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Up Paak Camp, meteorological observations, January-March, 1856.


Notice of earthquake, March 19, 1868, E. H. Perkins.


Notice of earthquakes, January, 1869.


Abstract of logs and observations taken at sea. Account of meteorological observations in New Granada, Central America, Mexico, and Alabama, A. Cornette. Curvas correspondientes, de Abril de 1866. Map of Polar Sea, illustrative of acquired facts, M. S. Fields. Maximum, minimum, and mean temperature, 1871. Meteorological observations, 1829. Meteorological observations, 1870, G. C. Doane. Meteorological observations, April, 1855–March, 1857. Meteorological observations at sea, 1807-1812. Meteorological observations, June, 1847-April, 1849.

Meteorological observations, registered on board yacht Fox, June, 1857-September, 1859, F. L. McClintock. Meteorological observations, October, 1867. Meteorological record, July-September, 1822. Meteorological record, December.

Meteorological report of United States frigate United States, AprilJuly, 1844.

Meteorological report of United States revenue steamer Wyanda, May-October, 1868.

Periodical phenomena, 1866.


The executive committee of the Board of Regents respectfully submit the following report in relation to the funds of the Institution, the receipts and expenditures for the year 1874, and the estimates for the

year 1875:

Statement of the fund at the beginning of the year 1875.

The amount originally received as the bequest of James

Smithson, of England, deposited in the Treasury of the
United States, in accordance with the act of Congress of
August 10, 1846.....

$515, 169 00 The residuary legacy of Smithson, received in 1865, depos

ited in the Treasury of the United States, in accordance with the act of Congress of February 8, 1867...

26, 210 63

541,379 63

Total bequest of Smithson
Amount deposited in the Treasury of the United States, as

authorized by act of Congress of February 8, 1867, de-
rived from savings of income and increase in value of

investments Amount received as the bequest of James Hamilton, of

Carlisle, Pa....

108, 620 37

1, 000 00

651, 000 00

Total permanent Smithson fund in the Treasury of the

United States, bearing interest at 6 per cent., payable

semi-annually in gold... In addition to the above there remains of the extra fund

from savings, &c., in Virginia bonds and certificates, viz: Consolidated bonds, $58,700; deferred certificates, $29,375.07; fractional certificate, $50.13: total, $88,125.20;

now valued at .... Cash balance in the United States Treasury at the begin.

ing of the year 1875, for current expenses Amount due from First National Bank, Washington,

$1,112.43, (present value unknown)

35, 000 00

15, 909 99

Total Smithson funds 15th January, 1875

$701, 909 99 The coupons on the Virginia bonds held by the Institution were sold on the 19th May, 1874, by Riggs & Co., with the following result:

$1,200 Virginia coupons, at 775 82,322 Virginia coupons, at 77

$925 50 1, 787 91

2, 713 41

17 61

Less charges..

$2,695 83

This amount was deposited with the Treasurer of the United States on account of the current expenses of the Institution for the year.

The value of the Virginia bonds held by the Institution has increased during the year about $2,000.

Coupons due July 1, 1874, and January 1, 1875, are still uncollected, and will form part of the income for the year 1875.

It was stated in the last report that at the time of the suspension of the First National Bank of Washington, (19th September, 1873,) where the current funds of the Smithsonian had been deposited, there were $8,224.87 to the credit of the Institution ; and that on the 11th of No. vember, 1873, a dividend of 30 per cent., or $2,467.46, had been received, leaving a balance of $5,757.41 due. A second dividend on this deposit was made on the 7th of April, of 1874, of $1,644.97, still leaving $4,112.43 due the Institution, which it is hoped will be received at least in part during the coming year.

Statement of the receipts and expenditures in 1874:


$39, 000 00

50 88

Interest on $650,000 from the United States, 6 per cent.,

gold ....
Interest on $1,000 from the Hamilton bequest, from 24th

February, 1874, to 31st December, 1874
Premium on gold 30th June, 1874, 11016; and 31st Decem-

ber, 1874, 1127, (less commission)
Interest on Virginia stock, coupons sold, (9th May, 1874).
Twenty per cent. dividend from First National Bank, (7th
April, 1874)

Total receipts

4,308 35 2, 695 83

1, 644 97

47, 700 03


44, 016 72

Total expenditure from the Smithson income in 1874......
Balance unexpended of the annual income which is includ-

ed in the cash balance in the Treasury, ($15,909.99)....

3,683 31 Statement of expenditure in detail from the Smitison income, 1874.

Building. Repairs of the building

$3,507 66 Furniture and fixtures

717 73

$4, 225 39 General expenses. Meetings of the board.

312 87 Lighting the building

523 15 Heating the building

305 47 Postage

81 07 Stationery

492 64 Incidentals ...

817 17 Salaries and clerk bire...

12, 730 00 Purchase of books...

457 43

15, 719 80 Publications and researches. Smithsonian Contributions...

7, 022 98 Miscellaneous collections

7, 363 67 Reports ....

664 92 Other publications

93 40 Meteorology and researches

881 97 Apparatus.

1, 142 60 Laboratory

9 10 Lectures

600 00

17, 778 64 Exchanges. Literary and scientific exchanges, &c

5, 589 89 Museum. Incidentals in addition to Government appropriation... 703 00

$44, 016 72 As usual, the Institution has during the past year made temporary advances for the payment of freight on Government collections, purchase of instruments for exploring parties, &c., the repayments of which, together with the amount received from sales of publications, have been deducted from the several items of the foregoing expenditures, as follows:

From exchanges, repayments for freight, &c.....

$1,205 14 From postage, repayments...

45 15 From researches, repayments

95 76 From Smithsonian Contributions, sales.

115 60 From miscellaneous collections, sales...

157 67 From salaries, repayment of advance.

40 00 From incidentals, sales of old material..

7 27

81, 666 SO The following are the estimates of receipts and appropriations of the Smithson fund for the year 1875:

Estimated receipts.

Interest on the permanent fund, receivable 30th
June, 1875, in gold .....

$19,500 Interest on the permanent fund, receivable 31st De

cember, 1875, in gold .... Interest on the Hamilton fund....

60 Probable premium on gold, 10 per cent. Interest on Virginia bonds...


3,906 2,000

$44, 966

[blocks in formation]

The annual appropriation of Congress for the preservation of the Government collections intrusted to the care of the Institution bas been continued during the past year, and an additional sum of $10,000 has been granted for the fitting up and completing the cases in the new balls required for these collections.

The latter appropriation has been expended in the construction of walnut table-cases with glass tops and sides, for the exhibition of the smaller ethnological specimens in the upper hall, and for large cases for mammals and fishes in the lower hall. The latter cases have also been so constructed as to serve as bases or platforms for restorations of the megatherium, hadrosaurus, glyptodon, &c., thus utilizing a large space, and forming a very striking and imposing feature of the collections.

The following is a tabular statement of the condition of the Museum fands:

For preservation of the Government collections. Balance unexpended of appropriation for the

fiscal year ending June 30, 1874. (Statutes at Large, vol. 17, p. 518) See Report for 1873, page 145 ....

$7,500 00 Amount expended to December 31, 1874. (See Museum Journal A, p. 73.)

7, 500 00



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