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Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume,



BAUZIT, M. his objections
to the Apocalypfe of St.
John answered, 561.
ACHARD, M. his experiments on
the Electropherus, 514.

his memoir on the earth
which is the bafis of the vege-
table and animal creation, 516.
·ADAM, Meff. their oil-cement, re-

marks on, 72.
ADIEUX du Duc de Burgogne, 312,
AFFINITIES, chemical, new dif
cuffion of, on the principles of
Mr. Sage, 537.
AGRICULTURE, various obferva-
tions and experiments in, 22-
29, 169, 250, 471.
AIR, experiments on, 409, 444.
AMERICA, North, many parts of
little known, 90, French ac
counts and maps of not to be
relied on, 91. Prefent civil war
there poetically lamented, and
the calamities of described, 373.

AMSTERDAM, fuccefs of the fo-
ciety there, for recovering per-
fons apparently drowned, 567.
ANAXAGORAS, fome account of
his philofophy, 122.
ARABIA, accounts relative to,

APP. Rev. Vo!. lx,

ARABIANS, their skill in aftrono-
my, 528.

ARISTARCHUS, the aftronomer,
his difcoveries, 526.
ARISTOTLE, his philofophy ob.
fcure, 123. The value of his
writings eftimated, 330. His
rules for tyrannical government,
ib. His ideas of a just govern-
ment, 332.
ARITHMETIC of impoffible quan-
tities, observations on, 418.
ARTICLES, of the Church, lati-
tude in the interpretation of,
pleaded for, 85. The 18th Art.
interpreted, ib.
ASTRONOMY, hiftory of the va-
rious revolutions and improve-
ments in that science, 526.
ATHELSTAN, King, curious form
of a deed of gift by him, 263.
ATLANTIS, Platonic, effay on, 490.
AURORA Borealis, philofophical
inquiry into the causes of, 563.


BARDS, Welch, orders and de-
grees of, 36.

BEGUELIN, M. his obf. concerning
fome new properties of light,
BEEF-EATERS, derivation of, 259.

BERTHOUD, M. his time-keepers
tried, at fea, 154. Their ac-
curacy and utility, ib.
BLACKBURNE, Mr. his noble bo-
tanic garden, 240.

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BOLTON HALL, fome account of,

BONES, how used, and with what

effect, as a manure, 471.
BULL and Mouth Inn, etymology
of that fign, 259.
BURGUNDY, Duke of, his last
converfations, 312.
BRUCE, Robert, King of Scot-
land, his fpirited contests wiih
the Pope, 187.


CARVER, Capt. his motives for

travelling to explore the inte-
rior of North America, 90. Dif-
ficulties in the undertaking, 91.
His refolution in purfuing the
defign, 93. His papers detain-
ed at the Plantation office, 94.
CÆSARIAN fection, in child- birth,
reflections on, 60. Cafe of an
actual operation. 74.
CASTILLON, M. de, his aftrono-

mical and mathematical papers
in the memoirs of the Berlin

Academy, 519.
CASSINI, M. his voyage to New-
foundland, 71.

the elder, his great im-
provements in aftronomy, 533.
CEMENT, Adam's, the originality
of the invention of questioned,

CHARITY defined, 435. St. Paul's
difplay of poetically paraphrased,

CHARLEMAGNE, the Great, a bad

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CHINA, calculations of the no.
ber of inhabitants in that em
pire, 505, 548. Extraordinary
high intereit of money in that
country, 549. Conjectures re-
lative to the cause of, 550. Pre-
fent ftate of medicine there, ib.
Musk animal there, account of,
CHINESE, hiftorical account of the
feveral dynasties of their Empe-
rors, 501. Their high regard
to filial piety, 547. Il effects
of that predominant principle in
China, 548. Other particulars
relative to that people, 549.
CHOISEUL, Count de, his account
of the isles of Naxos, Tenos,
Syra, and Delos, 510.
CLERGY, Proteftant, in Ireland,
their disagreeable fituation, with
refpect to Tythes, 11.
CLERGYMAN, his proper charac
ter difplayed, with refpect to in-
fluence from example, 485.
COLLAR, wonderful. See FEAR-


COLONIES, British, of North A-
merica, exhorted to a reconci-
liation with Great Britain as
most for their real intereft, 125.
Horrors of the prefent war with
poetically and affectingly de-
fcribed, 373.

CooTE, Col. his generalship at
the battle of Vandiwash, 48.
COPERNICUS, his astronomical dif-

coveries, 528-529.

CORTES, his correfpondence with
Charles V. 556. His account
of his conquest of Mexico, 557.
His defcription of the court of
Mentezuma, 558. Of the dread-
ful and cruel circumftances of
the war, 559. His averfion to
the Spanish Bishops, ib.
COUGH, catarrhous, remedy for,

Cow, cafe of one nearly killed by
eating cabbages, 26. How cu
red, 27.


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CRITICISM, verbal, utility of af-
ferted, 375.

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CURFEW, account of, 261.


DELOS, island of. See CHOI-


DE LUC, M. his effay on pyro-

metry, &c. 420.
DESCARTES, his immenfe know-
ledge and discoveries, 532.
DIDEROT's effay on Seneca, 313.
DIMSDALE, Baron, his remarks
on general inoculation of the
fmall-pox, 313.


FACIUS, Profeffor, his Latin ver-
fion of the Orestes of Euripides,

FAERNO, fome account of that ex-
cellent man, 565.

FAITH, confidered as a virtue, 43 1.
FEARAIDHACH, King of Ireland,
wonderful virtues of his gold
collar, 105.

