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tality in New York, Dr. W. F. Thoms. Weather notes, January, 1856, J. S. Gibbons. Weekly reports of meteorological observations at Central Park Observatory, 1867–73.

Nichols.-Weather notes, periodical phenomena, &c., 1857, 1858, R. Howell.

North Hammond.—Account of earthquake December 18, 1868, C. A. Wooster. Observations of the weather, January-April, 1866, C. A. Wooster.

North Volney.-Meteorological report February, 1868, February, 1869, June, 1869, J. M. Partrick.

Ogdensburgh.—Daily weather observations, January, March, 1855, W. E. Guest. Measurements of Saint Lawrence, W. E. Guest. Meteorologi. cal remarks October, 1849-September, 1850. Ovid.- Register of rain-fall April-July, 1856, J. W. Chickering.

Palisades.-Observations of weather for the year 1868, W. S. Gilman, jr.

Penn Yan.-Diagram of daily mean temperature, February, 1855, II. P. Sartwell. Diagram of fluctuations of barometer December, 1856, Dr. H. P. Sartwell. Meteorological registers, January, 1857-April, 1858, Dr. H. P. Sartwell. Meteorological registers, 1853 and 1859, Dr. H. P. Sart well. Summary of observations for 1873, George R. Youngs.

Rochester.- Meteorology of Rochester, 1829–33. Meteorological observations 1831-33, Doctor Main. Meteorological observations, 1856, W. C. Pratt. Rise of water in Lake Ontario, 1845–1852, C. Dewey. Rouse's Point.-Meteorological journal, 1845–1853, John Bratt.

Saugerties.-Thermometric observations by Rev. R. G. Williams, January, 1863-June, 1865.

Sing Sing.-Rain-fall observations June, 1873-January, 1875, and comparison of same with records of Croton Aqueduct.

South Hartford.-Periodical phenomena, 1860–65, G. M. Ingalsbe. Spencertown.—Meteorological abstracts, 1855, C. A. W. Morehouse. Staten Island.-Meteorological report, 1871, '73, C. Keutgen, jr.'

Troy.—Weather notes, 1868–72. Meteorological report JanuaryFebruary, 1873, J. W. Heimstreet. Waterford.Thermometric record, 1856, J. C. House. W'est Day. Weather notes, 1858, Jude M. Young. Willet's Point.-Results of hourly observations by the battalion of engineers, 1868–1872.

NORTH CAROLINA. Western North Carolina, its agricultural resources, mineral wealth, climate, salubrity, and scenery, Dr. H. P. Gatchell, Milwaukee, 1870. Extract from letter to Raleigh Standard, T. L. Clingman.

Clinton.-Meteorological observations, B. F. Grady, jr.

Lenoir.-Meteorological report from the Davenport female college, May-September, 1869; July-September, 1870. Meteorological report, October, 1869-June 1870, Lenoir female college.

Murfreesborough.Record of meteorological observations, A. McDov. ell, 1856–01.

Scuppernong.List of trees growing in and near Scuppernong, J. Avery Shepherd.

Westminster.—Meteorological diary June-August 1843, Joel Watkins. Wilson.—Meteorological observations, 1843–44, Rev. A. A. Bentou.


Amesville.—Weather report, December, 1872, E. H. Branly.

Austinburgh.—Meteorological observations, June-December, 1857, James D. Herrick.

Belle Centre.—List of flowering plants in the vicinity of Geneva Hall, Robert Shields.

Bowling Green.-Current weather, February, December, 1866, John Clarke. Barometrical and thermometrical observations, July-Decem. ber, 1857, January-March, 1858, W. R. Peck.

Carthagena.-Appendix to meteorological register, casual phenomena, September, 1870-December, 1873, R. Müller. Barometric and thermometric charts, 1870–73, R. Müller. Meteorological curves, 1870–73, R. Müller.

Cheviot.—Miscellaneous data, winter 1855–56, E. Hannaford. Reg. ister of meteorological observations, January-July, 1856; Edward Kohler.

Cincinnati.—Account of weather for April, J. H. Shields. Maximum and minimum temperature, 1835–1853, Dr. Joseph Ray. Meteorolog. ical observations, 1860, at Woodward High School, George W. Harper. Meteorological observations at College Hill, 1814–1818, Jackson.

