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Lafayette Ames, Assistant Doorkeeper.
Patrick Canavan, Assistant Doorkeeper.
M. Van Hise, Assistant Doorkeeper.

E. B. Hyde, Assistant Doorkeeper.
E. Morchauser, Assistant Doorkeeper.

Mrs. Mabel Pierson, Stenographer to President.
William Dennin, Messenger to President.

George Albro, Clerk to Temporary President.

Margaret Cashin, Stenographer to Temporary President. Ruth Curran, Stenographer to Temporary President. William S. King, Assistant Deputy Clerk.

L. P. Wilson, Messenger to Clerk.

Fred Forbes, Superintendent of Documents.

W. A. Jenner, Assistant Superintendent of Documents.
James Hoey, Assistant Superintendent of Documents.
W. H. C. Russell, Assistant Superintendent of Documents.
Katherine L. Kerr, Assistant Superintendent of Documents.
W. A. Freer, Superintendent of Wrapping.

W. B. Gleason, Assistant Superintendent of Wrapping.
Charles Freeman, Assistant Superintendent of Wrapping.
W. H. Thomas, Assistant Superintendent of Wrapping.
John S. Ray, Assistant Superintendent of Wrapping.
John S. Woodruff, Postmaster.

H. M. Selleck, Assistant Postmaster.
John J. Lynch, Post-office Messenger.

Major Poole, Janitor.

William Wilson, Assistant Janitor.
Francis A. Delaney, Assistant Janitor.
Jennie Fraser, Committee Clerk.
Peter Vanderpane, Committee Clerk.
Frank P. Call, Committee Clerk.
Frank Frost, Committee Clerk.
Everett Axtell, Committee Clerk.
John Towner, Committee Clerk.
M. F. Ford, Committee Clerk.
L. J. Green, Committee Clerk.
P. Sidney Hand, Committee Clerk.
Charles Stewart, Committee Clerk.
William Patterson, Committee Clerk,

Garrett P. Farrell, General Clerk.
Joseph Hills, General Clerk.

Albert Schweitzer, General Clerk.

Edward L. Stanton, Clerk to Minority Leader.
Gerald Casey, Committee Clerk.
Miller Allen, Committee Clerk.
E. K. Redington, Committee Clerk.
Raymond Fetterly, Committee Clerk.
E. J. Maddox, Committee Clerk.
Ella C. Heinz, Committee Clerk.
John Mackay, Committee Clerk.
Percy Weller, Committee Clerk.
Philip Levy, Committee Clerk.
W. A. Hammer, Committee Clerk.
Max C. Headley, Committee Clerk.
William Balis, Committee Clerk.
Irving Seligman, Committee Clerk.
J. W. Guilfoil, Committee Clerk.
Philip Blampied. Committee Clerk.
D. W. Pickens, Committee Clerk.
William McKnight, Committee Clerk.
David Durie, Committee Clerk.
A. F. Lent, General Clerk.
John McManus, General Clerk.
George F. Walker, General Clerk.
J. R. Richards, General Clerk.
Edward A. Cox, General Clerk.
C. R. Allen, Gencral Clerk.
Frank Stumpf, General Clerk.
George D. Smith, General Clerk.
Fred J. Shaffer, General Clerk.
Johnson Van Olinda, General Clerk.
Robert Spitzer, General Clerk.
Robert E. Tesnow, General Clerk.
John D. Payne, General Clerk.
Frank Johnson, General Clerk.
Otto A. Eberle, Jr., General Clerk.
Frances Myers, General Clerk.
K. L. Phillips, General Clerk.

Harris Joseph, General Clerk.
Percy Osborne, General Clerk.
H. G. Butterfield, General Clerk.
Arthur J. Evans, General Clerk.
Albert Gibilisco, General Clerk.
Kenneth Holcomb, General Clerk.
Francis X. Bongard, General Clerk.
Richard II. Jackson, General Clerk.
Thomas W. Christy, General Clerk.
Charles A. Smith, General Clerk.
Hattie Kaufman, General Clerk.
Matthew Sax, General Clerk.
John J. Sullivan, General Clerk.
Ernest L. Luff, General Clerk.
M. A. Robinson, General Clerk.
George Haswell, General Clerk.
M. E. Briggs, Stenographer.
Fred Koch, Stenographer.
Eloise Babcock, Stenographer.
Mrs. J. F. Hand, Stenographer.
Elsie Boyce, Stenographer.
Clement A. Munger, Stenographer.
Carolyn G. Bowen, Stenographer.
Sade B. Hayward, Stenographer.
Agnes Lyons, Stenographer.
Rose McCaffrey, Stenographer.
Willis Murdock, Stenographer.
Susan Lamb, Stenographer.
Mary H. Gannon, Stenographer.
Ruth Shepard, Stenographer.
Jessie M. Hillen, Stenographer.
Effie L. Mason, Stenographer.
George Norton, Stenographer.
Marie Traverse, Stenographer.
Bella McDonald, Stenographer.
Gladys Abeel, Stenographer.
Jane E. Cox, Stenographer.
Mrs. N. S. Parker, Stenographer.
Kathryn Fitzsimmons, Stenographer,

Helen J. Stafford, Stenographer.
Helen Mahoney, Stenographer.
Samuel D. Frey, Stenographer.
Catherine M. Luithlen, Stenographer.
James Eustis, Stenographer.
Benjamin Kunkle, Stenographer.
Bertha A. Brownell, Stenographer.
Catherine Delehanty, Stenographer.
Josephine Greed, Stenographer.
H. Tinley, Stenographer.
George Heim, Messenger.
William Shaw, Messenger.
Cecil Tooker, Messenger.
Andrew Lambach, Messenger.
Chandler Knight, Messenger.
Mary B. Wager, Messenger.
Lewis Alston, Messenger.
J. F. Bochetto, Messenger..
Franklin Kessler, Messenger.
William Bradford, Messenger.
John Gallahorn, Messenger.
Christian Hofman, Messenger.
Thomas A. Connolly, Messenger.
Henry Becker, Messenger.
William A. Smith, Messenger.
William Heatley, Messenger.
Clayton L. Landon, Messenger.
Charles Merrill, Messenger.
Charles Flynn, Page.
Arthur O'Connor, Page.
J. Bucci, Page.

Jesse Van Wormer, Page.
T. C. Connors, Page.
William Hammes, Page.
Vincent Allegretti, Page.
James Smith, Page.
Wm. J. Weingarden, Page.
J. H. Bowen, Page.

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