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Página 65 - Master of long ago, namely, that "a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country, and in his own house.
Página 278 - War to inform you that he concurs in the views expressed in your communication to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, a copy of which was enclosed in your letter of the 15th instant, and also to state that the Adjutant General has been directed to transmit to Major General Pope a copy of the communication in question. THOS.
Página 431 - Winebagoes, that so far as respects their interest in the premises, the whole matter shall be referred to the President of the United States, whose decision shall be final. And the President is authorized, on their parts, to establish such boundaries between them and the New York Indians as he may consider equitable and just.
Página 194 - Michilimackinac, and sent to our villages on the Mississippi ? You told us you would never let fall the hatchet until the Americans were driven beyond the mountains. That our British Father would never make peace, without consulting his red children. Has that come to pass ? We never knew of this peace. We are...
Página 437 - The Menomonee chiefs request that such part of it as relates to the New York Indians, be immediately submitted to the representatives of their tribes. And if they refuse to accept the provision made for their benefit, and to remove upon the lands set apart for them, on the west side of Fox river, that he will direct their immediate removal from the Menomonee country ; but if they agree to accept of the liberal offer made to them by the parties to this compact, then the...
Página 436 - After dividing the district into two counties, the eleventh section of this law enacts, that there shall be appointed in and for each of the said counties such number of discreet persons to be justices of the peace as the President of the United States shall, from time to time, think expedient, to continue in office for five years.
Página 58 - Those who love not their fellow-beings live unfruitful lives, and prepare for their old age a miserable grave. ' The good die first, And those whose hearts are dry as summer dust, Burn to the socket !
Página 175 - In speaking of the early settlers, and their marriage connections, I should perhaps explain a little. In the absence of religious instructions, and it becoming so common to see the Indians use so little ceremony about marriage, the idea of a verbal matrimonial contract became familiar to the early French settlers, and they generally believed that such a contract of marriage was valid without any other ceremony. Many of the women, married in this way, believed, in their simplicity and ignorance, that...
Página 428 - Traverse,- thence westerly on the highlands between the Lake Superior and Green Bay to the upper forks of the Menomonee river, thence to the Plover portage of the Wisconsin river, thence up the Wisconsin river to the Soft Maple river, thence to the source of the Soft Maple river, thence west to the...
Página 216 - This idea was entertained favorably, and an hour or more consumed in its construction. Some oak floor puncheons, from seven to eight feet in length, were made fast to the axle in an upright position, and port-holes made through them. Finally, the battery was ready for trial, and was sufficiently large to protect some half a dozen or more men. It was moved forward slowly, and seemed to attract the particular attention of the Indians, who had evidently heard the knocking and pounding connected with...

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