U S courts 820 Requesting the President to proclaim Oct 12 as Columbus Day 837 Deposits of public ...
Amend District of Columbia alcoholic beverage control
Loans from Public Works Administration for municipal buildings in D C
National banks to obtain indemnity bonds from Statequalified companies
Cooperation with White Swan school district no 88 Yakima County Wash
To authorize sale or disposal of surplus real estate of War Department 850 Donation of land to Bourne Mass 853 Amend code of law of District of C...
To admit to Military Academy Eloy Alfaro and Jaime Eduardo Alfaro 863 Modify effect of Chippewa Indian treaties on areas in Minnesota 864 Cert...
Provide equality in citizenship between American men and women etc 866 Cooperation with public school board at Wolf Point Mont 867 Appropria...
Memorials in honor of James Wilson and Seaman A Knapp
Sale of cotton held for producers by 1933 cotton producers pool 871 Reciprocal trade agreements
Counsel in proceedings against Electro Metallurgical Co etc 874 Further development of vocational education 903 Issuing patents to school lands gr...
Adjustment of irrigation charges on projects on Indian reservations 909 Cooperation with school district no 28 Lake and Missoula counties Mont 917...
Loans to industry by Reconstruction Finance Corporation 922 Amend laws rel to military and naval tours of duty in the tropics 923 Providing for ad...
Articles imported for A Century of Progress Exposition to be duty free 929 Loans to fruit growers for rehabilitation of orchards during 1934
District of Columbia appropriation bill 1935
Bridges across Monongahela Allegheny and Youghiogheny rivers Pa 932 Bridges across Pee Dee and Waccamaw rivers near Georgetown S C
Bridge across Susquehanna River near Holtwood Pa 936 Bridge across Connecticut River at Turners Falls Mass 937 Bridge across Susquehanna River...
Bridge across Mississippi River at St Louis
Fix rate of postage on certain periodicals exceeding 8 ounces in weight
Deferment of irrigation construction charges on Indian projects 1934
Enrollment of members of Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin
Timber operations on Menominee Indian Reservation
Retirement system for railroad employees
Bridge across Columbia River at Astoria Oreg
Leasing of coal lands in Alaska 977 Enrollment as members of Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebraska
Contracts for sale of timber on Quinault Indian Reservation 982 To provide for expenses of Crow Indian tribal council etc 985 Authorizing exchang...
Transportation of explosives in interstate commerce
To give courts of U S authority to render declaratory judgments 1006 Refundment of countervailing duties on logs from British Columbia 1007 Per...
Authorizing rewards for capture of accused persons
Reimbursable loan to Klamath and Modoc tribe of Indians etc 1012 Define exterior boundaries of Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona 1013 Acqui...
Change of name of retail liquor dealers stamp
Damages due to extending boundaries of Mount McKinley National Park 1028 Preliminary examination of Stillaguamish River Wash
Preliminary examination of Snohomish River Wash
Preliminary examination of Nooksack River Wash
Preliminary examination of Skagit River Wash
Preliminary examination of Green River Wash
To dispose of portion of Yaquina Bay lighthouse reservation to Oregon 1034 Preliminary examination of Paint Rock River
Preliminary examination of Chehalis River Wash
Extending benefits of emergency farm mortgage act 1048 To add lands to Malheur National Forest in Oregon 1049 Authorizing Supreme Court to ...
Protection to water supply of Coquille Oreg 1051 Purchase of lands by McMinnville Oreg 1052 Purchase of lands by Forest Grove Oreg
Cancel Government liens on lands in King Hill Irrigation District 1057 Distribution of power revenues on Federal reclamation projects
Expansion of radio monitoring station near Grand Island Nebr 1059 Loan of War Department equipment to United Confederate Veterans 1060 Auth...
Bridge across Lake Sabine at Port Arthur
Bridge across Missouri River near Brownville Nebr
Bridge across Agate Pass Kitsap County Wash
Bridge across Hudson River from 57th Street New York to New Jersey 1097 Bridge across Columbia River at Cathlamet Wash
Bridge across Missouri River near Garrison N Dak 1099 Bridge across Susquehanna River at York Furnace Pa 1100 Bridge across Susquehanna Rive...
Bridge across St Marys River at Sault Ste Marie Mich
Bridges across Mackinac Straits Mich 1120 To amend agricultural adjustment act 1123 Appointment of agents of Division of Investigation as State of...
Amend postal laws governing 2dclass mail matter 1130 To authorize acknowledgment of oaths by postoffice inspectors etc 1131 Hourly rates of pay...
Prohibit sale of arms or munitions of war to Bolivia and Paraguay 1154 Promotions in Navy and appointing graduates of Naval Academy as ensigns ...
To authorize establishment of Ocmulgee National Monument 1157 Adjust claims to Olmstead lands within Nantahala National Forest 1158 To restore...
To remove limitation upon extension of star routes 1160 To hold contractors responsible for loss etc of mail matter 1161 Eligibility for promotion t...
Amend law rel to civilization fund claim of Osage Nation of Indians 1165 To provide for census of unemployment etc 1166 Amend law rel to expen...
Military instructor for highschool cadets of Washington D C
Expenses of delegates of Yakima confederated tribes of Indians
Provide for orderly use improvements and development of public range 1183 To adjust salaries of rural letter carriers 1184 To create National Indust...