Cleveland.-Meteorological journal, 1857, G. A. Hyde. Meteorolog. ical register, 1866, G. A. Hyde. Meteorological report for 1867. Meteorological summary, 1858, Edward Colburn.

Dayton.—Report of deaths, June-November, 1873.
Eaton.—Summary of observations, January, 1865, Miss 0. Larsh.
Hillsborough.Rain-fall in 1857, J. McD. Matthews. Temperature
and rain fall observations, 1860, J. McD. Matthews.

Island Creek.-Thermometric record, 1868, Robert Mackey.
Keene.—Account of snow-storm, March 24, 1852.

Kelly's Island.-Meteorological observations, 1860, George C. Huntington. Meteorological tables, 1859-1866, George C. Huntington.

Lancaster.-Range of thermometer, May, 1866, J. W. Towson.
Lima.-- Weather notes, 1862-1870, Timothy Shroyer.

Marietta.—Mean temperature of each month from 1868 to 1871, Dr. George O. Hildreth.

Mount Auburn.—Summary of meteorological observations at the Mount Auburn Young Ladies' Institute for 1871.

New Lisbon.—Meteorological reports, 1855, 1856, J. F. Benner.

Newton Falls.—Thermometric observations, March, 1871, with diagram, W. King.

North Lercisburgh.—Meteorological record, 1868.

Portsmouth.Abstract of thermometric observations, 1824-1831, Dr. G. B. Hempstead.

Saint Clairsville.Geometrical exemplification of weather, 1819, 1820, compared with Cincinnati and Washington.

Steubenrille.—Meteorological observations for 1865, Joseph B. Doyle. Thermometric report, 1808, Roswell Marsh. Weather notes, 18631809, Roswell Marsh.

Toledo.-Annual meteorological synopses for 1865–1809, Dr. J. B. Trembly.

Urbana.-Meteorological summary for 1859, 1864, M. G. Williams.

OREGON. Climate of Western Oregon, comparison of differences between meteorological observations taken at 6 a. m., 12 m., 6, 7, 2 and 9 p. m., Lonis Wilson.

Astoria.- Monthly means of meteorological observations, 1856-1869, Louis Wilson.

Columbia River.—Meteorological register, 1851, A. M. Harrison. Corcallis.– Weather report for the winter of 1865, A. D. Barnard. Eola.– Weather record, September, 1869, T. Pearce.

Hood Rirer.- Meteorological observations, 1865–68, 1872–73, Chas. C. Coe. Weather potes September, 1872, Thomas M. Whitcomb.

Mount Hood Station.— Temperature observations, December, 1872, Thomas M. Whitcomb.

Oregon City.—Diagram of weather, December, 1851, Rev. George M. Atkinson. Meteorological observations, 1849, 1850; Rev. George M. Atkinson.

Portland.—Meteorological observations, December, 1858-April, 1859, G. H. Stebbins. Salem.-Meteorological report, July, 1857, W. Hamilton.

PENNSYLVANIA. Abington.—Mean temperature observations, 1864-1870, Rodman Sis


Ashland.—Thermometric record, 1869, A. Custis.
Blooming Grore.- Weather report, March, 1865, J. Grath wohl.
Carlisle.—Meteorological table, 1846–49.
Ceres.—Meteorological observations, 1835–1852, Mrs. King.

Chester.-Report of a committee of the Delaware County Institute of
Sciences on the great rain storm and flood of August 5, 1843.
Delaware County.Plants growing in Delaware County, Geo. Smith.
Ephrata.- Periodical phenomena, 1871, 1873, W. II. Spera.
Factoryville.—Mean temperature of seasons, 1864-'06, R. Sisson.
Fleming.—Abstract of meteorological registers, 1856, E. Brugger.
Germantown.-Abstract from journal, January 8-February 11, 1850,
Chas. J. Wister.

Ilarrisburgh.-Mean temperature, 1842-1849.
Johnstown.—Registers from self-recording barometer, D. Peelor.

Lancaster Colliery.-Annual meteorological reports, 1836, 1838, 1859, P. Friel.

Lansford.— Height of barometer, December, 1872, C. B. Burch.
Lima.Meteorological observations, 1857, Marshall Painter.
Manchester.– Weather report, March, 1850, E. Marks.
Meadville.Meteorology for April, 1872, C. M. Burkhalter.
Morrisville.- Minimum temperature, 1790–1852.
Nazareth.Meteorological journal, 1787–1792.

