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Notes of a voyage to Vera Cruz, Minititlan, &c., R. W. Foster.

Observaciones meteorologicas hechas en la escuela nacional preparatoria de México en el mes de Noviembre, 1868, (Diario Oficial.)

Observations at Santa Fé and Nueva Gerona, 1864.
Observations météorologiques, 1840–42, T. Louis Berlandier.
Limonar.—Quantity of rain-fall in 1842.
Matamoras.—Notices of rain, 1840–47, Berlandier.
Mazatlan.—Account of weather in 1868, Grayson.

Minititlan.—Meteorological observations, April, 1858, to January, 1859, Charles Laszlo.

Mirador.—Meteorological observations, 1854-57, January, 1858. Sur. vey of the meteorological materials made in 1858 and 1868, by C. Sartorius.

Trojes.—Meteorological observations, 1869–70, T. Graef.

Vera Cruz.-Barometrical observations, August, 1856, to September, 1859, Dr. Berendt.


Chart of comparative fluctuations of barometer, February and March, 1843.

Daily charts illustrating weather, 1843.

Diagram showing extraordinary barometrical movements, January 21–28, 1853.

Espy's weather charts, 1843. Meteorological correspondence of the Smithsonian Institution, thirty. five bound volumes of letters from observers, &c.

Meteorological notes during march of Colonel Morrison's command from Fort Gibson, Creek Nation, to Big Timber, Upper Arkansas, June 22 to October 25, Capt. Henry Little.

Meteorological observations, northwestern boundary survey.
Meteorology on Central Pacific Railroad, 1867, J. R. Gilliss.
Robertson's diaries, Mississippi, Virginia, &c.

Scrap-books containing newspaper items on weather, &c., prepared at the Smithsonian Institution.

Telegraphic reports of weather at various points in the United States, September and October, 1858.

Weather bulletins and maps from the chief signal officer, 1871–73.


Erie.—Meteorological observations in 1824, Dr. S. K. Jennings.

Greensborough.Abstract from meteorological register for 1868, N. T. Lupton. Account of hail-storm, May, 1857, Thomas M. Fitz.

Green Springs.-Meteorological tables, 1867, J. W. A. Wright.
Mobile.--Barometrical and thermometrical curves at Fort Morgan,
Mobile Point, July-December, 1850. Meteorological curves, June, 1848.
Meteorological observations at Fort Morgan, 1848–1850.

Selma.-Account of rain, March 17, 1872, G. H. Lenoir.
Union Springs.-Rain-fall, 1868–74, J. S. Moultrie.


Observations at Fort Saint Michael, 1842; Ikogmint Depot, Nulato, and Fort Kolmakon, 1843, W. H. Dall. Fort Saint Michael meteor. ological observations, 1865–66, H. M. Bannister.

Nulato.—Meteorological observations, 1866–67, F. Westdahl.

Sitka.-Meteorological statement for 1868. Record of temperature observations, (Reaumur,) 1847-1864. Extracted from the Annales de l'observatoire physique central de Russie.

Unalakleet.--Meteorological observations, 1866–67, F. Westdabl.

Unalaska Island.—Mean monthly temperature observed at Hlolook, 1867-'68.


Saint Thomas.--Thermometric record, 1865.


Meteorological observations for February and March, 1861, and Feb. ruary, 1871, at Micco Creek Nation, H. F. Buckner.

Little Rock.—Meteorological observations, 1851–56, 1864–70. Mount Ida.-Abstract of meteorelogical observations, May, November, 1874, G. Whittington.

Washington.—Meteorological observations, 1840–59, N. D. Smith, Meteorological returns, January, February, 185€


Curves of horary variations of atmospheric pressure.
Benicia Barracks.-Ozone observations, W. W. Hays.
El Monte.-Rain-fall in December, 1873, George H. Peck.
Fort Yuma.—Meteorological observations, 1866–67.

Los Angeles.—Meteorological notes, April, 1851, and May, 1854, Sherburne.

