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ACTON, Sir Roger, friend of Oldcastle, put

to death, i. 382.
Abbeys, spoliation of, in reign of Henry Adams, Cuarles FRANCIS, United States
VIII., ii. 190, 191.

minister to England, v. 323; despatch
ABBEVILLE, Marquis d', ambassador of from Seward concerning the Trent, 328;

James II. to Holland, iii. 348; dispatch action in regard to the Alabama, 332, 333,
to the king, 319.

ABBOT, CHARLES (afterwards Lord Colches- | ADAMS, DANIEL, prosecuted for political

ter, 1757-1829), as speaker, gives casting libels, iv. 325.

vote against Lord Melville, iv. 367. ADAMS, JOHN (1735-1826), interview with
ABD-EL-KADER, Emir, v. 101; war with Mr. Oswald, iv. 277; minister to England,

French in Morocco, 108, 109, 110; efforts 280, 281.
to prevent massacre of Christians in Da- | ADDA, FERDINAND, Count of, papal nuncio,
mascus, 314.

ii. 330, 335, 342.
ABD-EL-RUAMAN, Emperor of Morocco, his ADDINGTON, Henry. Sec Lord Sidmouth.

war with the French, v. 108, 109, 110. ADDISON, JOSEPH, English essayist (1672–
ABDUL Aziz. See Turkey, Sultans of. 1719), his connection with politics, iv. 85;
ABDUL MEDID. See Turkey, Sultans of. secretary of state in cabinct of 1717, 113.
ABERCROMBY, Sir RALPH (1138-1801), takes ADELAIS, widow of Henry I. of England, i.

possession of the Antilles, iv. 331 ; his un- 143.
successful expedition against Holland, 313; Adige, the, becomes frontier of Cisalpino

wounded at Aboukir; his death, 351. Republic by peace of Luneville, iv. 314.
ABERDEEN, George Gordon, Earl of (1781- ADMIRALTY, English, courts of, ignore rights

1860), in Wellington's cabinet, iv. 418; in of neutrals, iv. 255.
Sir Robert Peel's cabinet, v. 57; his char- ADRIAN IV., Nicholas Breakspeare. See
acter, 60; desire for friendly relations be- Popes.
tween England and France, 100; accom- ADRIAN VI., Cardinal of Tortosa. See
panies Victoria to Chateau d' Eu, 101; Popes.
conversation with Guizot, 101; position on “ADULLAMITES," Mr. Bright's name for
Morocco question, 110; on Spanish mar- followers of Robert Lowe, v. 362, 363.
riaye, 112-114; Guizot's sketch of, 114-118; AFGHANISTAN, government of, in 1837, v. 47.
advice to Palmerston on quitting the min-| AFGHANS, their difficulties with England, v.
istry, 118; Peel's approbation of his policy, 44; character of; their war with the Enz-
133, 134; becomes prime-minister, 147; op- lish, 49-57; independence secured, 55, 56;
posed emancipation of the Jews, 157; assist in defence Punjaub, 241, 242.
attached to peace policy, 171; resigns, 217; AGACE, GOBIN, conducts Edward VII. to the
quoted, 235.

passage of the Somme, i. 306.
ABERDEEN, University of, founded, ii. 363. AGATHA, wife of Edward Atheling, i. 75.
ABJURATION Bill, proposed by Whigs, iii. AgEnois, overrun by Black Prince, i. 321 ;

ceded to English by treaty of Bretigny,329.
ABOLITIONists in United States, their party Aghrim, battle of, iii. 388.

strengthened by election of 1860, v. 318. AGINCOURT, battle of, i. 390-392.
ABOUKIR, battles of, iv. 313, 354.

“AGREEMENT of the People," republican
ABRAHAM, Heights of, taken by Wolfe, iv. pamphlet, iii 92.

200; attempted recapture of, by French, AGRICOLA, Roman prætor in Britain, i. 22-24.

AGRIPPINA, Roman Empress, i. 19.
ABSOLUTISM, its decline, iv. 137.