Philadelphia.Abstract of Girard College observations, 1812–45. Annual report on meteorology and epidemics for 1858, Dr. Wilson Jewell. Barometric and thermometric curves, 1844. Baronetical curves from three and a balf years' bourly observations, 1842–45, at Girard College. Weather log, 1870_72, F. Horner.

Pittsburgh.Weather signs, G- Albree.
Reading.Meteorological observations, 1857-63, John Heyl Raser.
Shamokin.-Condensed meteorological report, 1855–59, P. Friel.

Shirleysburgh.—Meteorological report, December 25-February 2, James Caruthers.

Somerset.—Mean temperature at Somerset, Pa., 1844–1859.
Tamaqua.-Barometrical record, January, 1873.
Wellsborough.Notes of storm of September, 1869, W. II. Cobb.
Westchester.-Meteorological observations, 1855–1873, J. C. Green.
Whitehouse.—Meteorological observations, July, 1836, Edward Kohler.
Williamsport.-Weather notes, April, 1873, J. Emery.
Worthington.-Meteorological observations, January-June, 1859.
York.— Temperature report, July, 1866.


Table showing amount of rain and melted snow for each month, 1870–73. Providence.—Mean height of the barometrical column at Providence, A. Caswell. Meteorological diary, July, 1854. Meteorological observations, 1850, 1852, 1855, 1858, A. Caswell.

SOUTH CAROLINA. Camden.-Account of the meteorology of the great storm, January 18, 1857, Dr. Young.

Charleston.-Abstract of meteorological report, 1855–58, Dr. J. L. Dawson. Extreme and mean monthly temperature within doors, 1842'56. Rain-fall, 1738-1759.

Evergreen.-Meteorological report, September, 1858, E. J. Earle.
Fulton.—Precipitation and cloudiness, 1818–1824, J. Dyson. ,
Greenville.—Meteorological observations, 1839-1845, Elias Earle.

Pendleton.-Account of mountainous region of South Carolina, Thomas G. Clemson.

Pomaria.—Meteorological report, November, 1871-January, 1872, D. Benjamin Busby.

Saint Helena Island.-A daily journal of the temperature and changes of the weather, January 6-April 6, 1826, found by Dr. Walker.

Saint John.-A meteorological jourual for the year 1860, (Black Oak Agricultural Society, T.P.Ravenel, secretary, Charleston, 1861.) Meteorological journal, 1851, 1852, 1855, 1857, kept for Black Oak Agricultural Society, by H. W. Ravenel, secretary.

Waccaman.—Diagrams of mean meteorological elements, 1856, Alex. Glennie. Meteorological notes, 1855.

Wilkinsville.- Weather report, March, April, 1867, Cearles Petty.

Beech Grore.- Weather notes, February and March, 1867.
Dorer.- Meteorological observations, 1846–49, Dr. Farel.

Elizabethton.- Temperature observations, February, 1868, Charles H. Lewis.

Glenwood.- Diagram of annual quantity of rain, 1851–68, William Stewart.

Knoxville.-Curves of horary variations of atmospheric pressure, June, 1854. Meteorological observations at East Tennessee University, 1843–45.

Memphis.-Abstract of meteorological observations, July, 1869, Edward Goldsmith. Meteorological and nosological report for the first six months of 1857, Dr. Daniel F. Wright.


Climate of Texas, (Texas the Home for the Emigrant, Austin, 1873.) Total monthly raiu-fall in Victoria County, October, 1872-October, 1873. Thomas B. Cocke.

Austin.- Meteorological observations, 1857–70, J. Van Nostraud. Belmont Farm- Temperature tables, March, April, 1872, T. M. Scott.

Burkeville.—Table of the weather, August, 1850-December, 1839, X. P. West.

Boerne.--Meteorological register, January, February, 1872, J. G. O'Grady.

Clarksville.— Temperature notes, October and December, 1869, John Anderson.

Clear Lake.—Meteorological observations, July, 1871, George N. Leoni.

Columbia.—Meteorological observations, Cedar Grove plantation, January, 1867.

Dallas.Meteorological report, June, 1851-August, 1852, W.A. Ferris. Galveston.-Curves of barometer and thermometer, October-December, 1851, February, 1853.

Houston.—Meteorological observations, December, 1869, April-Octo

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