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The President, Hon. A. G. Magrath, called the meeting to order at 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening, and announced that, unless a motion was made to the contrary, the Order of Business prescribed in By-Law III would be observed.

On the President's invitation, Hon. John F. Dillon, of New York, and Hon. W. D. Simpson, Chief Justice, occupied seats beside him.

The Secretary called the Roll of Members.

The Opening Address was then delivered by the President. (See Appendix.)

On motion, the reading of Minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

Mr. B. F. Whitner, on behalf of the General Council, reported as approved the following nominations for membership: A. T. Broyles, A. G. Brice, W. H. Brawley, W. A. Brunson, John D. Cappelmann, C.C. Culp, R. H. Carson, E. K. Dargan, J. E. Davis, T. Q. Donaldson, Chas. M. Furman, A. C. Haskell, John B. Howe, J. K. Henry, N. J. Haynesworth, I. Y. McKissick, E. B. Murray, J. S. Muller, W. J. Montgomery, J. P. McNeill, J. B. Moore,


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F. P. McGowan, J. J. Maher, J. E. Nettles, P. H. Nelson, G. E. Prince, W. H. Perry, Benj. II. Rutledge, Jr., Stobo J. Simpson, Chas. Carroll Simms, David P. Verner, W.J. Verdier, G. W. M. Williams.

On motion, the Report of the General Council was received and adopted, and the nominees were declared members of the Association.

The election of the General Council was next in order, and after due nominations the following were, on motion of Mr. Geo. W. Croft, elected by acclamation. (See List of Officers.)


The Secretary then read his Annual Report as follows, viz:

(a). At the end of the first year of the existence of our Association there is naturally but little for the Secretary to report in addition to the Minutes of the Bar Convention and of the special mecting, which have already been approved and embodied in the “Report” now in the hands of the members.

(). The number of members on the roll is 231. By mistake the names of the three following were omitted from the printed list, viz: J. T. Barron, E. P. Henderson and J. Ancrum Simons.

(©). The President appointed the following members a delegation to represent this Association at the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association, viz: Edward McCrady, Jr., J. J. Hempbill, George Johnstone. They attended the meeting held at Saratoga Springs last August.

(al). Copies of the Constitution and By-Laws, and of the Report of the Bar Convention, have been distributed among the members of the Association. Extra copies were sent to the VicePresidents and other officers for distribution among members of the Bar who have not joined the Association.

The Secretary's Report was received as information, and ordered to be entered on the Minutes.

The Treasurer then read his Annual Report. On motion, it was received as information and entered on Minutes. (See Reportsat end of Minutes.)

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The Secretary read the Annual Report of the Executive Committee, as follows:

(a). The Executive Committee met in Columbia on the 15th January. The Ilon. John F. Dillon, of New York, was unanimously selected to deliver the first Annual Address, and the Secretary was instructed to invite him.

The following members were appointed to read Essays at the Annual Meeting, viz: Jos. Daniel Pope, W. W. Harllee, W. A. Lee, J. F. J. Caldwell and J. N. Nathans.

(6). The Committee met again in Columbia on the 11th November. They appointed the following Committee of Arrangements for the Annual Meeting: S. P. Hamilton, C. H. Suber, W. A. Clark, B. L. Abney, J. Q. Marshall; and the following Committee of Reception: Ch. Richardson Miles, James Simons, Edward McCrady, Jr., John C. Haskell, George W. Croft, Henry E. Young, W. C. Benet. They also drew up a programme of proceedings for the Annual Meeting, and ordered it to be printed; and transacted all other necessary business.

(c). All disbursements ordered by the Executive Committee will appear in the Report of the Treasurer.

(cl). The Committee respectfully recommend the adoption of the following amendment to Article XI of the Constitution, viz: To strike out the words "second Tuesday" in line 2 of the same, and insert in lieu ihereof the words "first Wednesday," so that Article XI shall hereafter read, “This Association shall meet at 8 o'clock in the evening of the first Wednesday in December in each year," &c.

(e). They also recommend the adoption of the following amendment to Article IV of the Constitution, viz: To add after the words "ec-officio" in line 9 of the same the following words: “and of which the Secretary shall be Secretary ex-officio,” to wit: of the General Council.

(f). The Committee respectfully suggest that a special Committee be appointed, charged with the duty of procuring a charter of incorporation for the Association, and to choose an appropriate official seal.


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Mr. John C. Sheppard, speaking to the proposed amendment to Article XI, moved to amend by substituting the words "second Wednesday after the meeting of the General Assembly of South Carolina," as he feared that “the first Wednesday in December" might sometimes interfere with Thanksgiving Day.

Mr. R. W. Shand reminded Mr. Sheppard that the custom of many years had fixed upon some Thursilay in November as Thanksgiving Day; whereupon he withdrew his amendment.

The amendment to Article XI was then adopted.

On motion, the amendment to Article IV, as proposed by the Executive Committee, was adopted.

The Executive Committee were, on motion, charged with the duty of procuring a charter of incorporation for the Association, and of choosing an appropriate official seal.

The rest of the Committee's Report was received as information.

At this stage the President appointed the Committee on Publications. (See Committees.)

The Committee on Grievances announced they had nothing to report.

Mr. Jas. II. Rion, Chairman of the Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform, on behalf of his Committee, read the following Report:




Without assigning reasons, or submitting details, this Committee respectfully recommend such Constitutional and Statutory amendments as will effect the following:

1. Restore the lite tenure of the Justices and Judges of the Supreme and Circuit Courts; with the privilege of retiring at the

age of seventy on half pay. 2. Re-arrange the Circuits, so that the length of time of holding the same may be the better equalized.

3. Add one to the present number of Circuit Judges without increasing the number of the Circuits,

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