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For the chief clerk and clerk to the Committee on Finance, two thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars and forty-four cents.

For contingent expenses of the Senate:
For binding, eleven thousand dollars.
For lithographing and engraving, twenty-five thousand dollars.
For miscellaneous items, five thousand dollars.
For the contingent expenses of the House of Representatives :

Representatives. For the completion of the binding of documents ordered to be printed for the use of the House, eighty-nine thousand seven hundred and fifteen dollars and fifty-six cents.

For the completion of the engraving ordered at the second session of the thirty-third Congress, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For the engraving of maps, charts, and other plates accompanying documents ordered to be printed at the first session of the thirty-fourth

Post, p. 438. Congress, nineteen thousand dollars.

For furniture and repairs, three thousand five hundred dollars.
For stationery for members, four thousand dollars.

For the pay of clerks upon the land maps for the use of the Committee on Public Lands, six thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars and eighty cents.

For the pay of nine clerks to committees of the House under resolutions of the present session, five thousand five hundred dollars.

For miscellaneous items, twenty thousand dollars.

To enable the Clerk to purchase the Statutes at Large for the use of members of the House of Representatives, per resolution of February Large. twenty-first, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, five thousand two hundred and eighty-five dollars.

To pay John C. Rives a balance due for reporting and publishing in Reporting, &c. the Daily Globe the proceedings of the House of Representatives for the second session of the thirty-third Congress, one thousand one hundred and seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents.

To enable the clerk of the House of Representatives to pay John C. Rives for reporting and publishing in the Daily Globe the proceedings of the House of Representatives for the first session of the thirty-fourth Congress, prior to the first of July, one thousand eight hundred and fiftysix, seventeen thousand three hundred and eighty dollars.

To enable the clerk of the House of Representatives to pay for one hundred copies of the continuation of the Annals of Congress for the Congress. library of the House of Representatives during the present fiscal year, one thousand five hundred dollars.

To enable the clerk of the House of Representatives to pay for the continuation of the Annals of Congress, for the members of the thirtysecond Congress, three thousand dollars.

Public Printing.To supply deficiencies in the appropriation for print- Public printing. ing and paper ordered at the first session of the thirty-third Congress, fifty-seven thousand one hundred and seventy-three dollars.

To supply deficiencies in the appropriation for printing of the second session of the thirty-third Congress, which deficiencies were transferred to Post, p. 105. the account of the first session of the thirty-fourth Congress, in virtue of the joint resolution approved February twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred Post, p. 142. and fifty-six, two hundred and forty-four thousand one hundred and eighty-eight dollars and ninety-five cents.

To provide for the engraving of the maps and drawings accompanying the reports of explorations and surveys to determine a Pacific railroad route, forty-nine thousand two hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the said maps and drawings shall be engraved to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War.

For compensation of ten clerks of class one, employed temporarily in the office of the Third Auditor, on account of military bounty lands, three thousand four hundred and sixty-six dollars and seventy-six cents.

Annals of



Post-office de- Contingent Expenses of Post - Office Department.—For blank books, partment. binding, and stationery, fuel for the General Post-Office building, includ

ing the Auditor's office, oil, gas, and candles, printing, labor, day watch

man, and for miscellaneous items, three thousand dollars. Assay-office, Assay-Office, New York.-For wages of workmen, seven thousand N. Y.

dollars. Surveyor-gen.

For salary of the surveyor-general of Utah, eight hundred and thirtyof Utah. three dollars and thirty-three cents. Judiciary.

For salaries of the chief justice of the supreme court and eight associate judges, one thousand four hundred and forty-four dollars and eightyone cents.

For salary of the circuit judge of California, fourteen hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents.

For compensation of the district attorneys, four thousand six hundred and ninety-six dollars and eighty-six cents.

For compensation of the marshals, five thousand one hundred and fifty

dollars and ninety-nine cents. Assistant treas

For salaries of the assistant treasurers of the United States at Boston and St. Louis, three thousand nine hundred and eighty-three dollars and

thirty-three cents. Seamen. To supply a deficiency in the fund for the relief of sick and disabled

seamen, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. P. 0. depart

To supply a deficiency in the revenue of the Post-Office Department, one million one hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and

eighty-one dollars. Reciprocity

For arrearages, purchase of vessel and outfit, and for field service, protreaty. vided in the first article of the reciprocity treaty with Great Britain, ten

thousand five hundred dollars.

For the purchase of blank books, stationery, arms of the United States, Consuls.

presses, flags, and for the payment of postages, for the consuls of the United States, ten thousand dollars.

For expenses of the consulates in Turkey, viz: interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulates at Constantinople, Smyrna, Candia, and Alexandria, two thousand dollars.

For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulate at Beirout, five hundred dollars.

