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The Homilist, though taking a fresh start, will run on the old lines, and under the same catholic skies, freighted, as for the past quarter of a century, not with heavy timber, but with seeds and saplings, not with manufactured metal, but with virgin ore.

The Homilist will only have space on its pages for condensed and suggestive thinkings. For though we are enabled to reckon on the valued help of some of the ripest Scholars and Leaders of Religious Thought of our times, we shall prize all articles just as their pith ard point may serve our readers. Ever our aim, cherished earnestly if humbly, will be the storage of spiritual and intellectual force,-such a storage of force as shall, under God, contribute to the light and life and progress of souls. Redland, Bristol. URIJAH R. THOMAS,

All contributions, which if in accordance with the preceding note, will be thankfully welcomed, to be forwarded to the Editor, as above.

Volumes I., II, and III. of the current (Eclectic) series are now ready. Price 7s. 6d., cloth, red edges.

"The British Quarterly" says, of the New Series, "It is varied, vivacious, instructive... True to its title; almost everything bears on the pulpit. Throughout it is strong, suggestive, useful; the best of its class."

All correspondence on ordinary business or advertisements, and all Books for review, to be addressed to the Publisher.

Advertisements or Bills for insertion in The Homilist should be sent, not later than the middle of the Month, to Mr. C. WILKES, Advertising Agent, 60, Old Bailey, London, E.C., or to the Publisher, Mr. W. MACK, 4, Paternoster Square, London; or 38, Park Street, Bristol.

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Two Volumes, by Dr. DAVID THOMAS, on the BOOK OF THE PSALMS have already been issued; the third is in the press. Price 10s. 6d. a volume. R. D. Dickenson, Farringdon Street, London.

THE MINISTERS' SEASIDE HOME, THE GRANGE, MORTHOE, NORTH DEVON, receives Ministers and their Wives (not children) of all denominations, on a scale of charges according to their incomes,-the special aim being to provide rest, or recreation after illness, for Ministers of limited incomes. All applications to be addressed to the Founder and Warden, Rev. URIJAH R. THOMAS, Redland, Bristol,

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