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Holy Jesus! when like night
Error dims our clouded sight,
Through the mists of sin to shine,
Thou dost rise, the truth divine.
Holy Jesus! when our power
Fails us in temptation's hour,
All unequal to the strife,

Thou to aid us art the Life.

Who would reach his heavenly home,
Who would to the Father come,
Who His glorious presence see,
Jesu! he must come by Thee.
Image of the Father's face,
Giver of the Spirit's grace,
Thee we praise, Incarnate Son!
Glory to the Three in One!


C. M.

O THOU, from whom all goodness flows,
I lift my heart to Thee;

In all my sorrows, conflicts, woes,
O Lord, remember me!

When on my aching, burdened heart
My sins lie heavily,

Thy pardon grant, Thy peace impart;
O Lord, remember me!

When trials sore obstruct my way,
And ills I cannot flee,

O let my strength be as my day;
O Lord, remember me!

When in the solemn hour of death
I wait Thy just decree,

Be this the prayer of my last breath-
"O Lord, remember me !"

[blocks in formation]

HARK! through the courts of heaven
Voices of angels sound,

"He that was dead now lives again,


He that was lost is found!"

God of unfailing grace,

Send down Thy Spirit now,
Raise the dejected soul to hope,
And make the lofty bow.

In countries far from home,
On earthly husks we feed :
Back to our Father's home, O Lord,
Our wandering footsteps lead.

Then at each soul's return,

The heavenly harps shall sound, "He that was dead now lives again, "He that was lost is found!"

[blocks in formation]

LORD, when we bend before Thy throne,

And our confessions pour,

Teach us to feel the sins we own,

And hate what we deplore;

Our broken spirits pitying see;
True penitence impart ;

Then let a healing ray from Thee
Beam hope on every heart.

When we disclose our wants in prayer,
May we our wills resign,

And not a thought our bosoms share
That is not wholly Thine.

May faith each weak petition fill,
And waft it to the skies;

And teach our hearts 'tis goodness still
That grants it, or denies.

[blocks in formation]

LORD, as to Thy dear cross we flee,
And plead to be forgiven,

So let Thy life our pattern be,

And form our souls for heaven.

Help us, through good report and ill,
Our daily cross to bear,
Like Thee, to do our Father's will,
Our brethren's griefs to share.

Let grace our selfishness expel,
Our earthliness refine,

And kindness in our bosoms dwell,
As free and true as Thine.

If joy shall at Thy bidding fly,
And grief's dark day come on,

We, in our turn, would meekly cry,
Father, Thy will be done.


Kept peaceful in the midst of strife,
Forgiving and forgiven,

O may we lead the pilgrim's life,
And follow Thee to heaven!

[blocks in formation]

JESU, meek and lowly.
Saviour, pure and holy,
On Thy love relying,
Hear me humbly crying.
Prince of life and power,
My salvation's Tower,
On the Cross I view Thee
Calling sinners to Thee.
There behold me gazing
At the sight amazing;
Bending low before Thee,
Helpless I adore Thee.

By Thy red wounds streaming,
With Thy life-blood gleaming,
Blood for sinners flowing,
Pardon free bestowing;
By that fount of blessing
Thy dear love expressing,
All my aching sadness
Turn Thou into gladness.
Lord in mercy guide me,
Be Thou e'er beside me;
In Thy ways direct me,
'Neath Thy wings protect me.

[blocks in formation]

LORD, help us in our earthly race,
While yet we stay below;

Help us, we pray, to grown in
As we in years do grow.


Each day we nearer are to death,
Our moments swiftly fly ;-
O fill us with a brighter faith
And warmer charity!

Teach us to look to that dread day
When this world shall be o'er,
When heaven and earth shall pass away,
And time shall be no more.

Thus shall the days Thou dost bestow
Be giv'n again to Thee,

Till brighter days than these below
Shine in eternity!

[blocks in formation]


in heart,

For they shall see their God:
The secret of the Lord is theirs,
Their soul is Christ's abode.

The Lord, who left the sky
Our life and peace to bring,
And dwelt in lowliness with men,
Their pattern and their King;—

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