Ecological Economics: Energy, Environment and Society

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Blackwell, Jan 1, 1990 - Business & Economics - 287 pages
Agricultural energetics. The 'entropy law' and the economic process. Social-darwinism and ecology. Ecological and pecuniary economics. 'Social engineering' and the 'history of the future'. 'Modern' agriculture: a source of energy? Ethanol form sugar cane. The energy cost of modernizing chinese agriculture. The energy balances of Spanish agriculture (1950s - 1970s). Boussingault, liebig, guano and agrarian chemistry. The history of agricultural energitics: podolinsky. One of the Narodniki. Eduard Sacher's formulation of Podolinsky's principle. Rudolf Clausius: 'On the energy stocks in nature'. The electrical revolution. The club of ideologists. The kaiser's birthday. The coal question. Patrick geddes' critique of economics. Ruskin and geddes. An ecological critique of industrial urbanization. The carrying capacity of the earth, according to pfaundler. The energy cost of horizontal transport. The availability of energy and the energy requirements of humankind. Limits of the growth of food production. A simple account of the second law of thermodynamics. Henry adams''Law of acceleration' in the use of energy. Life against entropy. Soddy's critique of the theory of economic growth. Lancelot Hogben v. Hayek. Methodological individualism and inter-generational allocation. Neo-corporatist and neo-liberal macro-economics. Externalities. Max Weber's chrematistic critique of wilhelm ostwald. Ecological utopianism: popper-lynkeus nad ballod-atlanticus. The history of the future. Marxism and ecology. Political epilogue.

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