Amend act to create California Débris Commission etc 1193 Bridge across St Lawrence River near Ogdensburg N Y 1194 To establish National Archi...
Issuance of patents upon lands in New Mexico 1197 Bridge across Columbia River at Astoria Oreg 1198 Amend act for rehabilitation of Bitter Root ...
To regulate commerce in petroleum
Prohibit willful injury to Government property etc 1203 Authorize Douglas City Alaska to undertake public works
Authorize Fairbanks Alaska to undertake municipal public works
Authorize printing of additional sets of writings of George Washington 1208 To reinstate John Carmichael Williams in Navy 1209 Philippine curren...
Preliminary examination or survey of canal on Prince of Wales Island 1229 The President to make rules rel to alcoholic beverages in Canal Zone 123...
Expenses of International Boundary Commission U S and Mexico 1238 Acquire land for Upper Mississippi River Wild Life and Fish Refuge 1239 B...
Removal of certain restrictions on distilleries and rectifying plants
Cooperation with school district no 17H Big Horn County Mont
Regulate foreclosure of mortgages and deeds of trust in D C
Financial responsibility of motorvehicle operators in D C
Providing educational opportunities for World War orphans in D C
Grant part of Fort Douglas military reservation to University of Utah 1250 Exemption from collateral requirements as to deposits of Indian funds
Exemption from collateral requirements for deposits of bankrupt estates 1253 Allotment of public documents to Members of Congress etc 1254 Mea...
Authorizing the President to convey certain property to Haiti
To extend boundaries of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming 1287 Amend civil service retirement act rel to payments to beneficiaries 1290 Placi...
Research vessel for Bureau of Fisheries 1294 Statistical studies by Commerce Department on payment of cost thereof 1313 Relief of Nebraska
Citizenship status of certain persons born in Puerto Rico 1336 Amendment to joint resolution for relief of Puerto Rico 1338 Lease or sale of lands an...
Granting easement to Monterey Calif for street purposes 1348 Authorizing investigation of agricultural income etc 1354 Restore water of high miner...
Bridge across Merrimack River at Lawrence Mass
To subject Federal receivers to State taxation 1373 Sale of portions of Pueblo lands of San Diego to San Diego Calif
Bridge across Ohio River between Rockport Ind and Owensboro
To amend settlement of war claims act of 1928 as amended
Authorizing incorporation of Federal Prison Industries
To amend mineral lands leasing act of 1920 relative to drilled wells 1379 To discontinue administrative furloughs in postal service 1380 To simplify ...
Medical care for retired employees for injuries in line of duty 1396 Tobacco control bill
BethesdaChevy Chase Md park site
Attendance of Marine Band at meeting of G A R in Rochester N Y 1400 To transfer Green Lake Fish Cultural Station to Acadia National Park 1401 E...
Amendment of bankruptcy act approved June 7 1934
Amend act authorizing Postmaster General to adjust certain claims 1408 Amend U S C to permit Postmaster Gen to settle small claims for injury 1409...
Aid in providing people of U S with adequate facilities for parks etc 1413 Travel allowance of employees of Bureau of Reclamation
To provide for purchase and sale of farm products 1415 Discriminatory reductions in pay of retired personnel of Navy etc 1416 Granting to South D...
Cooperation in education of Indian children in Glacier County Mont 1422 Irrigation project on Blackfeet Indian Reservation Mont 1423 Modificatio...
Reserve land for use and benefit of Kanosh band of Indians in Utah 1425 To license race tracks in D C and provide for their regulation 1426 Habeas ...
Bridge across Ohio River at Wellsburg W
Grazing lands for Paiute and Shoshoni Indians of Fort McDermitt Nev 1433 Provide for leasing of allotments on Crow Reservation 1434 Members o...
Appropriation for expenses of examining AmericanTurkish claims 1439 To provide for deportation of certain alien seamen
Filing and indexing service for Govt publications in Education Office 1442 Disposition of smuggled watches watch movements and parts 1443 To in...
To effectuate further policy of national industrial recovery act 1448 Bridge across Rio Grande at Boca Chica
Amending packers and stockyards act 1921
Divisions and terms of district court in North Dakota
Bridge across Colorado River at Parker Ariz 1457 Bridge across Missouri River at Rulo Nebr 1458 To include as 2dclass matter certain religious peri...

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Página 24 - Act, reasonable public notice of the intention to negotiate an agreement with such government or instrumentality shall be given in order that any interested person may have an opportunity to present his views to the President, or to such agency as the President may designate, under such rules and regulations as the President may prescribe...
Página 10 - Whoever, by virtue of public position under a State government, deprives another of property, life, or liberty, without due process of law, or denies or takes away the equal protection of the laws, violates the constitutional inhibition; and as he acts in the name and for the State, and is clothed with the State's power, his act is that of the State. This must be so, or the constitutional prohibition has no meaning.
Página 24 - An act granting the consent of Congress to any two or more states to enter into agreements or compacts for cooperative effort and mutual assistance in the prevention of crime and for other purposes.
Página 10 - A State acts by its legislative, its executive, or its judicial authorities. It can act in no other way. The constitutional provision, therefore, must mean that no agency of the State, or of the officers or agents by whom its powers are exerted, shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

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