AHMAD-SHAH, founder of Afghan Empire,
ABYSSINIA, Napier's expedition to, v. 376,

v. 47.
378, 379.

AIGUILLON, defended by Sir Walter Manny,
ACADIA, French territories in, ceded to Eng. i. 311.

land by treaty of Utrecht, iv. 68; depopu- Duke d’, repulses invasion of Nor-
lation of, 190.

mandy and Brittany, iv 197.
ACHÉ, M.'d', in command of French fleet in AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON, historical

India, defeated by the English, iv. 208. novelist, v. 168.
Acre, taken by Crusaders, 1191, i. 191; re- AIRE, JOnn d', citizen of Calais, i. 316.
taken from Templars by Keladcen, 243. AIX-LA-CHAPELLE, peace of (1668), iii. 266;
Joan of. Sec Joan of Acre.

peace of (1748), England and Holland with

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France and other powers, iv. 180, 181; dis- Great Exhibition, 136; letter concerning
content excited by it in France aud Eny. it, 139; criticism of Palmerston's conduct,
land, 183.

142; suspects Napoleon's Italian designs,
AKBAR KHAN, son of Dost Mohammed, v. 282 ; his death, his character, 330.

49; at head of insurrection in Afghanistan; ALBERT EDWARD, Prince of Wales, his
murders Macnaghten, 50; attacks the Eny. birth (1841), v. 63; illness, 406.
lish in pass of Koord Cabul, 51 ; his pro- ALBIGENSES, i. 203; Simon de Montfort,
posal to them, 51, 52; lays siege to Jellala- persecutor of (1208), 231.
bad, 53.

ALBINUS, Roman general in Britain, i. 24.
ALABAMA, State of, joins Southern Confed- ALBRET, Count d', assists Duke of Brittany
eracy, v. 320.

against Charles VIII., ii. 95; aspirant for
the, Confederate privateer, v. 332, Anue of Brittany, 97.
333; destroyed by the Kearsargc, 333; -, Jonn, King of Navarre. See Navarre.
controversy in regard to between England ALCAZOR, baitle of, ii. 317.
and the United States, 332-335.

ALCOBA, battle of, iv. 395.
ALAMAYOU, son of King Theodore of Abys- ALDERMEN, council of, i. 38.

sinia, brought to England; his death, v. ALDRED, Archbishop of York, crowns Wil-

liam the Conqueror, i. 107, 109, 110.
ALBA, Duke of (1508-1582), Spanish general ALENÇON, John, first Duke of, assumes

in the Netherlands, i. 298, 303, 306; his barige of the Armagnacs, i. 375; death of,
correspondence with Mary Stuart, 310; le- at Agincourt (1415), 391.
called to Spain, 317.

Duke of, taken prisoner at Verneuil,
ALBAN, historical name of Scotland, i. 141. ii. 17; present at capture of Jargeau, 26;
ALBANY, Duke of, brother of Robert III. of his greeting to Lord Talbot, 27.

Scotlanıl, i. 365; assists Earl of Douglas, , FRANCIS, Duke of, afterwards Duke
367; imprisons his nephew, Rothesay, 373; of Anjou (15554-1584), negotiations for his
his ascendancy in Scotland, 371; negotia- marriage with Queen Elizabeth, ii. 310;
tions with court of France, 399.

his visit to England postponed, 314; con-
Duke of, brother of James III. of spiracy against llenry 111., becomes Duke
Scotland, his conspiracy, ii. 70; death, 103. of Anjou, 316; visits England, receives

Duke of, sent to Scotland by Francis promise of marriage from Elizabeth, 318;
1., ii. 129; becomes regent, 130; his quar- İnis disappointmeni, bis death, 319.
rels with Queen Margaret, 144; with ALEXANDER II. See Popes.
Henry VIII. 145.

III. See Popes.
ALBEMARLE, Duke of, consin of Richard

emperors of Russia. See Russia.
II., joins Bolingbroke, i. 357; divested of ; kings of Scotland. See Scotland.
his title by llenry IV., becomes carl of ALFRED the Great (848-901), birth, i. 42;
Ruitland, 361; betrays conspiracy against boyhood, 42, 43; taken to Rome, at the
Henry IV., 363.

