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in short summary: since we are not writing histories but lires.-PLUTARCH.







Enterod according to Act of Congress in the year 1879, by

In the Office of the Librarian of Congress.


In the preparation of a work of this kind, local in its character, the reader can hardly conceive the difficulties that day across the author's path. Prejudice, jealousy, parsimony, false pride, modesty, real and imaginary, met him at every step.

The first question presented to his mind was, Ought the names of our distinguished dead to lie forever among forgotten things? He had no trouble in answering this query in the negative. But how should the rescue of their fame be accomplished? The life of any one would not pay or sell; nor would all Montgomery county's dead statesmen, if grouped by themselves, defray the expense of publication, as it is the living rather than the departed that mainly occupy the people's thoughts. Besides, a book concerning the citizens of a single county, however eminent the subjects might be, could not expect to command a full sale in distant counties. Hence the author was driven to the alternative of writing a home book to sell at the enormous price of six or eight dollars a copy, thus placing it out of reach of the masses, and virtually preventing its circulation, or of securing an endowment from the living, who might thereby assume the character of “patrons” of an enterprise to honor and do justice to our distinguished dead. The latter plan was adopted as most feasible. Accordingly, whenever a respectable citizen was found, willing to contribute ten dollars to the work (the book included), he was entitled to a sketch of his family and business on its pages. But very many of our wealthiest people—we state it with regret—were seemingly too cor.servative, unpatriotic, or morbidly modest; to contribute to the publication fund, though some have subscribed for the back, so

But the inception and financiał basis of the scheme were the least of the difficulties encountered: "Pátron's had to be personally solicited, their individual and family memoranda procured, often after repeated visits; authorities had to be examined, facts collated, and numberless letters written. The manner in which the author has now finished his work is admitted to be a fit subject for criticism. In further explanation he may be allowed to say, first, that his promise in the prospectus to avoid comment on the living has been found in most cases impracticable, and is partially disregarded. A



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