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Peoria.—Meteorological observations, December, 1855–February, 1865, Fred. Brendel.

Phænixville.—Meteorological report, May, 1869, Isaac Coffman. Ridge Farm.-Reports of the weather, December, 1867, January-April, 1868, B. C. Williams.

Riley.-Summary of meteorological observations, 1872. Summaries of meteorological observations, 1861–73, J. W. James. . Sadonis.- Weather notes, June, 1866, A. Catron. Sandwich.-Annual abstract for 1871, and conditions for July, 1871, N. E. Ballou.

South Pass.—Meteorological reports, December, 1862–October, 1865, S.C. Spaulding.

Vandalia.-Weather notes, February, 1872, Geo. L. Jackson. Warsaw.-Account of tornado, June, 1858, B. Whitaker. Account of storms of August 18, 28, 29; B. Whitaker. Mean temperature and rain-fall, May, 1872, B. Whitaker. Meteorological observations, 1840– 55, B. Whitaker. Weather reports, September-December, 1856, B. Whitaker. York Neck meteorological record, 1864–65, V. P. Gray.

INDIANA. Bloomington.- Report of Robinson's anemometer, November, 1869, C. M. Dodd.

Cannelton.-Abstract of meteorological journal, November 26-December 3, 1856, Hamilton Smith.

Fort Gibson.-Report of temperature October, 1854-April, 1857, Henry Little.

Indianapolis.—Meteorological report of Indianapolis Academy of Medi. cine. Summary of observations for the quarter ending November 30, 1870, Dr. E. Hadley. Monthly mean range of thermometer, 1861–63, Royal Mayhew. Temperature report and account of hail-storm, W.J. Elstun.

Knightstown.-Condensed maps of atmosphere, 1869–70, D. Deems.

Logansport.-Abstract of meteorological tables, 1856–67, January and February, 1868, Chas. B. Lasselle.

Manchester.-November, 1871 compared with November, 1872, Peter Murray.

Mount Hope.—Diagram of rain-fall, November, 1869, D. Deem. Richmond.—Meteorological observations, March, 1856, Joseph Moore. Rockville.—Mean temperature, 1862–66, W. H. Anderson.

Peru.- Weather report, September, 1869, W. W. Austin. Weather report, June, 1870, William Daniells.

Saint Peter's.– Weather notes, January, 1869, Francis A. Bauer.
Veray.-Weather notes, November, 1868-November 1873, C. G.Boerner.

Meteorological notes obtained from conversations with Creek chiefs.
Fort Washita.—Comparison of Julys, 1844–49.


Bellevue.-Synopsis of meteorological register, November, 1855-No. vember, 1856, John C. Forg.

Bloomington.—Meteorological table, 1848, T. S. Parvin.
Boonsborough.-Account of storm, April 25, 1872, E. Babcock.

Border Plains.—Meteorological observations, March, 1855–March, 1866, George C. Goss.

Cannelton.—Rain.fall, May 1-November 8, 1857, H. Sunith.
Cresco.—Meteorological notes, December, 1871, H. D. Noble.
Dubuque.-Humidity, June, 1853, Asa Horr.

Fairfield. Meteorological notes, June-November, 1856, J. M. Shaffer. Meteorological notes, 1857–58.

Fontanelle.Weather report, December, 1868.

Fort Madison.—Temperature and precipitation, 1848–52, Daniel McCready. Weather notes, June-December, 1873, Miss L. A. McCready: Guttenberg.—Meteorological report, March, 1865, Philip Dorweiler. Iowa City.—Meteorological observations, 1866, Theo. S. Parvin. Maqueta.- Meteorological observations, February, 1857, E. F. Hobart. Marble Rock.–Weather report, March, 1867.

Mount Vernon.— Thermometrical observations, September, 1856– March, 1857, B. W. Smith.

Muscatine.-Condensed report for 1871, J. P. Walton. Range of ther. mometer, 1871, J. P. Walton. Meteorological journal, 1853, '55, '56.

Pacquette's Ferry.Table of meteorological observations, by A. L. Barraud, March, April, 1871.

Pella.—Abstract of meteorological observations, 1855, E. H. A. Scheerer.

Poulteney.-Meteorological journal, 1853, Benjamin F. O'Neill.
Red Oak.-Report for August, 1872, E. A. Harris.

