The Letters and the Life of Francis Bacon Including All His Occasional Works: Namely Letters, Speeches, Tracts, State Papers, Memorials, Devices and All Authentic Writings Not Already Printed Among His Philosophical, Literary, Or Professional Works, Volumen1

Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1861

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Página 107 - I confess that I have as vast contemplative ends, as I have moderate civil ends...
Página 369 - My lord, I see I must be your homager, and hold land of your gift ; but do you know the manner of doing homage in law ? Always it is with a saving of his faith to the king and his other lords ; and therefore, my lord, I can be no more yours than I was, and it must be with the ancient savings : and if I grow to be a rich man, you will give me leave to give it back again to some of your unrewarded followers.
Página 72 - Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath...
Página 106 - Again, the meanness of my estate doth somewhat move me : for though I cannot accuse myself that I am either prodigal or slothful, yet my health is not to spend, nor my course to get.
Página 385 - Netherlands, and about the end of the sixteenth or the beginning of the seventeenth century was brought thence to England by protestant refugees. Lewis Roberts, in ' The Treasure of Traffic,' published in 1641, makes the earliest mention extant of the manufacture in England.
Página 370 - ... altered in opinion towards me, when she knoweth me better. For myself, I have lost some opinion, some time, and some means; this is my account : but then for opinion, it is a blast that goeth and cometh ; for time, it is true, it goeth and cometh not ; but yet I have learned that it may be redeemed. For means, I value that most ; and the rather, because I am purposed, not to follow the practice of the law, if her Majesty command me in any particular, I shall be ready to do her willing service...
Página 357 - I have been like a piece of stuff bespoken in the shop: and if her majesty will not take me, it may be the selling by parcels will be more gainful. For to be, as I told you, like a child following a bird, which, when he is nearest, flieth away and lighteth a little before, and then the child after it again, and so in infinitum, I am weary of it...
Página 91 - Scripture for every thing ; and that they have, in a manner, deprived themselves and the Church of a special help and support, by embasing the authority of the fathers, they resort to naked examples, conceited inferences, and forced allusions, such as do mine into all certainty of religion.
Página 377 - So that if he will indeed lead vitam vitalem, a life, that unites safety and dignity, pleasure and merit ; if he. will win admiration without envy ; if he will be in the feast, and not in the throng ; in the light, and not in the heat ; let him embrace the life of study and contemplation.
Página 106 - I commend myself unto your Lordship. I wax now somewhat ancient : one and thirty years is a great deal of sand in the hour-glass. My health, I thank God, I find confirmed ; and I do not fear that action shall impair it, because I account my ordinary course of study and meditation to be more painful than most parts of action are.

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