French court, 43 ; bis marriage, defeated by
, Duke of. See General Monk.

Danes before Reading, victorious at Assen-
Duke of, son of General Monk, in don, 45; becomes King of Wessex, 46; un-
command of militia, in Monmouth's insur- successful war with the Danes, 46, 47; a fu-
rection, iii. 315.

gitive, 47, 48; anecdote of, 48; discovered
KEPPEL, Earl of, influence with Wil- by his subjects, undertakes to recover his
liam III., iv. 30; Portlandi's jealousy of, kingdom, 19; defcats Danes at Ethandane,
32; his mission to Holland, 47; in con- captures (odruri, compels him to embrace
mand at Denain, 74.

Christianity, 50; marches against Ila-tings,
ALBERONI, Cardinal Giulio (1661-1752), 51; defeats him at Farnham, his generos-

prime-minister of Spain, his administra- ity, 52; shuts up the Danes in Chester,
tion, iv. 113; schemes for aggranlizement constructs canal to stop their navigation,
of Spain; expedition against Sardinia and 53 ; opposes them with a navy, 54; finally
Sicily, 114; retaliation for Bing's destruc- subdues the Danes, organizes his kingilom,
tion of Spanish tleet, 115; leagnes with the 54; relations with Danish kingdom in
Pretender, is connected with Cellamare's Northumbria, organizes his army, j); re-
conspiracy, 116; requests the Pretender to lations with the clergy, 56; administration
leave Madrid, 117; his illusions in retard of justice, 56, 57; compiles code of laws,
to the French, 117, 118; attempts to incite 57; laws in respect to scris, 58; zeal for
revolt in France and England, is dis- learning, 58-60; quoted, 59, 60; literary
missed from office and banished, 119; re- attainments, 60; measurement of time, 61;
tires to Rome, 120.

dying words to his son, 61; death, celebra-
ALBERT (1819-1861), Prince of Saxe Coburg tion of his birthday in 1819, 62.
Gotha, his advice concerning the royal

son of Etheired the Unready, i. 73 ;
household, v. 21; marriage with Queen lands in England (1012), and is taken pris.
Victoria decided upon, v. 28; Guizot's es- oner, 79; death of, 80.
timate of, 30, 31; inarries the queen, 32; Prince, son of Queen Victoria, the
congratulated by Parliament on birth of crown of Greece offered to (1862), v. 296.
Prince of Wales, 63; meets Louis Philippe, ALGAROTTI, Count, letter from Frederick the
103; corrects translation of the king's ada Great, iv. 212.
dress to London, 104; his anxiety concern- Algeria, effect of war in, on the French, v.
ing Sir Robert Peel, 13t; his project for 182.

Algiers, bombarded by Lord Exmouth, iv. his execution, 261; monument in West-

minster Abbey erected to, 261.
-, Dey of, English expedition against, Angles, invade Britain, i. 29-33.
iv. 401.

ANGLESEA, Lord, Hanoverian Tory, iv. 95.
ALLECTUS, ruler in Britain, i. 26.

ANGLESEY, Isle of, taken possession of hy
ALLEN, concerned in Fenian outbreak at Edward I., i. 246.
Manchester, v. 371; hanged, 372.

ANGLIA, East, Anglian kingilom of, founded,
ALMA, battle of the, v. 191, 192.

i. 31; accepts Christianity, 38; occupical
ALMAQUE, Henry of, assumes the cross, i. by Danes, 44-51; Danish inhabitants rise
239; is assassinated, 239.

against Ethelred the Unready, 68.
ALMANZA, battle of, iv. 57.

ANGLO-Saxons, i. 64.
ALICE, Princess of France, imprisoned by ANGOULÊME, promised by Armagnacs to
llenry II., i. 180, 181.

Henry IV., i: 376.
of Thouars, daughter of Constance of

FRANCIS, Count of. See France,
Brittany, proclaimed by Bretons, i. 206. Francis I.
ALINAGORE (or God's Port), name given by

ISABEL of. See Isabel of Angou-
Surajah Dowlah to Calcutta, iv. 206.