West Union.-List of corrections in meteorological record, F. McClintock.

Woodbine.—Weather notes, July, 1868, March, 1869, August, 1870, D. K. Witter.

KANSAS. Abstracts of the meteorology of 1874, condensed from the records of the Kansas State Agricultural College by William K. Kedzil.

Highest and lowest temperatures observed in Kansas, George H. Boehmer. Weather notes, April, 1873, George Wigg.

Baxter Springs.-Report for April, 1871, W. Hyland.
Belleville.—Meteorological report, August, 1872, J. W. Raynolds.
Weather notes, 1873, J. W. Raynolds.
Beloit.-Rain-fall in February, 1872, T. McGrath.

Burlington.-Chart of appearance of sky, February 5, 1870, Allen Crocker.

Crancfordsville.- Meteorological observations, May, 1867.

Emporia.—Rain-fall in October, 1872, G. W. Cass. Holton.--Accomt of earthquake, April 24, 1867, Dr. James Watters. Laurence.- Account of earthquake, April 24, 1867, E.J. Rice. Amount of rain and melted snow, January, 1861-December, 1867, A. N. Fuller. Meteorological notes, February, 1867, George W. Hollingworth. Meteorological summary for 1873, F. H. Snow. Temperature observations, 1861-67, Arthur N. Fuller.

Leavenworth.-Account of earthquake, April 24, 1867, H. D. McCarty. Neosho Falls.—Meteorological observations, March, 1859, B. F. Goss. Olatha.--Account of weather, 1868, W. Beckwith. Osawatomie.- Meteorological report, March, 1868, W. H. Berkey. Sycamore Springs.-Rain-fall, May-December, 1873. Topeka.-Account of earthquake, April 24, 1867, J. D. Parker. Washington County.- Temperature report, April, 1873, George Wigg. Williamsburgh.-Meteorological report, April, 1871, D. Fogle.


Arcadia.-Meteorological observations, July, 1840-February, 1841.

Ashland.-Meteorological observations, November, 1872, J. B. Bom. man.

Clinton.-Report of rain-fall for April, 1868, Rev. T. H. Cleland. Danville.- Meteorological register, July, 1843. Temperature and rain observations, 1860, 0. Beatty. Harodsburgh.—Meteorological register, March, 1871-January, 1872, J. E. Letton.

Lebanon.- Meteorological observations at Saint Mary's College, AprilNovember, 1843.

Lexington.-Range of temperature, January, 1868–March, 1869, at the Sayre Institute, S. K. Williams. Register of thermometer and barome. ter at Sayre Institute, 1867, S. K. Williams.

Moscow.–Weather report, September-October, 1872; J. B. Morris. Pine Grove.—Meteorological notes, May, 1874, Samuel D. Martin. Salem.-Memorandum of the weather, May, 1868, Randolph Noe. Springdale.—Meteorological reports, April-December, 1843. Means for 1860, Mrs. Lawrence Young.

Winchester.—Hourly observations of thermometer, June-September, 1872, James M. Ogden.

LOUISIANA. Alexandria.—Thermometric record, October, 1868–March, 1869, John P. McAuley.

Baton Rouge.- Meteorological reports, July-September, 1872, May, 1873, R. H. Day. Rain-fall notes, November-December, 1872, Richard H. Day.

Delhi.—Rain-fall table, 1867–72, Lewis Campbell.

Fort Jesup.-Thermometric register, 1823–45.
Franklin.—Meteorological observations, June, 1843.

Greenville.—Meteorological notes, November, 1869, R. W. Foster. Meteorological reports, 1869, R. W. Foster.

New Orleans.-Hourly meteorological observations, 1809–10, Lafour. Meteorological and mortuary chart, 1849, Dr. E. H. Barton. Meteorologi. cal journal, 1841–44, D. T. Lillie. Meteorological notes in annual report of board of health, 1849. Meteorological register, July, 1853, N. B. Benedict. Report of self-registering thermometer at the oftice of the board of bealth, September, 1872, March-December, 1873. I. Stathem. Thermometric observations, 1820-1848, E. H. Barton.

Petite Coquille.—Topographical, geological, and medical report, June, 1820, with chart, Dr. E. H. Bell.

