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[For list of regular monthly reports see report for 1873.]


Auroral observations made at Ogdensburgh, New York, 1852–54. Aurora observed at Bangor, Me., December, 1851. Aurora observed at Boston August 20, 1851. Aurora observed at Camden, Me., September 10, 1854. Auroras observed at Dartmouth College, N. H., July 12, 1853–March 16, 1854. Auroras observed at sea 1848–53. Auroral records, 1849–53. Notices of auroras, 1847–159. Sketch of aurora observed at Washington July 22, 1868. Alexander, Prof. S.-Sketch of aurora observed at Princeton, N. J. Andreus, Luman.-Account of aurora observed October 14, 1870, at Southington, Conn.

Ashby, M. V.-Notice of aurora observed August 8, 1872, at Afton, Iowa.

Astrop, R. F.-Aurora observed in Brunswick County, April 7, 1847; auroral display September 29, 1851.

Arerbeck, A.–Aurora observed July 9, 1872, at Saint Louis, Mo.

Babcock, E.-Account of aurora observed August 8, 1872, at Boonsborough, Iowa.

Bache, Prof.–Aurora observed at Bath, Me., September 29, 1852.

Barnard, A. D.-Aurora observed at San Buenaventura, Cal., June 17, 1870.

Bassnet, Thomas.--Auroras seen at Ottawa May 24 and 25, 1853, May 29, 1840. Bessey, Charles E.-Auroras observed at Ames, Iowa, in June, 1871.

Biduell, Dr. E. C.-Auroras observed at Keene, Ohio, February 19, March 1, 1852.

Birney, J. G.–Auroras observed at Lower Saginaw, Mich., in April, 1849.

Blodgett, Lorin.—Aurora observed at Sugar Grove, Pa., September 29, 1851.

Borman, John.-Auroras observed at Baldwinsville October 4, 1855.

Breuer, W. H.-Auroras observed at Ovid, N. Y., from December, 1852, to May, 1854.

Brewster, Alfred.-Notice of aurora observed at Tamworth, N. H., July 17, 1872.

Brown, H. H.-Aurora observed at Dakota City, Nebr., July 10, 1868. Buckland, D.-Aurora observed at Brandon, Vt., May 2, 1855.

Campbell, C.-Auroras observed at Moose Factory, June, 1850. Clarke, John.-Auroras observed at Bowling Green, Ohio, in 1872.

Clift, Henry A.—Harbor Grace, N. F., account of February aurora; auroral notes for July, 1872; aurora observed August 25, 1872.

Cobb, W. H.-Aurora observed at Wellsborough, Pa., April 15, 1869 ; display of auroras observed in Philadelphia August 3, 1872.

Couch, E. D.-Auroras observed at Newfield, N. J., in 1840.
Curtis, W. W.-Auroras observed at Rocky Run, Wis., in 1872.
Dayton, E. A.–Auroras observed at Madrid, N. Y., March, 1819.

De Haven, Lieutenant.-Auroras observed during Arctic expedition 1850_'51.

Dewey, C.-Auroras observed at Rochester, N. Y., September, 1851, February, 1852.

Dolan.-Account of aurora observed in New York April 15, 1869.

Edwards, J.-Aurora observed at Lima, Pa, March, 1849, September, 1851.

Fairbanks, G. W.-Auroras observed at Washington, D. C., September 29, 1851.

Fairchild, Jno. P.-Auroras observed at Seneca Falls, N. Y., Sep tember, 1851.

Favel, P. F.—Notes relative à la formation des aurore boreales.

Foster, Wm., jr.-Aurora observed at Providence, R. I., April 15, 1869.

Garland, J. G.-Aurora observed at Biddeford, Me., February 19, 1852.

Gibbes, Lewis R.–Aurora observed at Charleston, S. C., September 29, 1851.

Gibbon, Lardner.-Account of aurora of August 7, 1872.
Grant, Benjamin.-Aurora observed at Erie, Pa., August 11, 1869.
Groneweg, L.-Auroras observed at Germantown, Ohio, April, 1852.

Guest, W. E.-Auroras observed at Ogdensburgh, N. Y., February, 1850-September, 1851.

Haas, Henry.-Register of all the auroras observed at Depauville, N. Y., from 1866 to 1872.

