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ber, 1870, J. H. Stanley. Meteorological observations, 1862–66, Dr. A. M. Potter. Meteorological reports, May, 1869-March, 1870, J. H. Stanley. Meteorological tables, September, 1862-January, 1863. Weather notes, March, 1867, Miss E. Baxter.

Kaufman.—Meteorological report, September, November, 1866, James Brown.

Lavaca.-Meteorological report, December, 1868, January, 1869, L. D. Heaton.

Neu Ulm.Meteorological reports, July, 1872-July, 1873, C. Runge.
Oakland.Weather notes, February, March, 1871, F. Simpson.
Pin Oak.- Meteorological table, 1856, W. H. Gantt.

Red Rirer County.Meteorological observations, July, 1871, Allen Martin.

Roundtop.-Meteorological table, 1859.

San Antonio.-Chart showing rate of mortality, mean temperature, and relative humidity of air, 1873, F. Pettersen. Mean temperature and rain, 1868–71, F. Pettersen. Mean temperature, humidity, and rain, 1873. Table of mean temperature, humidity, and rain-fall, 1873, Dr. F. Pettersen. Table showing number of times wind blew from each direction in 1873, F. Pettersen. Temperature, bumidity, and rain-fall, 1868–69, Frederick Pettersen. Wind's progress represented by a polygon, Dr. F. Pettersen.

Washington.—Memorandum for 1856.


Meteorological journal of a journey from Fort Leavenworth to Salt Lake City, 1855, David A. Burr.

Coalville.- Meteorological observations, 1865, 1870, Thomas Bullock. Register of maximum and minimum temperature, 1869, September, 1871January, 1872, T. Bullock.

Harrisburgh.– Weather report, February, March, 1872, James Lewis. Mount Carmel.—Weather report, December, 1871-January, 1872, C. E. Bolton. Weather report, October, 1873, W. J. Earl. Weather report, February, 1873, D. B. Fackrell.

Saint Mary's.-Register of maximum and minimum temperature, June, 1865–August, 1867, Thomas Bullock.

Salt Lake City.Meteorological observations, 1850, Captain Stansbury. Weather report, 1868, William Fuller.

VERMONT. Brandon.- Weather notes for January, 1865, R. V. Marsh. Burlington.—Meteorological observations, 1828–1855. East Montpelier.—Meteorological observations, 1855, B. I. Wheeler.

Fayetterille.—Record of meteorological observations by Gen. Martin Field, 1826-1834.

Killington.-Sketch of mountains around Killington, Hosea Doten.

Lunenburgh.—Meteorological table, observations from 1848-1872, H. A. Catting

Middlebury.-Account of earthquake, December 18, 1867, H. A. Shel. don.

Norwich.—Meteorological report, April-May, 1856, A. Jackman. Weather notes, January, 1872, S. B. Phelps.

Stanstead.- Account of storm, December, 1856, January, 1857, Moses S. Field.

West Charlotte.-Observations on clouds, March, 1870, M. E. Wing. Periodical phenomena, record of snow.storms, phenomena of dew, &c., M. E. Wing. Weather notes and meteorological phenomena, 1869–71, M. E. Wing.

Woodstock.—Meteorological observations, December, 1873, Hosea Doten. Record of maximum and minimum temperature for November, 1867, L. A. Miller. Measurements of rain and melted snow, 1857, Charles Marsh.


Account of destructive storm, September 6, 1769.
Animals found in Madison County.
Diaries, 1844-1860.
Capeville.-Statement of temperature, 1870, Emma C. Townsend.
Culpepper.—Temperature, 1869–1872, A. Taliaferro.
Fort Monroe.— Temperature observations, 1825–1854.
Garysrille.—Meteorological table, 1856, Dr. T. F. Beckwith.
Glade Creek.-Account of storm of January, 1857, Dr. Henry M. Price.
Glasgow Station.— Temperature observations, 1866–68, R. J. Davis.
Gosport.Meteorological table kept at navy.yard dispensary, 1846.
Piedmont.-Notes of observations, August, 1871, Franklin Williams.
Portsmouth.Wind diagrams, February, 1852, N. B. Webster.

Porchatan Hill.—Rains of 1867, E. T. Tayloe. Weather notes, August, 1866, May, 1867, May, October, December, 1868, 1869–1873, E. T. Tayloe.

Rose Hill.-Meteorological statement, 1859, Geo. W. Upshaw. Rougemont.-Account of snow-storm January 18, 1857, thermometric observations, December, 1855-December, 1856, Geo. C. Dickinson. Salem.-Weather-log, 186871, T. Horner, jr. Smithfield.-Meteorological journal, 1855, Dr. John R. Purdie.

Surry.--Tabular view of ineteorological phenomena in the winter of 1867, B. W. Jones.

Tribrook Farm.-Weather notes, 1867–68, W. H. Ruffner.

Washington College.Barometrical observations, March, 1869, W. H. Ruffner ; temperature reports, April-May, 1869, Professor Campbell.

Tythecille.—Meteorological observations, October 31, 1872, J. A. Brown. Barometer and thermometer curves 1868–1872.

Cape Disappointment.-Meteorological observations, 1864–68.

Cathlamet.-Notes for December, 1873, Chas. McCall. Weather notes, September, 1868-September, 1869, December, 1873, Chas. McCall.

Union Ridge.-- Weather notes, January-March, 1871, Thos. M. Whit. comb.


Temperature observations, January-July, 1868, S. J. Stump.
Weather notes, March, April, 1866, W. H. McDowell.