For expenses incurred by consuls of the United States in procuring information required by the circulars of eighth October, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and fifteenth March, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, on queries propounded by the State and Treasury Departments, and for information called for by the resolution of the House of Representatives of the fourteenth December, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and twentysixth December, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, eight thousand dollars.

For compensation for clerical services performed in the office of the United States legation at London, from December, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, to August, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, inclusive, one thou

sand dollars. Clerk of district To compensate the clerk of the United States district court for the court in Conn.

State of Connecticut for making certified copies of all copyrights recorded in his office between January, eighteen hundred and forty-six, and February, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, ninety dollars and twenty-five

cents. State depart

Contingent Expenses of the Department of State.—For miscellaneous

items, five hundred dollars. Court of claims. For fitting up and furnishing the court rooms and conference room,

and offices for the solicitor and clerk of the court of claims, three thousand

dollars. Custom-house, For filling up and grading the grounds belonging to the Custom House Norfolk.

Building, Norfolk, Virginia, one thousand dollars.



For transportation of officers, and for fuel and quarters, the payment Army. of which is no longer made by the quarter-master's department, two thousand one hundred and twenty-seven dollars and twelve cents.

For contingencies of the army, five thousand dollars.

For the regular supplies of the quarter-master's department, consisting Same subject. of fuel, forage in kind for the horses, mules, and oxen of the quartermaster's department, at the several military posts and stations, and with the armies in the field; for the horses of the first and second regiments of dragoons, the companies of light artillery, the regiment of mounted riflemen, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, and also for the authorized number of officers' horses when serving in the field and at the outposts; of straw for soldiers' bedding, and of stationery, including company and other blank books for the army, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quarter-master's departments, and for the printing of division and department orders, army regulations, and reports, four hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

For the incidental expenses of the quarter-master's department, consist- Same subject ing of postage on letters and packets received and sent by officers of the army on public service; expenses of courts-martial and courts of inquiry, including the additional compensation to judge-advocates, recorders, members, and witnesses, while on that service, under the act of March six- 1802, ch. 9, teenth, eighteen hundred and two; extra pay to soldiers employed, under $821, 22,

Vol. ji. p. 136. the direction of the quarter-master's department, in the erection of barracks, quarters, storehouses, and hospitals; the construction of roads and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, under the acts of 1819, ch. 45. March second, eighteen hundred and nineteen, and August fourth, eighteen Vol. iii, p. 48% hundred and fifty-four, including those employed as clerks at division and 1854, ch. 247, department headquarters; expenses of expresses to and from the frontier Vol. x. p. posts and armies in the field ; of escorts to paymasters, other disbursing officers, and trains, when military escorts cannot be furnished ; expenses of the interment of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; authorized office furniture ; hire of laborers in the quarter-master's department, ineluding hire of interpreters, spies, and guides for the army; compensation of clerk to officers of the quarter-master's department; compensation of forage and wagon-masters, authorized by the act of July fifth, eighteen 1838, ch. 162, hundred and thirty-eight; for the apprehension of deserters, and the Vol. v. p. 257. expenses incident to their pursuit ; the various expenditures required for the first and second regiments of dragoons, the companies of light artillery, the regiment of mounted riflemen, and such companies of infantry as may be mounted, viz: for the purchase of horse equipments, as saddles, bridles, saddle blankets, nose-bags, iron combs, currycombs, and spurs and straps ; of travelling forges, blacksmiths' and shoeing tools, horse and mule shoes, iron and steel for shoeing, hire of veterinary surgeons, purchase of medicines for horses and mules, shoeing horses of mounted corps,

and repairing dragoon and rifle equipments, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

For transportation of the army, including the baggage of the troops Same subject. when moving either by land or water; of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, and horse equipments, from the depot at Philadelphia to the several posts and army depots; of subsistence from the places of purchase, and from the places of delivery under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may require it to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores and small arms, from the foundries and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, frontier posts, and army depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and ferriages; for the purchase and hire of horses, mules, and oxen, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carts, drays, ships, and other seagoing vessels and boats for the transportation of supplies, and for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts ; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay and other disbursing departinents; the expense of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of



New Mexico.

Botanic Garden.

Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific; and for procuring water at such posts as from their situation require that it be brought from a distance, and for clearing roads and removing obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers, to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of

the troops on the frontier, one million dollars. Judiciary. For defraying the expenses of the supreme, circuit, and district courts

of the United States, including the District of Columbia ; also for jurors and witnesses in aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfeitures incurred in the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, and previous years; and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners, two hundred thousand dollars.

For the collection of agricultural statistics, investigations for promoting Agricultural

agriculture and rural economy, and the procurement and distribution of cuttings and seeds, to be expended under the direction of the commissioner of patents, thirty thousand dollars.

For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expenses of the assembly for the Territory of Minnesota, six thousand dollars.