Hall, Joel S.-Auroras observed at Athens, Ill., September 29, 1851.

Haywood, John.-Westerville, Ohio, auroras seen in August and October, 1872.

Herrick, E. C.-Aurora observed at New Haven, Conn., June 11, 1852. Herrick, J.-Auroras observed at Hampden, Me., November 18, 1843. Hoadley, C. J.-Auroras observed at Hartford, Conn., May 12, 1849.

Holcomb, Amasa.–Auroras observed at Southwick, Mass., 1837-1853; auroras observed at Southwick, Mass., March and April, 1850.

Horr, Asa.-Auroras observed at Dubuque, Iowa, September 29, 1851.

Hotchkiss, J.-Auroras observed at Mossy Creek, Va., February 19, 1852.

Hough, Dr. F. B.-Auroras observed at Somerville, N. Y., 1837-1851.

Hyde, Thos. C. P.-Aurora observed at East Windsor Hill, Conn., June 11, 1852. Jennings, $. K.-Auroras observed at Erie, Ala., September 29, 1851.

Johnson, E. W.-Aurora observed November 17, 1849, at Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jones, C. P.-Auroras observed at Valley Forge, Pa., January 19, 1852. Joslyn, H.-Auroras observed at Waukegan, II., April 13, 1849.

Kidder, L. D.-Aurora observed at Whitfield, N. H., October 13, 1869.

Lapham, I. A.-Auroras observed at Milwaukee, Wis., February 15, 1852. Lefferts, John.-Auroras observed at Lodi, N. Y., February 19, 1852.

Lefroy, J. H.-Abstracts of auroral observations; auroral notes ; auroras observed at Toronto, August, 1849; general register of appear. ances of auroras borealis, &c., from January 1, 1848, to May 31, 1853. Second report of auroral observations, 1850–51.

Lewis, B. B.-Theory of auroras.

Loomis, Elias.—The aurora borealis, or polar light, its phenomena and laws.

McClintock.–Auroras observed May 19, 1870.
Major, J.-List of books and ships' logs examined for auroras.

Marks, Corrydon.-Auroras observed at Manchester, Pa., September 1849-February, 1851. Marsh, C. 0.-Auroras observed at Oswego, N. Y., February 19, 1852.

Mead, 8. B.-Auroras observed at Augusta, Ill., February 18 and September, 1851; January 19, 1852; May 24, 1853. Mitchell, Hon. W.-Auroras observed at Nantucket, Mass., 1844–1853. Moss, C. S.-Aurora observed at Amboy, II., April 2, 1869. Mudge, B. F.-Aurora observed at Manhattan, Kans., August 8, 1872. Nerckirk, B. M.–Auroras observed at Laporte, Ind. Osborne, Capt. Sherard.—Remarks on auroral light in Arctic Zone.

Peelor, David.-Auroras observed at Johnstown, Pa., October 26, 1870.

Phelps, R. H.-Auroras observed at Windsor, Conn., February 19, 1852.

Pinkham, M. S.-Aurora observed at Millbridge, Me., February 4, 1872.

Poole, Henry.- Auroras observed at Albion Mines, N. S., in 1850; resemblance of reflected light to aurora. Prescott, W.-duroras observed at Concord, N. H.

Prince, Geo.-Auroras observed at Thomaston, Me., March, April, 1850.

Redding, Thos. B.-Auroral display at Newcastle, Ind., June 18, 1871. Rejusar, Thomas.-Aurora observed at Newton, N. J., April 15, 1869.

Rice, H.-Auroras observed at Attleborough, Mass., January, 1851.
Robertson, Thos.-Auroras observed April, 1850.
Roulsion, Andrew.-Auroras observed at Freeport, Pa., in 1849, 1850.
Salisbury, 0. E.-Auroras observed at Buffalo, N. Y., in 1853.

Shields, Robert.--Auroras observed at Belle Centre, Ohio, September, 1853.

Simmons, G.-Auroras observed at Lachine in September, 1850.

Sisson, Rodman.–Aurora observed at Factoryville, Pa., March 19, 1868; auroras observed at Scranton, Pa., October, 1871; show of auroras August 3, 1872.

Smallwood, Doctor.-Auroras observed at Saint Martin's, February 19, 1852.

Steele, G. E.-Aurora observed at Homestead, Mich., August 4, 1865.

