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City of Middletown

Revised and Published by the Authority of the City Com-

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Ordinances, of a general and permanent nature only, are contained in this book. Many ordinances, temporary in their character, have been omitted. The latter may be found in the books and records in the office of the Clerk in the City Building.

Since the last codification of ordinances in 1893, the city government has been changed from the federal form of government to the commission form of government. By virtue of the provisions of the charter, under which the city is now governed, all ordinances enacted prior to the adoption of the commission form of government and not inconsistent therewith, remain in full force and effect. The duties, powers and rights of the council and the offices by which the council administered the government of the city have been absorbed by the present form of government and have been conferred and delegated, automatically, by the provisions of the charter, to the City Commission.

G. W. A. WILMER. Middletown, Ohio, Dec. 1, 1915.

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