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John Grant, supervisor of highways.
June 10, Austin E. Wing, constable, district of Detroit

and Huron.
Thomas Rowland, justice of the peace, Wayne.
David B. Macomb, justice of the peace, district

of Detroit. July 7, Richard Smyth,

9, Henry Brown, auctioneer Oct. 9, Laurent Durocher, justice of the piece, district

of Erie. Nov. 12, Charles Larned, register for the districts of Hu

ron, Erie, and Detroit. Dec. 5, George M'Dougall, auctioneer for the Territory. 1817, Jan. 7, Andrew Westbrook, supervisor, St. Clair.

13, Horatio Conant, justice of the peace, district of


Benjamin Farnsworth, constable, 17, John Meldrum, auctioneer.

John M'Donell, associate justice, county court of

April 6, John C. Potter, supervisor of highways, Michil-

17, Henry Brown, justice of the peace, district of


Samuel Choates,
May 31, John L. Lieb, justice of the peace, and chief

justice, county court, Wayne.

John M'Donell, auctioneer,
June 26, Duncan Reid, constable district of Detroit.
July 2, Robert A. Forsyth, secretary of Indian depart-

ment for Michigan.
14, John Anderson, chief justice county court, Mon-


Isaac Lee, associate justice,
Francis Navarre,
Hubert Lacroix, sheriff,
Isaac Lee, Register,
Samuel Agnew, coroner,

Laurent Durocher, clerk,
Aug. 8, James M. Closky, auditor of public accounts.

Rufus Hatch, justice of the peace, district of

16, François Lascelle, justice of the peace, Monroe.
Sept. 1, William W. Petit, notary public, Wayne.

John Mentieth, president of the University of

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John Mentieth, Professor of universal sciences,

economical sciences, ethical sciences, of literature, of chemistry, of natural history, and of

historical sciences in said institution. 17, Gabriel Richard, Professor of intellectual scien

ces, of astronomy and of mathematics in the

University of Michigania.
Nov. 26, Duncan Reid, assessor for the county of Wayne.

Conrad Ten Eyck, treasurer,
„ George M'Dougall, clerk, court of Quarter ses-

sions, Wayne. Dec. 21, Richard Smith, auditor of public accounts. 1818, Jan. 6, Wolcott Lawrence, clerk of court of quarter

sessions, Monroe.
David C. Bronson, assessor,Monroe.

Joseph Loranger, treasurer,
8, William Meldrum, François Cicott, Etienne Du-

bois, constables, Detroit. Warren Howard, supervisor, roads, Springwells. Jason Thurston,

John M'Donell, justice of the peace, Detroit.
20, Asa Partridge and Warren Howard, constables,

Christian Clemens, chief justice, Macomb.
Daniel Leroy and William Thompson, associate

John Stockton, clerk of the court of

general quarter sessions,

Conrad Tucker, justice of the peace,
Giles J. Brown,

Elisha Harrington,
» Ignace Morass, coroner,

John Conner, constable,

Rufus Hatch, justice of the peace,
Feb. 9, Daniel Le Roy,

Francis Labadie,

John K. Smith,
April 8, George Cotterell, supervisor of roads, St.

May 4, Pierre Phenir, treasurer,

Jean B. Chapeton and Now Moe, consta

bles, Huron.
Joseph Jobair, supervisor of roads,

Daniel Hulhollen,

Seth Wells,


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„ Stephen Downing, Frenchtown,

Joseph Bissonnette, constable, Raisinville
Phineas Rogers,

Antoine Lafontaine, Erie,
David C. Bronson,

May 4, Jeremiah Lawrence,justice of the peace,

John A. Ackley, 14, John Meldrum, supervisor of roads, Hamtramck,

Wayne. June 1, William Brown, John R. Williams and Abra

ham Edwards, commissioners, Wayne. 13, Wolcott Lawrence, Henry Disbrow and Gabriel

Godfroy, commissioners, Monroe. 22, William W. Petit, Master commissioner in chan

cery, supreme, and Wayne county courts, Charles J. Lanman, justice of the peace, Monroe. John Conner and Jean B. Petit, commissioners,

Macomb. Aug. 13, James Robinson, constable, St. Clair township,


Benoit Tremblé, supervisor, Harrison, Macomb. 17, James May, justice of the peace, Wayne.

James Abbott,

George M’Dougall, Sept. 18, William Thompson, commissioner, Macomb. Oct. 2, Charles J. Lanman, judge of probate, Monroe.

