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In the House of Consions, Regulations respe&ing the Sale of Flour, and the Making of Bread.—Motions by Mr. Lechmere and Mr. Whitbread, respecting the Causes of the Scarcity of Wheaten Flour, and the Hardships incident to the Labouring Poor—Negatived.—Bill for Encouraging the Cultivation of Waste Lands.--Motions for the Support of the Land and Sea Service—Strićtures on the Condué of Ministry in the War Department.— Replied to by Mr. If yndham.—Debates on the Ereğlion of Barracks.-4 Statement of the Expences of 1796, amounting Jrom twenty-seven ta Vol. XXXVIII. P twenty

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Effe&s expe&ied in France from a growing Spirit of Moderation.—The Chief
Qbjećt in the Councils of France, how to Break or to seaken the Power of
England.—Plan of the French for that End.—Means for Resoring the
Pecuniary Credit of the French Republic.—A Rupture threatened between
the French Councils and Executive Directory.—Prevented by the necessity
of their acting in Concert.—The Legislature Invade the Province of the
Directory, by the Appointment of a Committee for judging in Cases of
Appeals from Emigrants.-Loftiness of the Direétory.—Humbled by the
Jose Economy and Firmness of the United States of America.-Jea-

, louffes and Disputes between the French and Americans.—Aud an open

Rupture . . . . • * - - . 164.

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