ALPnonso X., King of Castilc (1222–1284), , Louis, Duke of (1775–1844) re-estah-
threatens Guienne, i. 229.

lishes Bourbon monarchy in Spain (1823),
-, son of Edward I., dies, i. 248.

iv. 416.
ALTHORP, Loril. See Spencer.

ANGOUMOIS, becomes possession of English
ALUMBAGH, park of, Sepoys defeated at, v. crown on accession of Henry II., i. 149.
261, 262.

ANGUS (Archibald Douglas, "Bell-the-cat")
ALURED, Colonel, devoted to cause of Long fifth Earl of, at battle of Flodden (1513),
Parliament, iii. 226.

ii. 125.
AMBOISE, Cardinal d' (1460-1510), minister

sixth Earl of, marries Margaret,
of Louis XII., his wise adininistration, ii. widow of James IV., ii. 130; quarrels with

her, 144; joins English army, 201; grand-
AMELIA, Princess, daughter of George II., father to Lord Darnley, 283.
present at her father's death, iv. 213. ANJOU, bequeathed to Geoffrey, second son

Princess, daughter of George III., of Geottiey Plantagenet, is retained by
her death, iv. 391.

Henry II., i. 119; Ceur-le-Lion does
AMERICA, English colonies in, Grenville homage for, to Philip Aurustus, 181 ; no-

proposes their taxation, iv. 222; their re- bility of, in favor of Prince Arthur, 203;
sistance to the Stamp Act, 223-225; Declar- in-wrection in, 206; regained by France
atory Act in regard to, 227; grave aspect (1203), 207; ravaged by English, 376;
of a tfairs in, 230; oppose importation of claimed by Henry V., 383; overrun by
English goods, 231, 233; their Declaration English, 405; restored to René, ii. 38;

of Independence, 240. See United States. clained by Henry VIII., 119.
AMHERST, Lord (1717-1797), English ven-

Hoiise of,' its claims to crown of
eral in Canada, takes Ticonderosa from Sicily, i. 218.
the French (1759), iv. 199, 200.

CHARLES of, i. 241-243.
AMIENS, captured by Spanish army (1596),

Duke of, brother of Charles V. of
ii. 314,

France, Governor of Languedoc, i. 333.
; peace of (1802), England with Francis, Duke of. See Alençon.
France, Spain, and Holland, iv. 354; dit-

Fulke, Count of, marries his daugh-
ficulties in regard to its exccution, 356. ter to son of Henry I., i. 132.
AMNESTY Bill, of Charles II., iii. 217.

HENRY, Duke of. See France, Henry
AMORANT, Viceroy of Wales, under Alfred, III.
i. 51.

-, Louis, Duke of, sole representative
AMOY, port of, opened to British traders, of elder branch of House of Bourbon. See
V. 46.

France, Louis XV.
AMPÈRE, JOSEPH MARIE (1775–1836), his MARGARET of. See Margaret of An-

experiments in use of electricity, v. 22. jou.
AMPTHILL, residence of Catharine of Aragon, MARY of. See Mary of Anjou.
ii. 171.

Matilda of. See Matilda of Anjou.
AMSTERDAM, Shaftesbury's arrival at, iii. 292, Philip, Duke of. Sec Spain, Philip

293 ; its hostility to llouse of Nassau, 310; V.
resistance to seconul Partition Treaty, iv. ANNA, Infanta of Spain, negotiations for her

marriage with Prince Henry of England,
ANABAPTISTS, persecuted under Henry ii. 391; with Prince Charles, 395-401; her

VIII., ii. 175; by Presbyterians under marriage with the King of France, 406.
Long Parliament, iii. 40, 41; engaged in Annates, suppressed by Parliament, ii. 171 ;
plot against Cromwell, 187.

