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Rev. E. Mannering, London: W. L. Alexander, D.D., Edinburgh.

J. Morison, D.D., LL.D., Brompton. J. Alexander, Norwich.

C. Morris, London. J. Bennett, D.D., London.

J. Parsons, York. T. Binney, London.

J. Paterson, D.D., Edinburgh. J. Bulmer, Bristol.

J. Raban, Stanstead, Herts. H. F. Burder, D.D., Hackney.

T. Raffles, D.D., LL.D., Liverpool. J. Burder, M.A., Bristol.

G. Redford, LL.D., Worcester. J. Clayton, A.M., Worthing.

A. Reed, D.D., London. G. Clayton, Walworth.

J. Reynolds, Halstead. T. Craig, Bocking.

W. Rooker, London. S. Curwen, Reading.

H. J. Roper, Bristol. T. East, Glasgow.

J. Sherman, Surrey Chapel. R. Elliott, Devizes.

J. Smart, M.A., Leith. W. Ellis, Hoddesdon.

G. Smith, Poplar. R. Fletcher, Manchester.

C. F. Steinkopff, D.D., London, J. Gilbert, Nottingham.

J. Stoughton, Kensington. J. N. Goulty, Brighton.

W.H. Stowell, D.D., Cheshunt College. R. Halley, D.D., Manchester.

J. Stratten, Paddington. J. Harris, D.D., New College.

T. Stratten, Hull. E. Henderson, D.D., Highbury.

S. Thodey, Rodborough. J. Hunt, Brixton.

P. Thomson, M.A., Chatham. J. A. James, Birmingham.

A. Tidman, D.D., London, W. Jay, Bath.

H. Townley, London. J. Jefferson, Stoke Newington.

W. Urwick, D.D., Dublin. T. W. Jenkyn, D.D., London.

R. Vaughan, D.D., Lancashire College. R. Knill, Chester.

R. Wardlaw, D.D., Glasgow. W. Legge, B.A., Reading.

M. Wilks, Paris. J. Leifchild, D.D., London.

J. Young, A.M., London, T. Lewis, Islington.









ANOTHER eventful year has been added to the existence of the EvANGELICAL MAGAZINE. It was Fifty-seven years old last September. But though it advances in years, it is hoped that no decrepitude marks its course. Able pens are engaged upon its pages from month to month ; and as the demand for effort increases, it is believed that it will be promptly and vigorously met. There is an abundance of sanctified talent within the reach of the Editor, and he will not fail to call it to his aid as circumstances may demand.

In these times, ability of a high order is demanded for the periodical press. Error, in various forms, is active and insidious beyond all former precedent, and mere common-place writing will not meet the require. ments of the age. But where is there a nobler sphere for the exercise of well-disciplined intellect than the cause of Evangelical truth, so unblush ingly assailed in the day in which we live? The revival of Romanism and the importation of German infidelity have only served to rouse us to a sense of our responsibility to the age; and we promise, in dependence upon God, that the course pursued by us, in 1851, shall be the model of still more laborious and determined efforts to maintain the interests of Revealed Religion and of Evangelical Protestantism. We have been at school during the past year, and the lessons we have acquired will enable us better to perform our duty to the public for the future, and to stand more prepared to meet the enemy in the gate.

Our settled conviction is, that our cheap literature, which circulates largely among the operatives and humble classes of this country, ought to exhibit a thoroughly healthy tone, both in intellect and sentiment. The habit of reading, amongst these classes, is every day increasing ; and it is just as necessary that they should be well instructed, in reference to all the errors of the day, as that the middle and higher classes should have their Quarterly Reviews, to enable them to keep their ground against the new forms of evil which are setting in upon us like a flood.

We think we have done our part in the great struggle of opinion which marks the present age. We are wide awake, and mean to keep

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