For contingent expenses of the Territory of New Mexico, and to enable the governor to employ an interpreter or translator, five hundred dollars.

For filling up and draining the grounds in the vicinity of the national green-houses, known as the Botanic Garden, and for walling the creek which passes through the same, five thousand six hundred and fifty

dollars. Public grounds.

For continuing the grading and planting with trees the unimproved portions of the mall, ten thousand dollars.

For construction of a sewer in Judiciary Square, six thousand dollars.

For placing the sewer openings along Pennsylvania Avenue under the

footway, and trapping the same, eight thousand dollars. Public build

For repairing old portion of the Patent Office Building, constructing ings.

water-closets therein, and casual repairs of the east wing of said building, four thousand dollars.

For an additional furnace erected for the library of Congress, five hundred dollars.

For finishing the portico and exterior of the west wing of the PatentOffice Building, to pay the reservations due, put up iron railing, and lay down the necessary flagging and pavements, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the joint resolution of Congress Pay of officers“ to fix the compensation of the employees in the legislative department of library. of the government, and to probibit the allowance of the usual extra com

pensation to such as receive the benefits thereof,” approved the twentieth

of July, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and the provision in the act of Vol. x. p. 594. third March, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, which authorizes the appliVol.'x. p. 651. cation of the benefits of said resolution to apply to the librarian and 1854, ch. 242, 17. assistants and messenger in the library of Congress, be so construed as to Vol. x. p. 572. allow them twenty per centum upon the compensation provided by the

seventh section of the act of fourth August, eighteen hundred and fiftyfour, making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of

government; and the said joint resolution shall not be construed to apply Pay of printer. to the public printer for either branch of Congress; and that so much of

the act approved the third of March, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, as Blank books, requires all blank books, binding, and ruling for the several executive &c., for depart- departments shall be furnished under the direction and supervision of

rintendent of Public Printing be, and the same is hereby, repealed.


Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the provision in the act of Salary of July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, entitled “An act to Mexico.

governor of New increase the salaries of executive and judiciary officers in Oregon, New 1854, ch. 107. Mexico, Washington, Utah, and Minnesota," which declares that the salary of the governor of New Mexico be, and the same is hereby, in- Vol. x. p. 311. creased to the sum of three thousand dollars, shall be construed by the accounting officers of the treasury to be the full salary of that officer as governor and as superintendent of Indian affairs.

APPROVED, May 15, 1856.

CHAP. XXX – An Act to provide for at least two Election Precincts in each Ward in the May 16, 1856.

City of Washington, and for other Purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be the duty of the

Election precity corporation to provide at least two election precincts in each ward, cincts in Washto appoint commissioners to superintend elections in the same, and to ington. adopt such other regulations as may be necessary to give full force and effect to this section.

Sec. 2. And whereas, native-born citizens, resident of the city of Votes of Washington, who arrive at the age of twenty-one years between the naturnlized

citizens. thirtieth day of December next preceding the election and the day of election are not allowed to vote at such election

Be it further enacted, That no person, being naturalized between said day of December and the day of the succeeding election, shall be entitled to vote at such next succeeding election. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That at all elections to be held in

Polls, when to the city of Washington for municipal officers, the polls shall be opened at be opened and seven o'clock A. M. and closed at seven o'clock P. M.; and that all acts,

closed. and parts of acts, inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed.

APPROVED, May 16, 1856.


CHAP. XXXI. — An Act granting Public Lands, in alternate Sections, to the States of May 17, 1856. Florida and Alabama, to aid in the Construction of certain Railroads in said States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be and is hereby granted to the State of Florida, for the purpose of aiding in the construc

Grant of lands

to Florida for tion of railroads from St. John's River, at Jacksonville, to the waters of railroads. Escambia Bay, at or near Pensacola ; and from Amelia Island, on the Atlantic, to the waters of Tampa Bay, with a branch to Cedar Key, on the Gulf of Mexico; and also a railroad from Pensacola to the State line of Alabama, in the direction of Montgomery, every alternate section of land designated by odd numbers, for six sections in width on each side of each of said roads and branch. But in case it shall appear that the Grant in lieu United States have, when the lines or routes of said roads and branch are of sold or predefinitely fixed, sold any sections, or any parts thereof, granted as afore- empted sections. said, or that the right of preëmption has attached to the same, then it shall be lawful for any agent or agents to be appointed by the governor of said State, to select, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, from the lands of the United States nearest to the tiers of sections above specified, so much land in alternate sections or parts of sections, as shall be equal to such lands as the United States have sold, or otherwise appropriated, or to which the rights of preëmption have attached as aforesaid; which lands (thus selected in lieu of those sold and to which preëmption rights have attached as aforesaid, together with the sections and parts of sections designated by odd numbers, as aforesaid, and appropriated as aforesaid,) shall be held by the State of Florida for the use and purpose aforesaid: Provided, That the land to be so

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