vested in the crown, 186; restored to Holy

See by Mary, 258; return to the crown,
ANDRASTA, British goddess of victory, i. 22. 269.
ANDRE, Major, sent by Sir Henry Clinton to Anne, Queen (1661–1714), daughter of

negotiate with Arnold for surrender of James Îl, and Anne Ilyde, her Protestant
West Point, arrested as a spy, iv. 259; bis education, iii. 273; as princess, her friend-
trial, 260; letter to Washington, 260, 261; ship for Sarah Jennings, 345; resolution


against Catholicism, 316; conversation gress, 73; its attacks on Sir Robert Peel,
with Lord Clarendon, 3;1; joins Prince of 74; further progress, 77.
Orange, 352; her claims brought forward | Antilles, the, D'Estaing's campaign in, iv.
by the Tories, 363 ; declared heir to the 253; Guichen and Rodney in, 256, 257.
throne after children of Mary, 364; retires ANTRIM, Marshal Schomberg lands at, iii.
with Duchess oi' Marlborough to the coun- 378.
try on disgrace of the Diike, 392; asks per- ANTRIM, Earl of, in command of Irish corps
mission to visit William afier Mary's death, in Scotland, ii. 31.
iv. 13; her interview with him, 14; Wild | ANTWERP, surrenders to Louis XV., iv. 179;
liam refuses to make her regent in his ah. to Marshal Gérard, 1832, 449.
sence, 15; her accession, 49; character, 50;| ANNWAR-OOD-DEEN, Indian Prince, iv. 203.
resolution to carry on William's policy; be- APPEALS, Statute of, voted by Parliament,
stows favors on Marlborough, declares war ii. 171.
against France, 5l; her growiny indiffer- | AQUITAINE, part of marriage portion of wife
ence to Duchess of Marlborough, 58, 67; of Henry Îl., i. 147, 149; English princes
interview with Mesnager, 68; forbids Ger- do homage for, 164; desiyned by Henry
man ambassadors to appear at court, 69; II. for his son Richard, 174, 176, 205;
her cold reception of Prince Eugene, 71, Ceur-le-Lion does homage for, to Philip
72; speech in Parliament on the peace, 73; Augustus, 181; revolts, 182; recognizes
dissolves Parliament, 76; death of her Jolin (Lackland) as liege-lord, 203; in-
husband, 77; gives her consent to the trigues of Philip, the heir, to gain posses-
union of England and Scotland, 79; for- sion of, 250, 251; recoverell by Edward I.,
mation of political parties in her reign, 80; 278; Edward III. does homage for, 10
establishes “Queen Anne's Bounty,” 81; Philip of Valois, 295; Black Prince estah-
her affection Tor Mrs. Masham, 82, 83; lished in, 331; claimed by Henry V., 383.
dissolves Parliament, 83; last interview

Eleanor of. Sec Eleanor of Aqui-
with Duchess of Marlborough, 84; refuses taine.
to summon the Elector of Hanover to ARAGON, its claims to Sicily, i. 248; defended
Blouse of Lords, 86; proclaims reward for ayainst the Bonapartes, iv. 385.
arrest of Pretender, 87; dismisses Oxford,

CATHARINE of. See Catharine of
transfers her confidence to Bolingbroke, Aragon.
88; her illness, 89; death, 90; landed.

King of, accompanies Henry II.
property qualitication for members of Par- against Toulouse, i. 152.

liament dates from her reign, v. 292. ARAPILES, battle of, iv. 396.
ANNE, Grand-duchess of Russia, Napoleon's ARBROATH, Abbot of, bearer of Baliol's re-
negotiations for marriage with, iv. 392. nunciation of homage to King of England,

of Austria (1602-1666), queen of i. 253.
Louis XIII., remark of Cardinal Retz in ARC, Joan of. See Joan of Arc.
regard to, iv. 224.