FEVER, fcarlet, &c. Account of
that which lately appeared at
Birmingham, &c, 224.
thod of treating, 227


DROPSY, cured by a chirurgical FIRE, natural and morbific, of the

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EGYPTIAN language, when firft
ftudied in England, 1. Culti-
vated at Oxford, 2. Grammar
and dictionary of, ib.
ELECTRICITY, remarkable cure
performed by, 414. Obf. on
electrical conductors, by Mr.
Wilfon, 415. Other obf. by
Mr. Swift, 417. See alfo E-

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GRAN, Archbishop of, his vaft
opulence and power. 562.
GRANGE, M. de la, his papers in
the memoirs of the Berlin Aca-

demy, 519.
GREEKS, ancient, their philofo-
phy generally characterised, 120.
their poetry, 123.
GUNPOWDER, experiments on the
force of, 417.

GYPSIES, their origin, 260.

HAY-MAKING, improved me-
thods of, 22.
HAZARD of farming, 172.
HEAT, animal, opinions relative
to the cause of, 385.

animal and vegetable, ac-
count of, 418.
HEBREWS, their poetry critically
explained, 132.
HELL, where placed by the an-
cients, 496.

HIPPARCHUS, the ancient aftro-
nomer, his discoveries, 525-

HISTORY of Ireland, 3.
HOEFMAN, Dr. his experiments
for the recovery of perfons ap-
parently drowned, 566.
HOLLAND, obf. on the prefent
ftate of affairs between that
country and England, 388.
HOLYWELL, town of described,'
Account of St. Wini-


fred's Well there, ib.
HUNGARY, great opulence and
power of the fuperior clergy
there, 562.

HUNTER, Dr. his reflections on
the Cæfarian festion, &c. 60.
on the heat of animals

and vegetable, 418.
HUTTON, M. his experiments

on the force of gunpowder, 417.
HUSBANDRY, uten fils and ma-
chines ufed in, new inventions
of and improvements in, 18.

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INDULGENCES, papal, curious
fpecimen of, 262.

INHALER, a machine used in cu-

ring the catarrhous cough, 62.
INNATE principles, existence of
proved, 333.

INOCULATION, of the fmall-pox,
new remark on, 149. See also
IRELAND, ancient hiftory of, 3. Early
cultivation of learning there, 7.
Philofophical furvey of the fouth
of, 8. Origin of the White Boys
there, 11. Of the Oak Bɔys,
12. Of the Steel Boys, 13. Far-
ther accounts of the ancient hif-
tory of that island, 95. Invaded
by the fons of Milefius, ib.
Completely conquered, 99. Po-
verty of the peasants, &c. there,
IRISH, ancient, connected with the
Carthaginians, 102.

prefent poverty of the
lower ranks of, 193.
IRISH-HOWL, whence derived, 10.
ISAIAH, his prophecies originally
written in verfe, 131. Critical
remarks and explications of,

Isus, the orator, fome account
of, 455. Compared with Ly-
fius, 456.


JUSTICIARY, Courts of, in Scot- MENTELLE's treatife on the sphere,

land, 355.


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LAMBERT, M. his papers in the

the Berlin memoirs, 513.
LAW, William, his enmity toward
Reafon, 241.

LEIBNITZ, M. his letters to F.
Orban, 542.
His littleness in
foliciting profitable appoint-
ments from the Emperor of Ger-
many, 543.

Le Roy, M. his clocks, for the
discovery of the longitude, tried
in a voyage to Newfoundland,
71. Other trials in various parts
of the globe, 154.

Dr. his account of the
fection of the fymphyfis of the
pubes, as a substitute for the
Cæfarian fection, 74.
LEVELLERS, or White Boys, of
Ireland, pleasant ftory of, 11,

the note.

LONGINUS, Mr. Toup's edition
of his works commended, 377.
Strictures on the ftyle and fenti-
ments of Longinus, 380.
LOWENDHAL, Count, anecdote

relative to, 545.


MESSIER, M. his aftronomical

papers in the Berlin memoirs,
METTAM, Mr. his letter to Mr.
Tillington, concerning a remark-
able phenomenon in the Derby-
fhire mines, 46.
MIDDLETON, Capt. his uncom-
mon bravery, 260.

MILLER, Mr. his account of Su-
matra, 420.

MILNER, Rev. Mr. his reflections
on the communication of motion
by impact and gravity, 418.
MINES, in Derbyshire, curious
accounts of, 45.

MOHAMMEDANS, various fects of
in Arabia and the Eaft Indies
defcribed, 305.

MORAY, Earl of, his negociations
at the papal court, 186.
MORE, Sir Thomas, remarks on
his character, 196.
MOUNTAINS in Swifferland de-
fcribed, 343.
MULLER, John, the inventor of
the Ephemerides, 529.
Music, French, obfervations on,
- Italian
MUSICAL eftablishments in Wales,
35. Degrees and diftinctions
in, 36.





LYSIUS, the orator, compared NABOB. See TANJORE.

with Ifæus, 456.


MACBRIDE, DE. his account of
an improved method of tan-
ning leather, 419.
MARGRAFF, M. his memoir of
the Saxon topaz, 513.

his fupplement to the
above account, 517-
ME, M. his fingular tafte in
gardening, 9. Cuts his park
into the form of a thistle, ib.
MELIORATIONS of foil, remarks
· ons 27.

NAXOS, ancient and present
ftate of, 509.
NECESSITY, philofophical, re-

marks relative to, 208.
NEWS-PAPERS, apology for their

licentioufnefs, 464. Benefits,
to the public, refulting from and
over-balancing this evil, 465.
NEWTON, Sir Ifaac, panegyrical
display of his immense discove.
ries in philofophy, &c. 533.
NINEVEH, remains of, 310.


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