Isaac Lee, register of probate, , George M'Dougall

, 27, William H. Puthuff, chief justice, judge of pro

bate, and commissioner and auctioneer, Mich

ilimackinac. John Dousman, associate justice, commissioner

and justice of the peace, Michilimackinac. Adam D. Steuart, associate justice and commis

sioner, Michilimackinac.
Thomas Lyons, clerk of the court, register of
probate, and justice of the peace, Michilimack-

Edward Biddle, sheriff and constable,
George Ermtinger, coroner,
Samuel Abbott, county treasurer and justice of

the peace, Michilimackinac.
Mathew Irwin, chief justice, commissioner and
judge of probate,

Brown, Charles Reaume, associate justice and justice of the peace,


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Benjamin Chittenden, associate justice,

commissioner and justice of the peace,
John Bowyer, commissioner,
Robert Irwin, clerk, register of probate

and justice of the peace,
, George Johnson, sheriff and constable,

Nicholas Bolvin, justice of the peace, Crawford.

George W. Johnson, 26, Nicholas Bolvin,

„ George W. Johnson,
Nov. 3, William H. Puthuff,

Samuel Abbott, notary public,
Thomas Lyons,
Andrew G. Whitney, city register, Detroit.
Daniel Le Roy, judge of probate, Macomb.

John Stockton, register of probate,
21, James Abbott, auctioneer, Wayne.
26, Abraham Edwards,

Charles Larned, judge of probate,

Oliver Johnson, treasurer, Monroe.
Dec. 10, John Hunt, Ezra Baldwin and Levi Cook, com-

missioners to locate a certain road.
12, John Stockton, justice of the peace, Macomb.

Jonas W. Colburn, constable, Wayne.
Jean Baptiste, Beaubien, treasurer, Macomb.
John R. Williams, auctioneer, Wayne.

Duncan Reed,
1819, Jan. 4, Charles Larned, prosecuting attorney,
Charles J. Lanman,

Monroe. Ezra Prescott,

Macomb. Robert Garratt, auctioneer, Wayne. „ Louis C. Bonatte,

15, Eleazer Scott, justice of the peace, Macomb.

„ Nathaniel Squires, supervisor, Perry,
May 23, Oliver Johnson, judge of probate, Monroe.
Peter Van Avery, constable,

Wayne. 1, Thomas Anderson,

Thomas Cowles,
6, William Little, supervisor of roads,

Francis Cicott,

Abraham C. Traux, , Monguagon,

Andrew Westbrook, St. Clair, Macomb.
June 12, William W. Petit, inspector of provisions,

Isaac P. Skinner, constable, Monroe.
July 6, Horatio Bull, surveyor of the Territory,

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Samuel Abbott, associate justice, Michilimacki-
Aug. 27, Charles Noble, justice of the peace, Monroe.

James M’Closky, commissioner, Wayne.
May 12, John W. Johnson, chief justice, Crawford.

Nicholas Bolvin and Francis Bourthil

lier, associate justices,
, Wilfred Owens, judge of probate and

justice of the peace,
James M'Farlane, Pierre La Rivier and

-La Blanc, commissioners,
„ John W. Johnson, justice of the peace,

Dennis Constway,

Nicholas Bolvin,
, Thomas M'Nair, sheriff,

John B. Ferry boult, coroner,
John P. Gates, register of probate,
John L Findley, clerk of the county court,
Hyacent St. Cier and Oliver Sharrier,

supervisors of roads,
John L. Findley and Barrel, con-

1820, Jan. 6, Luther Harvey, auctioneer,

Thomas Jones, supervisor of roads,

25, James D. Doty, justice of the peace, Wayne.
Feb. 11, Luther Harvey, constable, Monroe.
March 25, Louis C. Bonatte,
28, William Thompson, chief justice and
judge of probate,

Oakland. „ Amasa Bagley and Daniel Bronson,

associate justices,
Daniel Le Roy, prosecuting attorney,
Ziba Swan, county commissioner,
Enoch Hotchkiss,
Jonathan Perrin,
Daniel Bronson, justice of the peace,
Alexander Graham,
John Hamilton,
Sidney Dole, clerk of the county court,
Ziba Swan, jun. constable,
Orison Allen and Ira Roberts, constables,
Zeph. W. Bruce, associate justice, and
justice of the peace,

John K. Smith, commissioner,
April 11, John Sturges, justice of the peace,

Truman Bearss, constable,

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