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All my thoughts to Thee are led ;
Present aid vouchsafe to bring;
Shelter my defenceless head

'Neath the shadow of Thy wing.
Plenteous grace with Thee is found,
Grace to cover all my sin;
Let the healing streams abound,
Make and keep me pure within,
Thou of life the Fountain art,
Freely let me take of Thee;
Spring Thou up within my heart
Unto all eternity.

[blocks in formation]

OUR God is love, and all His saints
His image bear below;

The heart with love to God inspired
With love to man will glow.

O may we love each other Lord,
As we are loved of Thee!
For none continue sons of God,
Who live in enmity.

Heirs of the same immortal bliss,

Our hopes and fears the same,

The cords of love our hearts should bind,
The fire of love inflame.

So shall the vain contentious world
Our peaceful lives approve,

And wondering say, as they of old,


See, bow these Christians love!"'

[blocks in formation]

Love divine, all love excelling,

Joy of heaven, to earth come down,
Breath of Christ in Christians dwelling,
Haste, Thy mercies seal and crown!
Jesu, to Thy holy nation

King and Lord, all kings above,
Visit us with Thy salvation;

Thou art God, and God is love.

Come, Almighty to deliver,

Let us all Thy grace receive;
Speed Thy final dawning, never

Never more Thine own to leave.
Day and night we fain would bless Thee,
Serve Thee with Thy saints on high,
Still by love and praise possess Thee,
Praise and love eternally.

O complete Thy new creation;
Pure and spotless we would be:
Grant us each a heavenly station;
Perfectly restored in Thee;
Brightening by the Almighty Spirit
In Christ's image more and more,

Till we all our bliss inherit,

And with all our crowns adore.


C. M.

LORD, what frail man observes how oft
He does from virtue fall?

O cleanse me from my secret faults,
Thou God, that know'st them all!

Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord,
Dominion have o'er me;
That, by Thy grace preserved, I may
The great transgression flee.
So shall my prayer and praises be
With Thy acceptance blest;
And I secure on Thy defence,
My strength and Saviour, rest.

[blocks in formation]

My Shepherd is the living Lord;
I therefore nothing need:

In pasture fair, near pleasant streams,
He setteth me to feed.

He doth convert and glad my soul,
And bring my mind in frame

To walk in paths of righteousness,

For His most holy name.

Yea, though I walk through death's dark vale,

Yet will I fear no ill;

Thy rod and staff they comfort me,

And Thou art with me still.

Goodness and mercy all my days
Shall surely follow me;

And in God's house for evermore
My dwelling-place shall be.

[blocks in formation]

As pants the hart for cooling streams,
When heated in the chase;

So longs my soul, O God, for Thee,

And Thy refreshing grace.

For Thee, my God, the living God,
My thirsty soul doth pine:
O when shall I behold Thy face,
Thou Majesty divine!

Why restless, why cast down, my soul?
Hope still, and Thou shalt sing
The praise of Him who is thy God,
Thy health's eternal spring.

[blocks in formation]

O GOD, Thou art my God alone;
Early to Thee my soul shall cry;
A pilgrim in a land unknown,
A thirsty land whose springs are dry.
Thee, in the watches of the night,
Will I remember on my bed;

Thy presence makes the darkness light,
Thy guardian wings are round my head.
Better than life itself Thy love,
Dearer than all beside to me;

For whom have I in heaven above, Or what on earth compared to Thee? 121.

L. M.

THOU, Lord, by strictest search hast known
My rising up, and lying down;

My secret thoughts are known to Thee,
Known long before conceived by me.
Thine eye my bed and path surveys,
My public haunts, my private ways;
Thou know'st what 'tis my lips would vent,
My yet unuttered words' intent.

Surrounded by Thy power I stand,
On every side I find Thy hand :
O skill, for human reach too high!
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!
Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,
If mischief lurks in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,

And guide me in Thy perfect way.

[blocks in formation]

THOU art the Way,-to Thee alone
From sin and death we flee;
And he who would the Father seek,
Must seek Him, Lord, by Thee.
Thou art the Truth,-Thy word alone
True wisdom can impart;

Thou only can'st inform the mind,
And purify the heart.

Thou art the Life,-the rending tomb
Proclaims Thy conquering arm;
And those who put their trust in Thee
Nor death nor hell shall harm.

Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life;
Grant us that Way to know,

That Truth to keep, that Life to win,
Whose joys eternal flow.

[blocks in formation]

HOLY Jesus, Saviour blest,
As by passion strong possessed,
Through this world of sin we stray,
Thou to guide us art the Way.

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