ARCHBISHOPRIC of Canterbury founded, i.36.
of Bohemia, queen of Richard II., i. ARCON, Chevalier d', French engineer, con-
350; her death, 352.

structs floating batteries at siege of Gib-
of Brittany (1476-1514), daughter of raltar, iv. 273.
Duke Francis, ii. 96; married to Maxi- Arcot, capital of the Carnatic, captureil and
milian of Austria, 97; annuls the mar- defended by Clive, iv. 204.
riage, marries Charles VIII., 98; subse- ARDEN, PEPPER, his motion to supply va-
quently wife of Louis XII., her death, 127. cancy occasioned by Mr. Pitt's accepianie

of Burgundy, sister of Duke Philip, of office, iv. 296.
marries Duke of Bedford, ii. 15; her etforis | ARGENSON, M. d', Secretary of'war to Lonis
to renew their alliance, 29; her death, 35. XV., nesitates to send Lally-Tollendal to

of Cleves, fourth wife of llenry VIII., India, iv. 207.
ii. 196; her personal appearance, 196; mar- ARGYLE, Archibald Campbell, fourth Earl
riage with the king, 197; is supplanted by of, governs Scotland with Earl of Arran,
Catharine Howard, accepts title of "adopted in name of Queen Mary, ii. 305.
sister” of the kiny, 198.

Archibald Campbell, Marquis of,
MORtimer, mother of Richard, Duke (1598-1661), attempts of Charles I. to ar-
of York, ii. 42.

rest, ii. 440; made Marquis, 441; defeated
Nevil, daughter of Earl of War- by Montrose in Scotland, i. 58; his acla
wick, marries Edward, son of Henry VI., vice to Scottish commissioners, 59; recep-
ii. 60; marries Richard of Gloucester, 65; tion of Cromwell at Edinburgh, 102; en-
is crowned, 77; her death, 81.

mity to Montrose, 135; present at his
ANSELM. See Archbishops of Canterbury. execution, 136; his treatment of Charles
Anson, COMMODORE GEORGE (1697-1762), I., 138; rivalry with Hamilton, 112; ex-

his expedition to Peru, circumnavigates ecuted, 285.
the globe, iv. 147.

Archibald Campbell, ninth Earl of,
General (1797-1857), commander-in- imprisoned for making reservation in
chief of English army in India, his death, taking oath of submission, ii. 289; his
v. 216.

escape, 2990; in exile at the Hague, 309;
ANTI-CORN-LAW LEAGUE, formed, Chartists at head of insurrection in Scotland in favor

refuse to ally themselves with, 71; Fox's of Monmouth, 311; taken prisoner, 312;
speech in support of, 72, 73; its rapid pro- his execution, 1685, 313.

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ARGYLE, Archibald Campbell, tenth Earl | ARNOLD, RICHARD, shot for insubordination,

of, (afterwari's first Duke, 1701), commis- iii. 98.
sioner of Scottish parliament to William Thomas, Dr. (1795–1842), of Rugby,
and Mary, iii. 375.

letter of, v. 2.); his death, 167.
John Campbell, second Duke of,

the king's brewer, juror on trial of
at meeting of privy council on illness of the seven bishops, iii. 312.
Queen Anne, iv. 89; commander-in-chief ARRAN, James Hamilton, second Earl of,
of royal troops in 1715, 99, 100; defeats afterwarıls Duke of Châtelherault, (re-
Mar at Sheriffinuir, 101, 102; reinforced, gent of Scotlanıl 1.542–1554) and chicf of
103 ; marches against insurgents, 105. Protestant party, ii. 205; returns to Cathol-

-, George Campbell, Duke cf, ardent icisin, 207; leider of Catholic party, 221;
supporter of abolition of slavery, v. 331; hieir-presumptive to Scottish throne; his
Indian secretary in Gladstone's cabinet marriage with Elizabeth contemplated,
(1368), 384.

274; revolts against Mary Stuart, 284;
ARGYLL. See Argyle.

flight to England; reception by Elizabeth,
ARKANSAS, State of, joins Southern Confed- 285; governs Scotland in Mary Stuart's
eracy, v. 322.

name, 30.); his domains ravaged by Enr
ARLINGTON, Henry Bennet, Earl of, (1618- lish troops, 305.