Kanauha Salines.-Depths of rain, April, 1857-April, 1858, W. C. Reynolds. Meteorological observations, 1828–1842, 1856 L. D. S. Ruffner.

Sheets' Mills.Table showing highest and lowest range of thermometer, 1856–1865, Hendricks Clark.

Weston.—Meteorological reports, 1869–73, Benjamin Owen. Meteorological report, December, 1873. Temperature observations, May, June, 1870.

WISCONSIN. Map of Wisconsin, with lines showing effect of Lake Michigan on temperature, I. A. Lapham.

On the climate of the country bordering on the great North American lakes, with map, I. A. Lapham.

Baysfield.—Meteorological observations, March, 1866, Andrew Tate. Beaver Dam.-Account of hail-storm, May, 1855, Reuben Smith.

Beloit.--Abstract of meteorological observations, 1873, A. A. Blaisdell.

Detroit.-Annual summary of weather record for 1873, F.W. Higgins.
Hartford.—Meteorological observations, 1859–62, Hopewell Cox.
Hingham.—Meteorological reports, 1867, John de Lyser.
La Pointe.-Thermometric record, July-September, 1856, Edwin Ellis.
Le Roy.-Remarks on the weather, August, 1873, E. II. Benton.

Manitowoc.—Amount of rain and melted snow, 1863–72, Jacob Lüps. Das Gedeihen der Pflanzen, Jacob Lups. Meteorological table showing the temperature from 1852-1871 inclusive, Jacob Lups. Meteorological observations, October, 1851-December, 1856, Jacob Lups. Meteorological tables, 1852–1866, Jacob Lups.

Milwaukee.-Atmospheric tide deduced from hourly observations in October, November, and December, 1868, and January and February, 1869, 1. A. Lapham. Table showing mean temperature, 1837–1864, I. A. Lapham.

New Danemora.—Meteorological observations, 1858, Emil Haenser.

Odanah.-Register of thermometric observations, November, 1855March, 1856, Dr. Myron Tompkins.

Plattorille.- Meteorological abstracts, January and June, 1855, J. L. Pickard.

Racine.—Meteorological observations, November, 1855-August, 1856, E. Seymour.

Summit.—Meteorological observations, 1845–September, 1850, E. N. Spencer.

Wautoma.—Meteorological notes, April, 1870, Jonathan Spaulding. Statement of weather, April, 1866–March, 1870, J. Spaulding.


Meteorological notes, January, February, 1871. Atlantic City.Meteorological observations, 1871–72, Geo. H. Lewis. Fort Laramie.—Hourly observations of thermometer, January 4-January 7, 1864, Colonel Collins.

Laramie City.-Account of climate, Dr. H. L. Latham.



Meteorological observations, 1846–47, Dr. W. Hildebrand. Account of volcanic disturbances, Dr. W. Hildebrand. Hilo.-Thermometric record, June, 1852-1853, Dr. II. M. Lyman.

Honolulu.-Meteorological observations, 1868–72, Capt. Daniel Smith. Meteorological observations, 1869–72, Mrs. Dr. E. Hofman. Lahainaluna.-Meteorological observations, April-June, 1844.


BOLIVIA. San Luis Potosi.-Diagram of temperature observations at 6 a. m. and 2 and 10 p. m.

ECUADOR. Guayaquil.—Meteorological observations, October, 1868, A. Destruze.


British Guiana. Georgetown.—Daily mean of meteorological elements at Georgetown observatory, January-June, 1854, February, 1864, P. Sandeman.

Dutch Guiana. Paramaribo.—Maximum and minimum temperature, August, 1859, C. J. Hering. Temperature and rain-fall observations, June 6-December 15, 1867, January-July, 1869. Werkundige warmemingen te Paramaribo, 1868–69.

PARAGUAY. Asuncion.-- Meteorological observations, November, December, 1853, Klem. E. Hopkins.


Arica.-Meteorological observations, 1854-55, W. W. Evans.

Yquitos.—Meteorological records, 1871–74, V. Galt. Summary of observations, 1871–72.

Caracas.—Register of meteorological observations.

Colonia Tovar.—Diagrams and tables of meteorological observations, 1854–1856.

La Guayra.- Temperature at the port of La Guayra, October, 1872. Meteorology and statistics, September 16–30, November 1-16, 1869, C. H. Loehr.

Barometrical observations taken on journey to interior, Dr. A. Ernst.



Meteorological observations at Saint-Michael in 1874, Thos. Hickling.


Meteorological tables, January, 1841-August, 1845, J. C. Lee.
Meteorological journal at public library, Bahamas, 1858–59.

Turk's Island.-Meteorological observations taken in January, 1865, at United States consulate. Meteorological observations, July-October, 1867. Observations taken at Turk's Island, 1860.


Meteorological observations taken at Little Island, Saint Joseph, 1873.
Rain-fall in Barbados, 1872–73.
Rain-fall and meteorological observations, 1873.


Abstract of the Royal Engineers' meteorological observations at Bermuda, 1859.

Extract from the meteorological report of observations taken at Cen. tral Signal-Station, 1860–64.

Havana.–Observaciones meteorologicas, 1842, L. R. Gibbes.


Port au Prince.-Extrait des registres de la station météorologique sur la quantité de pluie annuelle qui tombe au Port au Prince, 1867, (Moniteur, 15 août, 1868.) Sur la pluie tombée au Port au Prince en 1868, et sur la temperature, (Le Moniteur, février, 1869.) Sur la température du Port au Prince, Moniteur, samedi, 14 novembre, 1865.)

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