Nevada City.-Thermometric observations, July, August, 1865, Charles F. Dunz.

Sacramento.-Hourly observations, June 21, 1856, T. M. Logan. Monthly means barometer and thermometer, 1854, Doctor Hatch, Rain-fall, 1850—"73. Report of the curator of the Agassiz Institute on Meteorology.

San Diego.--Observations made on a trip to the mountains, G. W. Barnes.

San Francisco.—Blank forms for meteorological observations, Colonel Williamson. Monthly meteorological observations, 1870–73, C. G. Ewing. Rain-fall table, October, 1849-April, 1850, 1861–68, Thomas Tennent. The climate of San Francisco, R. M. Bache.

San Joaquin Valley.-Rain-table and remarks on climate, J. W. A. Wright.

Santa Barbara.-Range of the thermometer from July 1, 1872, to June 30, 1873. Santa Barbara as a sanitarium, Santa Barbara Press.

Santa Cruc.-Meteorological observations for 1873, J. H. Hoadley. Santa Yues Valley.Meteorological observations, 1872.

Vacaville.—Meteorological report, February-April, 1869, J. C. Simmons. Observations, January 22-February 1, 1869, J. C. Siminons.

COLORADO. A Year's Progress; Colorado in 1872, W. N. Byers. Climate of Colorado, (circular by W. N. Byers.) Colorado; published by the Denver Board of Trade, 1868. Geology, description, and resources of Central and Southern Colorado, Pueblo, 1869.

Fort Collins.—Meteorological reports, March-September, 1872, R. Q. Tenney.

Fort Garland.-Temperature-table, 1855–69, C. Thomas.
Golden City. Registerof periodical phenomena, 1867, E. L. Berthoud.


Columbia.--Account of storm July, 1857, W. H. Yeomans. Weather reports January, December, 1857, June, 1859, W. H. Yeomans.

Hartford.—Meteorological observations 1816–1852.
New Haven. Meteorological observations, E. Loomis.
Norwalk.-Account of storm January, 1856, M. Scholfield.
Pomfret.-Account of storm October 24, 1853, D. Hunt.
Salisbury.Meteorological Journal, 1841–46, Dr. Ovid Plumb.

Stamford.—Fall of water at the Stillwater Rolling-mill January 1, 1869, to January 1, 1874, J. N. Ayers.


Meteorological table 1869–70, A. Barnaud.
Ponka Agency.-Atmospherical phenomena November 22, 1871.

Yankton.—Meteorological record for the summer quarter of 1865, M. K. Armstrong.


Georgetown.—Meteorological observations during part of 1852. Rain. fall, July, 1857-December, 1859. D. W. Maull.

Milford.—Sums and means for 1873; R. H. Gilman.


Washington.—Account of thunder-storm June 27, 1869, W. Q. Force. Memorandum of storm of November 4, 1856. Meteorological observa

tions 1828–29, Jonathan Elliott. Meteorological observations at the observatory, Capitol Hill, April-June, 1872. Meteorological observa; tions at the Patent-Office 1846–57. Meteorological observations AprilJune, 1855, W. J. Rhees. Meteorological observations SeptemberDecember, 1854. Meteorological register, 1821, Jonathan Meigs. Monthly means of dry thermometer; monthly mean of maximum and minimum thermometer; maximum and minimum temperature for 1870, at the Naval Observatory. Monthly means of the bi-hourly observations of the barometer and thermometer made at the Naval Observatory dur. ing 1841. Notes on vegetation, 1862–64, James Watts. Observations in the observatory of the Smithsonian Institution, April 18, 1860-November 29, 1863. Projection showing the regular increase and decrease of atmospheric beat in the city of Washington for the year 1826, Rob. ert Little. Psychrometric observations, July, 1854. Registers from Recording Barograph. Snow-fall observerl at the Smithsonian Institution April 1858-1874.

FLORIDA. Comparison of the winds on the coast of Florida. Minutes of gale September 8, 1854, A. S. Baldwin.

