The Parliamentary Or Constitutional History of England: Being a Faithful Account of All the Most Remarkable Transactions in Parliament, from the Earliest Times. Collected from the Journals of Both Houses, the Records, Original Manuscripts, Scarce Speeches, and Tracts; All Compared Withthe Several Contemporary Writers, and Connected, Throughout, with the History of the Times. By Several Hands...

Printed; and sold by T. Osborne; and W. Sandby, 1757

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Página 438 - in God, and not forget the Works of God; but ' keep his Commandments. ' This I thought had been a Song and a Work f worthy of England, whereunto you might have * happily invited them, had you had Hearts unto ' it. ' You had this Opportunity fairly delivered un* to you ; and if a Hiftory
Página 466 - provokes, and falls into the Hands of, the living ' God by fuch Blafphemies as thefe, according to ' the tenth of the Hebrews, If we fin "wilfully after ' that we have received the Knowledge of the Truth, ' there remains no more Sacrifice for Sin. It was.
Página 335 - done ; and thy Thoughts which are to us ward, they cannot be reckoned up in Order unto thee : If I would declare and fpeak of them, they are more
Página 342 - At the fame Time alfo we were in a War with France. The Advantages that were taken at the Difcontents and Divifions among ourfelves, did alfo foment that War; and at leaft hinder us of an honourable Peace; every Man being confident we could not hold out long. And furely they did not calculate
Página 336 - Thing. * What was the Face that was upon our Affairs as to the Intereft of the Nation; to the Authority of the Nation ; to the Magiftracy ; to the Ranks and Orders of Men, whereby England hath been known for hundreds of Years ? A Nobleman, a
Página 464 - lenge even all that fear God ; and as God hath ' faid, my Glory I will not give unto another ; let * Men take heed, and be twice advifed, how they ' call his Revolutions the Things of God, and his * working of Things from one Period to another,
Página 465 - are five or fix cunning Men in England that have ' Skill, they do all thefe Things : Oh what Blaf' phemy is this! becaufe Men, that are without God ' in the World, and walk not with him, know ' not what it is to pray, or believe, and to receive
Página 141 - he had heard fuch unbecoming Language given to ' the Parliament ; and that it was the more horrid ' in that it came from their Servant, and their Ser* vant whom they had fo highly trufted and obliged:" But as he was going on, the General
Página 372 - needfull ; but I think I need not. I was arbitra* ry in Power, having the Armies in the three Nations under my Command ; and truly not very ill beloved by them, nor very ill beloved then by the People, by the good People ; and I believe I
Página 175 - I think we have all to lament. Why, * truly you are called by God to rule with him and * for him ; and you are called to be faithful with « the Saints, who have been fomewhat inftrumen

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