Steiner, Dr. Lewis H.-Auroras observed at Frederick, Md., September 29, 1851.

Stevens, Dr. R. P.-Auroras observed at Ceres, Pa., April 6 and 8, 1870.

Stewart, A. P.-Aurora observed at Lebanon, Tenn., September 29, 1851.

Swift, Lewis.-Aurora observed at Marathon, N. Y., April 16, 1869.

Warne, Geo.–Auroras observed at Independence, Iowa, August, 1872; auroras observed in 1872.

Whitcomb, Thomas M.-Auroral display of July 21, 1871, Union Ridge, W. T.

Winchell, A.–Auroras observed in Eutaw, Ala., September 29, 1851. Wing, M. E.-Auroras observed January 31 and February 7, 1872.

Withrow, Thomas F.-Auroras observed at Station Horner, Ohio, February 17, 1852.

Young, J. A.-Account of aurora observed September 29, 1857, at Camden, S. C.

INSTRUMENTS. Apparatus for recording earthquakes.

Comparative value of certain varieties of cloth for covering the wet bulb of the hygrometer.

Diagram of rain-gauge used at Snowville, Va.
Lippincott's vapor index, a psychrometrical calculator.
Remarks upon the barometer and rules for its observation.
Rules to be observed in management of typo-barograph.
Woodruff's portable barometer.
Storm rain-gauge designed by G. J. Symons for observing rate of fall.

Beck. Description of recording barographs, thermographs, and anemographs.

Craig, B. F.-Comparison of ten of Green's barometers.
Fenton, Elisha.-Description of hygrometer.

Hough, G. W.-Description of automatic registry and printing barometer.

scription of these modele registry and

Roedel, W. D.-Sketch of self-registering thermometer.
Stephenson, W. J.-Account of electro-magnetic indicator.
Sternberg, George M.-Improved anemometer.
Wait, S. E.-Sketch of proposed snow gauge.

Williams, R. G.-Comparison of Mason's hygrometer with Boehlen
and Staehlon's.

Alaska.-Account of meteors at Sitka, 1868, Dwight Hurlbut, and J.
J. Blakemore.

Aubier, J. M.—Meteors observed from Saint Xavier's College, New
York, November 14, 1864.
Barnard, A. D.—Meteor observed October 20, 1873, at Ventura, Cal.
Beckwith, W.-Meteors observed at Olathe, Kans., November, 1866.
Betts, Henry.-Account of meteors observed at Weston, Conn., 1867.

Boehmer, George H.-August meteors observed in Colorado Springs,
Colo., 1873.

Boerner, Charles G.-Meteors observed at Vevay, Ind., October 24,
November 10, 12, 1870.
Meteoric observations at Vevay, Ind., 1868.
Observations of August shower of meteors, 1871.
Brewer, F. P.--Meteors observed at Raleigh, N. C., November, 1866.
Carleton, General J. H.-Account of meteorites in Mexico.

Chappelsmith, John.—Meteors observed at New Harmony, Ind., No-
vember, 1866–67.

Chase, Milton.-Meteors observed at Kalamazoo, Mich., November,

Clingman, T. L.-Account of meteor observed at Washington, August
2, 1860.

Coles, Isaac.—Meteors observed at Glen Cove, November, 1866.
Deckner, Fred.-Meteors observed at Atlanta, Ga., November, 1866.
Delaney, John.-Account of meteorite observed at Saint John's, N. F.
Edi, James.—Meteors observed at Vienna, Wis., November, 1866.
Fendler, A.-Meteors observed at Allenton, Mo., November, 1866.

Fergus, Thomas H.-Meteors observed at West Chester, Pa., Novem-
ber, 1866.

Forshey, C. G.-Meteors observed at Galveston, Tex., November, 1866.
Gantt, Dr. W. H.-Meteors observed at Cbapel Hill, Tex, November,

Gardiner, J. H.-Meteors observed at Newburgh, N. Y., November,

Gibbs, George.—Meteors observed at Richfield Springs, N. Y., August
24, 1869.
Grinnan, A. G.-Meteors observed at Orange, Va., November 10, 1866.
Hance, E.--Meteors observed ta Falsington, Pa., November, 1866.
Holmes, E. D.-Meteors observed at Grand Raipds, Mich., November
13, 1866.

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