The Language of Liberty: The Political Speeches and Writings of Abraham Lincoln

Regnery, 2003 - 824 páginas
The Civil War is the defining event in American history, and Abraham Lincoln is the central figure of both the Civil War and American history. In his struggle to preserve the Union and redeem the nation from the original sin of slavery, Lincoln provided the most compelling expression of the American Dream and the preeminent justification of the American regime. Indeed, at Gettysburg he distilled the very essence of the nation's political creed. His political thought and leadership are of enduring significance to democracy at home and abroad. This book offers the definitive one-volume collection of the Sixteenth President's most important speeches and writings in their entirety. The volume is divided both chronologically and thematically into five periods/chapters from 1832-1865, each including a concise historical, political and biographical overview of major events. Also, each speech is preceded by a head-note which places Lincoln's words in context.--From publisher description.

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