1685), member of Cabal ministry, iii. 265; in JAMES STUART, Earl cf, favorite of
favor of Dutch alliance, 267; his impeach- James VI. of Scotland, ii. 319; his power

ment proposed; leaves the ministry, 271, in Scotland; imprisoned, 320.
ARMADA, the Spanish, sets sail; disperseil

Earl of, son of Duke of Hamilton,
by storm, ii. 3 10; its disasters, 311, 312. proposes negotiations with James II., iii.
ARMAGNAC, Count of, afterwari's constable 360.

of France, father-in-law of Duke of Or- | ARRAS, congress assembled at (1435), ii. 36.
leans, i. 375, killed in massacre of Armag."ARROW," the Lorcha, ditficulties between
nacs in Paris, 1418, 395.

England and China in regard to, v. 235-
ARMAGNACS, the, partisans of the House of 237.

Orleans, i. 375; their struggle with Buur ARTEVELDT, JACQUES VAN, brewer of Ghent,
gundians, 384; powerful in Paris, 394, 393; contracts friendship for Edward III.,
massacre of, at Paris, 1418, 396.

i. 2.73; supports his cause in Ghent, 302;
ARMY, of the Long Parliament, Parliament slain by the populace, 1315, 303.

surrenders authority to, by Self-Denying PuiLiP van, killed at battle of Rose-
Ordinance, iii. 59-60; under control of the becque, 1382, i. 3.50.
Independents, 74; disbandment voted by Arthur, Kins, tradition concerning, ii. 91.
Parliament, 78, 79; insurrection incited by ARTHUR (1187-1202), son of Geoffrey Plan-
Indlependents, 79, 80; concessions of Par- tagenet and Constance of Brittany, i. 203;
liament to, 80; refuses to disband without attempts to become king of England, is
further guarantees, 81 : removes the king imprisoned and put to death, 205.
froni Holmby, 82-84;, advances on Lon- Arthur, Prince of Wales, son of Henry VII.,
don; demandis expulsion of eleven Pres- (1486-1502), his birth, ii. 90; marriage to
byterian inembers, 85; consents to with- Catharine of Aragon; death, 110.
draw, 86; enters into negotiations with the Artois, ravaged by Edward III. i. 128; by
queen, 86, 87; Independent members take Earl of Buckingham, 312.
refuge with, 88, 89; enters London, and Artois, ROBERT of, brother-in-law of Philip
restores the fugitive members, 89; assumes of Valois, accompanies Countess of Mont-
complete ascendancy, 90; disorders fo- fort to Brittany, i. 300.
mented by the Republicans, 90, 91, 92, 93; Count d', brother of Lonis XVI., it
outbreak of insurrection, 96; suppressed siege of Gibraltar, iv. 273; fails to appear
by Cromwell, 96, 97; in alliance with the at Quiberon Bay, 328. Sec France,
Republicans, causes expulsion of Presby- Charles X.
terian members from Parliament, 104, 105; ARUNDEL, Archbishop of Canterbury See
insurrection incited by the Levellers, 126- Canterbury.
128; bill for its reduction passed, after ARUNDEL, Earl of, proposes truce between
battle of Worcester, 159; Cromwell seeks Stephen and Prince Henry, i. 147.
its support against Parliament, 185, 187; Earl of, arrested, i. 352; executed by
in opposition to Parliament, 201, 202, 203, Richard II., 357.
204; on good terms with the Republican Earl of, warns Queen Mary of Nor-
Parliament, 211; the struggle renewed, thumberland's design against her, ii. 239;
213-217; appoints commissioners to treat announces his resolution to support her
with Monk, 220; necomes disorganized, cause, 241; advances against Wyat, 248;
224 ; is disbanded, 226.

favorite of Elizabeth, 278; joins Leicester,
ARNOLD, BENEDICT, (1740-1801), American 300; leaves Elizabeth's court, 302; his im-

general, failure of his attempt against prisonment and death, 321.
Canada, iv. 41; negotiations for giving up Earl of, father of Lord Stafford, iii.
West Point to the English, 259; joins 285.
British army, 261; reply of American pris- Earl of, made privy councillor by
oner to, 261, 262.

James II., iii. 330,
-, MATTIEW, English author, v. 169,

HUMPHREY, heads insurrection

against Edward VI., is executed, ii. 226.

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