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Whereas with all her great natural advantages there is but a single disadvantage, the depth of water on her bar, that keeps the city of Charleston from moving vigorously forward to her proper position of commercial greatness; and her citizens recognizing this fact, through her municipality, through her Chamber of Commerce, through her Board of Trade, and through every other avenue of public influence, are bending their every energy to the deepening and widening of her splendid harbor; and

Whereas the city council of Charleston, by the expenditure of nearly fifty thousand dollars, in which, notwithstanding the bardships of the times, the people of Charleston of all classes have eagerly concurred, have ascertained that the work can be easily and permanently accomplished at an expense comparatively trifling as compared with the paramount results it must achieve ; and

Whereas the history of the city of Charleston and the growing trade of this section of our common country prove this enterprise to be of the last importance to the people of South Carolina, and to the development of the entire South : Therefore

Be it resolved by the senate, (the house of representatives concurring,) That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be, and are hereby, requested to use their utmost influence to secure for the city of Charleston an appropriation of $100,000 for the purpose of deepening and widening its barbor, and to advance the material interests of the people of this State.


President of the Senate.


Speaker House of Representatives.

Clerk of the Senate.

Clerk House of Representatives.

2d Session. I

No. 52.







Certain claims of citizens of that State against the United States Government.

JANUARY 25, 1875.-Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs and ordered to be


Your memorialists, the general assembly of the State of Missouri, respectfully represent, that whereas, during the war of 1861-'65, the United States Government became liable to many citizens of this State for military services rendered and supplies furnished to the State of Missouri for the use of the United States, for the militia of this State, and other forces of the United States and this State, to aid in maintaining the authority of the United States in this State; and whereas the United States, by act of Congress approved April 17, 1866, acknowledged its liability for such military services and supplies, and under said act re-imbursed this State for its advancement made to pay for a portion of said services and supplies; and whereas a portiou of said services rendered and supplies furnished have not been paid for under said act of Congress, and the same have been and are being audited and adjusted by this State; and whereas said amounts remaining due as aforesaid constitute a valid claim in favor of this State as the trustee for the use of her citizens claiming the same and against the United States: Therefore,

Resolved by the general assembly of the State of Missouri, That the Congress of the United States is earnestly requested to immediately adopt such legislation as will result in a speedy adjustment and pay. ment of said claims, in so far as this State, by her proper officers, have heretofore or may hereafter file proper and sufficient proofs and vouchers therefor in the office of the Third Auditor of the United States Treasury Department, at Washington.

Resolved, That our Sepators be instructed and the Representatives in Congress from Missouri be requested to use their best and most prompt efforts to secure the legislation above mentioned.

Resolved. That the secretary of state be required to forward a copy of the foregoing memorial and resolutions to the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress. Approved January 19, 1875.


City of Jefferson, Mo. I, Michael K. McGrath, secretary of state of the State of Missouri, do bereby certify that the annexed pages contain a true, complete, and full copy of a memorial and joint resolution of the general assembly of the State of Missouri, entitled “A memorial and joint resolutions con: cerning certain claims of citizens of this State against the United States Government," approved January 19, 1875, as appears by comparing the same with the original roll of said memorial and joint resolution now on file, as the law directs, in this office.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal. Done at office, this 20th day of January, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-five. (SEAL.]


Secretary of State.

2d Session.

I No. 53.






Congress to make an appropriation for the improvement of Galveston Har


JANUARY 25, 1875.-Referred to the Committee on Commerce and ordered to be printed.

Whereas an appropriation of $100,000 for the improvement of the harbor of Galveston, Tex., has been asked of the General Government; and whereas the estimates of competent engineers set forth that such an appropriation would be sufficient to render the said Galveston Harbor accessible to ocean-craft drawing eighteen feet of water; and whereas we believe that the accomplishment of the object sought to be obtained by the appropriation would result in great good to the people of the State of Kansas, and especially to the producing classes: Therefore, be it

Resolved by the senate of the State of Kansas, (the house concurring therein,) That the Congress of the United States be, and hereby is, requested to make said appropriation.

Resolved, That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be, and hereby are, requested to use every effort to have such appropriation made before the adjournment of the present Congress.

Resolved, That the secretary of the senate cause to be engrossed two copies of these resolutions, signed by the officers of both branches of our legislature, and that the same be forwarded to our Senators and Representatives in Congress, requesting them to present said resolutions to the Senate and House of Representatives.

M. J. SALTER, Lieutenant-Governor and President of the Senate. Adopted by the senate, January 15, 1875.


Secretary. Concurred in by the house of representatives, January 16, 1875.

C. H. FUNSTON, Speaker House of Representatives. HENRY BOOTH,

Chief Clerk.

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