Jacksonville.--Range of the thermometer at Jacksonville, 1815–46, A. S. Baldwin. Table showing the temperature of February for sixteen years, A. S. Baldwin.

Key West.–Barometrical and thermometrical curves June, August, and October, 1851. Details of storm August 27, 28, 1856, W. C. Dennis. Meteorological observations for 1844--45, Adam Gordon. Meteorologi. cal observations at the garrison, 1843. Meteorological register kept at Key West barracks, March-April, 1845. Barometrical variations, 1853.

Neveport.-Accouut of storm, Charles Beecher.
New Smyrna.—Report of rain-fall, 1873, George J. Alden.
Saint Augustine.-- Weather record, 1869–70.

Saint John River.- Temperature observations, January-April, 1869,
G. A. Boardman.
Tallahassee.-Observations with rain-gauge, Truman S. Betts.

GEORGIA. Berne.-- Weather report, April, 1869, H. L. Hillyer. Cabaniss.—Estimate of rain, May, 1872, A. Colvard. Gainesrille.-Diagram of thermometric observations, February and March, 1872, Dr. W. T. Grant. Rain-fall for August, 1872. Meteorological report, October, 1872, M. F. Stephenson. Weather notes, No. rember, 1872, M. F. Stephenson. Milledgerille.—List of plants observed in the vicinity, N. G. McAdoo.

Sarannah. Meteorological observations, May, 1858, September, 1859, Jobo F. Posey.

Trader's Hill. Meteorological report, September, 1871, F. M. Smith. Waldo.—Meteorological record, March, 1866, Dr. R. C. Garvin.

Warrington.—Meteorological register at United States paral bospital, January, 1859.

Wilsonville. – Meteorological observations, October, 1873, W. B. Somerville.


Account of tornado in Northern Illinois, 1855, John Wentworth.
Meteorology of Illinois, B. Whitaker.
Athens.—Meteorological record, 1851, and errata, J. Hall.
Augusta.—Mean temperature, 1833-1852.

Aurora.—Meteorological observations for 1859, George Sutton. Thermometric record, 1859, A. J. Babcock. Chart of temperature, 1859, A. J. Babcock.

Batavia.-Meteorological report, March and April, 1857, Thompson Mead.

Belvidere.—Abstract of registers, 1868–71, G. B. Moss. Comparison of monthly temperatures, 1867-1870, G. B. Moss. Record of thermoineter, March-October, 1867. Summaries of meteorological records, 1868– 972.

Brighton.-Meteorological abstracts, 1869, W. V. Eldredge. Meteor. ological table, April, 1855-April, 1856, W. V. Eldredge.

Carthage.- Register of meteorological observations, August, 1858– September, 1859, Mrs. E. M. A. Bell.

Charleston.— Temperature report, March, 1870, Charles Gramesly.

Chicago.—Diagrams showing effect of meteorological influences on mortality, 1867–69. Meteorological record, January-September, 1844, Silas Meacham.

Coopersville.—Temperature notes, January, 1869, S. Hazleton.
Danvers.-- Meteorological report, May to December, 1872, Ira Rowell.
Decatur.—Double parhelia, February, 1870, Timothy Dudley.
Effingham.-Weather notes, March, 1869, H. Gruenewald.

Elgin.—Results of meteorological observations, 1858-59, J. B. Newcomb.

Galesburg.- Maximum and minimum temperature, February-Decem. ber, 1873, B. F. Kemp.

Hennepin.—Abstracts of thermometric record, 1865–72, Smiley Shepherd.

Weather notes, 1870, Smiley Shepherd.
Highland.—Record of temperature, 1841-'52, Ryhiner.
Hopedale.—Meteorological items for 1871, A. G. Crispé.

Marengo.– Weather notes, July, 1854-May, 1855, January, 1856, 0. P. Rogers.

Northfield.- Account of tornado, 1855, John A. Kennicott. Account of tornado, 1855, Allen W. Phillips.

Pekin.-Summary of meteorological observations, 1855–56, 1859, J. H. Riblet.

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