Point Pleasant.--Meteorological report February, 1869, March, April, 1872, Ernest Turner.


Ice in Kennebec River, Rev. Francis Gardiner.

Belfast.-Summary of meteorological observations made at Belfast, July-September, 1872, January, 1873, Geo. E. Brackett.

Brunswick.—Meteorological observations, 1807-1852, Parker Clere. land.

Castine.-Abstract of meteorological register, showing maximum and minimum temperature of every month, 1810-1850, Judge Nelson.

Cornish.--Effects of lightning in storm of July, 1867, Silas West.

Gardiner. -Amount of rain and melted snow, 1837–1852. Meteorologi. cal notes, 1837–1852, R. H. Gardiner. Weather notes, April, May, 1806, R. H. Gardiner. Weather report, November, 1873, R. H. Gardiner. Weather report, winter, 1853–54, R. H. Gardiner.

Hirum.—Table and diagram of mean temperature for 35 years, 18311864, Geo. Wadsworth.

Lisbon Factory.—Meteorological observations, August, September, 1867. Milltown.-Notes on the great storm of October 4, Geo. A. Boardman.

Portland.-Hourly meteorological report, August 2, 1872, W. H. Ohler. Maximum temperature, 1816–1852. Meteorological register, February, 1851, and June, 1852, Chas. B. Merrill. Meteorological summaries for May, October, December, 1860, January, 1861. Meteorologi. cal tables for the year ending Deceruber 31, 1860, Henry Willis.

Prospect.- Periodical phenomena, 1864-65, V. G. Eaton.
Saco.-Rain-fall, 1844–46.
Standish.Periodical phenomena, May, June, 1867, J. P. Moulton,
Union.- Weather notes, July, 1871, Wm. Gleason.
Vinal laven.– Weather record, October, 1869; W. Irving Vinal.
T'est Waterville.- Weather report, June, 1871.


Annapolis.-Maximum and miniinum temperature, 1856, W. R. Good. man. Record of maximum and minimum thermometer, December, 153S, Wm. R. Goodman.

Baltimore.—Meteorological observations, 1829, '36, '37. Meteorological observations made in the vicinity of Baltimore, 1818–19, '22–23, Lewis Brantz. Chantilly.--Account of storm, June 21, 1857, S. T. Stuart.

Cumberland.- Temperature observations, January, 1859-May, 1871. Meteorological observations for December, 1873, (Cumberland Daily Sews, January 5, 1874.)

Enmittsburgh.—Motion of clouds and force of wind, 1868, 1872, C. H. Jourdan.

Newcastle.- Weather notes, August, 1871, Lewis H. Smith.
Pikesrille.-Temperature and raiu-fall observations, 1871.
Saint Inigoes.-Notes for June, 1866, James Stephenson.

Sam's Creek.- Account of snow-storm, January 11, 1857. Weather notes, February, 1855, D. W. Naill.

Schellman Hall.—Meteorological tables, 1846–249.


Amherst College.- Meau temperature observations, 1839, Professor Snell.

Bird's Island Lighthouse.—Meteorological observations, August, 1943November, 1844, John Clark.

Laurence. -Summary of meteorological report, 1856, John Fallon.

Lunenburgh.Means of the thermometer, 1858–1968, George A. Cunningbam.

Ver Bedford.—Barometrical means and extremes, 1812–1848, Samuel Rodman. Meteorological summaries, 1818-1833, Samuel Rodwan. Rain-fall observations, August, 1871, Samuel Rodman.

Yorth Billerica.-Weather notes, Elias Nason.

Plainfield.—Thermometric observations, January-March, 1857, S. F. Shaw,

Salem.-- Temperature observations, 1814–1816, Dr. W. Bentley. Somerset.—Meteorological observations and quarterly summaries, 1871-72. Elisha Slade. Meteorological report, March, April, 1872, Elisha Slade. Mean temperature, 1871-72, Elisha Slade. Weather notes, February, 1871, Elisha Slade.

Springfield.—Meteorological observations, 1865–66, J. Weatherhead. Meteorological tables, 1848–53, Lucius C. Allen. Amount of rain, and maximum and minumum temperatures, for summers of 1857–58–59, F. A. Brewer.

Williamstown.—Plants found in the vicinity of Williams College, P. 0. Chadbourne. Results of meteorological observations for the year

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