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But, chiefest, in our cleansêd breast,
Lord, may Thy Holy Spirit rest;
And make our secret soul to be
A temple pure, and worthy Thee!
So in the last and dreadful day,
When earth and heaven shall melt away,
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain,
Shall swell the sound of praise again.

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HARK! the song of jubilee,
Loud as mighty thunders roar,
Or the fulness of the sea,
When it breaks upon the shore;
"Halleluiah! for the Lord
"God Omnipotent shall reign;"
"Halleluiah!" let the word
Echo round the earth and main.

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Halleluiah!" Hark! the sound
From the centre to the skies,
Wakes above, beneath, around,
All creation's harmonies :

See Jehovah's banners furled,

Sheathed His sword: He speaks-'tis done,
And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of His Son.

He shall reign from pole to pole
With an ever-boundless sway;
He shall reign when, like a scroll,
Yonder heavens have passed away.

Then the end :-beneath His rod
Man's last enemy shall fall:
Halleluiah! Christ in God,
God in Christ, is all in all!

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O God, my heart is fixed, 'tis bent,
Its thankful tribute to present;
And with my heart my voice I'll raise
To Thee, my God, in songs of praise.
Awake, my glory; harp and lute,
No longer let your strings be mute;
And I, my tuneful part to take,
Will with the early dawn awake.
Thy praises, Lord, will I resound
To all the listening nations round:
Thy mercy highest heaven transcends,
Thy truth beyond the clouds extends.
Be Thou, O God, exalted high;
And as Thy glory fills the sky,
So let it be on earth displayed,
Till Thou art here, as there, obeyed.

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A GOOD and pleasant thing it is
To thank the Lord most high;
And with repeated hymns of praise
His name to magnify!

With every morning's early dawn
His goodness to relate;

And of His constant truth each night,
The glad effects repeat!

For thro' Thy wondrous works, O Lord,
Thou mak'st my heart rejoice;

The thought of them shall make me glad, And sing with cheerful voice.

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YE boundless realms of joy,
Exalt your Maker's fame,
His praise your song employ
Above the starry frame;
Your voices raise,
Ye Cherubim
And Seraphim,

To sing His praise.

Thou moon, that rul'st the night,
And sun, that guid'st the day;
Ye glittering stars of light,
To Him your homage pay;
His praise declare,

Ye heavens above,

And clouds that move
In liquid air.

Let them adore the Lord,
And praise His holy name,
By whose Almighty word
They all from nothing came;


And all shall last
From changes free;
His firm decree
Stands ever fast.
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PRAISE the Lord, His glories show,
Saints within His courts below,
Angels round His throne above,
All that see and share His love;—
Earth to heaven, and heaven to earth,
Tell His wonders, sing His worth;
Age to age, and shore to shore,
Praise Him, praise Him evermore!
Praise the Lord, His mercies trace;
Praise His providence and grace,
All that He for man hath done,
All He sends us through His Son :
Strings and voices, hands and hearts,
In the concert bear your parts;
All that breathe, your Lord adore;
Praise Him, praise Him, evermore!

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LORD, teach us how to pray aright
With reverence and fear!

Though dust and ashes in Thy sight,
We may, we must, draw near.
We perish if we cease from prayer;
O grant us power to pray;

And when to meet Thee we prepare,
Lord, meet us by the way!

Give deep humility, the sense
Of godly sorrow give;
A longing, lowly confidence,
To see Thy face, and live;
Faith in the only Sacrifice
That can for sin atone;

To rest our hopes, to fix our eyes,
On Christ, on Christ alone :

Patience to watch, and wait, and weep,
Though mercy long delay;
Courage, our fainting souls to keep,
And trust Thee, though Thou slay!

Give these; and then Thy will be done!
Thus strengthened with all might,
We, through Thy Spirit and Thy Son,
Shall pray, and pray aright.

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LORD Jesu! why, why dost Thou love
Such worthless things as we?
Why is Thy heart still turned to us,
Who seldom turn to Thee?
Thy bounty gives us all we have,
And we Thy gifts abuse;
Thy bounty gives Thy very Self,
And we Thyself refuse.

Alas! good Lord, we cannot love,
Unless Thou draw the heart:

Thou Who so kindly mak'st us know,
O make us do our part.

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