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Printed and published by (. CLEMENT, No. 188, Fleet Street.


Contents of Volume XLVIII.


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1. Letter 2 to Mr. Peel, showing that 7.-To the Reformers, on the prospect

his Bill has not been carried into which now presents itself with

effect. - State of the Harvest.

regard to the South American

2:-To Mr. Ogden, of Manchester, on

States.-Turnpike-Tolls, to the

the Speeches of Mr. Canning, of

Editor of the Hampshire Chro-

the Lord Mayor, and of Mr.

nicle.-Mechanics Institution.-

Waithman, at the Sheriff's Din-

American Apple Trees.

ner, in the City of London, on

8.-To Mr. Canning, on the prepara-

the 29th of September.-Ame-

tions which he is said to be

rican Trees.

making with regard to South

America.--Subscriptions for Jo-
3.-To the Men of Kent, on the fall

seph Swann.
of Cadiz, and on the state of
England, compared with that of

9.--American Trees..-Subscription for

France.-Anna Brodie's fall.

Joseph Swann.

10.-The West India Colonies.-Lo-

4.-To the People of Kensington,

cust Trees.-Ride in France.

Chelsea, and Fulham, on the

Straw Plat.-Gross's Antiquities.
Extortions and the Insolence of
the Turnpike Toll Collectors and 11.-To Mr. Wilberforce, on his
Renters; and also on the con-

Pamphlet, entitled, “ An Ap-

duct of the Trustees of the “ peal to the Religion, Justice,

Turnpike Roads._Journal of a “ and Humanity of the Inbabi-

Ride in France,

« tants of the British Empire,

“ in behalf of the Negro Slaves

5.-A Letter from the People of Spain « in the West Indies."-Straw

to the Jews and Jobbers, on the Plat. — American Trees. To

abuse which the Jew and Jobber

Correspondents.-Gross's Anti-

Press of London bas poured quities.-Postscript.
forth on the Spanish Nation for
expressing their joy at the recent 12.-To the Yeomen of Herefordshire,
events in Spain.-The French on the question relating to South
and Mr. Canning.-Journal of a

America, with a look back at

Ride in France.

the conduct of Parson Smythies,

Lawyer Davies, and others, at

6.-To the Yeomen of Norfolk, on the the last County Meeting.--Ame-

intentions of France with re rican Trees.--ToCorrespondents.

gard to South America, and on 13.—A Memorial on the apparently ap-

the probable consequences of

proaching war, most humbly ad.

those intentions.-Journal of a

dressed to the King.-" Is it

Ride in France. Fire-shovels

war? or, is it sham ?"-Ameri-

and Rag-men.-Gaming.

can Trees.


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VOL. 48.-No.1.) LONDON, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1923. [Price 6d.

Gola Publisheil every Saturday Morning, at. Seven o'Clock durges et dolor a

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"This Bill (Mr. Peel's) 'was grounded on concurrent Reports of both " Houses ; ; it was passed by unanimous votes of both Houses; it was; nt the 6 close of the Session, a subject of high eulogium in the Speaker's Speech to " the Regent, and in the Regent's Speech to the two Houses : now, then, I, " William Cobbett, assert, that, to carry this Bill into effect is impossible ; and

I say, that, if this Bill be carried into full effect, I will give Castlereagle " leave to lay me on a Gridiron and broil me alive, while Sidmouth"may stír " the coals, and Canning stand by and laugh at my groans." -- Taken from ; Cobbett's Register, written at North Hempstead, Long Island, on the 24th of September, 1819, and puhlished in England in November, 1819.

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expressed in the above motto, has TO MR. PEEL.

been verified, instead of having

been falsified, as has been so LETTER II.

many thousand times asserted by Shoring that his Bill has not the lying and ignorant and prosbeen carried into effect. tituted press of the Wen. My

assertion, as I stated it before, Kensington, October 1, 1823. Sir,

was, that it was impossible to Tæis Letter must do that which carry your Bill into fall effect; I proposed to do in my last; and, I am now going to prove, namely, prove, that the opinion, that it has' not been carried into

Printed and Published by J. M. COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.

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full effect; but, that it has been, has put forth five hundred lies, as to a material part of its object, perhaps, each of them as com-repealed by subsequent Acts of plete a lie as the butcher's shop Parliament.

lie. The vile wretches of the I said enough in'my last Regis-press have known, that all well:. ter about Me BROUGHAM's press, informed men would know that

, and I have only further to observe, these were lies; but these miswith regard to that infamous thing, fcréant dealers in paragraphs, that, amongst all the mischiefs these prostituted venders of praise which it has done, I do not know at so much an irch, these vile that I can find one to surpass the wretches, worse than SAIMEI'S mischiefs which it has done to“ dead dog;” these worse thane the farmers and landlords; and, toads or tadpoles or any thing indeed, any to equal this; because most poisonous and disgusting; this has been and will be pro- these creatures well knew, that a ductive of more injustice and large part of their readers were misery than any other. In this not, as to those matters, well incase,

I shall, however, confine formed ; and as to contempt; as myself to a narrow view of its to the contempt of wise and good operations. It has, as I have men, what cared they for that, if observed in the first paragraph of it were unattended with a diminumy last latter, been for months, tion of their profits ? According to exulting in what it calls; the falsi- Walter's own declaration, “ The fication of my prophecies. It has“ rascals would sell their country, published, according to its usual“ if they could get a farthing custom, lies of all sizes and in" by it.all shapes. It has extracted, or, That which encouraged them rather, pretended to extract, words to enter upon these strings of lies from my writings, which are not and other efforts of delusion was to be found in those writings. It the rise, which, about the middle

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of winter, took place in the price thing, and they knew, that, on the of corn, and, indeed, in the price contrary, when speaking of the of all the produce of the land. low state to which prices would I had all along insisted that the come, I always spoke of an averfall in the price of the produce age of years; that I expressly was the effect of your Bill. Others, observed, that I spoke, barring and the bullocking press along the effect of seasons; and that, with those others, had maintained upon more than one occasion, I the contrary. The moment, there said expressly, that, if the cashfore, that prices took a rise, out payments continued, I expected came the curs full

cry; “ There! the bushel of wheat to vibrate " there! he is wrong; for the Bill between three shillings and sęden. " is still in force, and prices have And yet, the moment the wheat 6 risen!Excessively stupid got even to six, the “caitiffs," beasts as the London newspaper Mr. Brougham's " highly respect. people are, they could not say this able people, "who call one another from ignorance alone.

" rascals and forgers," belowed impossible for them to believe, out, that my predictions were that I could ever have thought falsified ! that your Bill would prevent bad Then came the first of May, crops or bad harvest weather. and your Bill was still unrepealed. It was impossible for them to Oh! there I was a false prophet believe, that I could ever have in a still greater degree; and thought, that your Bill would some of the "caitiffs," as WALTER prevent blight or mildew. The justly calls them, published witty o caitiffs," as, WALTER himself accounts of my being broiled, a calls them, the “ wretches," as he thing which was done with more calls them, could believe none of than ordinary display by the this. But, indeed, they knew well“ caitiff and rascal ” of the Readthat I had never said any such ING MERCURY, under the auspices,

It was

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