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cation by the president the evidence, and the sole evidence of the fact. It follows that in case of an unsatisfactory modification of her edicts by Great Britain, the decision of the question itself, whether the ron-importation be actually in force or not, will be left to the courts, whence delays and embarrassments will

arise, which will considerably impede the operation of the law. II. The non-importation is to take place on the 2d day of February

next, if a revocation shall not have taken place before that day. But this may have taken place and not be known on that day in the United States. If the collectors abstain from seizing merchandise imported after that day, until the fact shall have been ascertained, and the edicts shall not have been revoked, the merchandise will escape forfeiture, and the law during that period will be inoperative. If they seize, and the edicts shall have been revoked, the seizures will have been illegal, and the collectors will be liable to personal suits. This inconvenience may be remedied by a provision directing that during that period it shall be the duty of the collectors to make seizures, but that the goods shall be restored to the parties on

their giving bond with suretics for the value. III. No exception has been made by the act in favour of vessels

which had sailed for the British East Indies prior to the president's proclamation; and the short period of three months from the date of that proclamation to the day when the law is to take effect, will occasion forfeitures or heavy losses, in cases of bona fide American property in England, paid for or ordered prior to the proclamation. It seems in every point of view eligible that cases clearly foreseen should be provided

for by law, instead of being left to executive discretion. IV. It is believed that an abandonment by the United States of their

share of the penalties and forfeitures which may be incurred, and the distribution of these according to the circumstances of the case, amongst the collectors, the other custom-house officers, the inspectors, who heretofore have had no share, and the informers, would insure a greater degree of zeal and vigi

lance in detecting and preventing infractions of the law. V. Some additional provisions will be necessary to enforce the

law on the northern frontier of the United States, amongst which may be reckoned, the erection of some new collection districts, particularly on the river St. Lawrence and in the eastern part of the state of Vermont; an increase of salary to the collectors in that quarter, inasmuch as, under the non-importation, that part of their compensation which is derived from fees will be considerably reduced, and that which arises from commissions altogether lost; and an authority to the armed force of the United States to make seizures. And it must be added that the peculiar situation of those districts will render condemnation extremely difficult, unless the obligation be

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October, 1809, to the 30th of September, 1810.


expenses both foreign and domestic, viz.


689,309 35
83,594 23
35,652 97
80,476 69

Washington, and furniture, tles in Louisiana,

44,448 18
6,740 87

51,189 05
16,158 36
16,981 27

and miscellaneous claims,
issippi to the Ohio,
ate of Ohio,

130 58

or congress,
on of the general post-office, &c.
reign nations,

145,095 37 sumed by the Louisiana con

9,101 66

55,855 58

1,000 13,000

885 53

154,197 03

1,247,300 06

Military expenses, viz. bthing, &c. of the army, 1,254,764 ts and harbours,

558,000 fenals, &c.

496,034 75

-2,308,798 75


2,516,423 75



95,735 50

other expenses,

1,674,735 50


S, d,

2,735,898 91
2,884,409 24

ury subject to warrant, September 30, 1810,

5,620,308 15 3,459,029 72

Dollars, 14,517,797 18

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