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ENGINEERS MONTHLY JOURNAL. FRIENDS AND BROTHERS :- In presenting begrudge all the money or labor you have you with this number of the ENGINEERS' given to our cause." JOURNAL, we most respectfully tender you The JOURNAL has done very much to inour heartfelt thanks, and wish one and all troduce and advocate the merits of the a very “ HAPPY NEW YEAR." You have

Engineers Brotherhood. We frequently nuade this little journal a grand success, receive letters from gentlemen informing and it is a pleasure to us to acknowledge us that they have accidentally seen one your support, and to have the opportunity of our monthly JOURNALS, and that they to send you this, our Seventh Annual were both surprised and pleased to know Greeting.

that the engineers were so well organized. The contributions you have sent to the They commend both the JOURNAL and the JOURNAL hare made many a heart glad, organization, and are willing to help proand smoothed the rugged path of the mote both If every member of the Brotherwidow and orphan. While you have hood would take the interest in their own aided those that are in need of a friend, welfare that their friends feel for them, you have also done good service for the the JOURNAL and the Brotherhvod would cause of the Brotherhood.

be classed among the most successful enYour efforts to sustain the JOURNAL fur terprises in the country. Will each one the year just closed, enabled the Brother- of the twelve thousand subscribers of the hood to dispense as charities over six thou- JOURNAL send us, with their name, one sand dollars--and the reading af one let. new subscriber for 1873? ter from a recipient of your favors, wonld The past year has been a year of uno. pay you a thousand fold for the small out

sual prosperity for the JOURNAL. It has lay you made for the JOURNAL. One Broth

found many new contribntors, whose arer writes: “If you could have witnessed ticles are read with interest. It has also the gratitude that Mrs. expressed formed many new acquaintances, whose wben I gave her the donation that the influence is regarded as a valuable acqui. Brotherhood sent her, you would never sition. We commence the Now ***

sie camo

dent and sincere for yonr friends, as ours is for your future prugperity and happiness ; and we hope ihis year will close without sunderingany of those friendly ties which 80 happily exist at the beginning. We prowise to use our utmost exertions to merit your cordial support, and our prayer is, that we may all join with heartfelt ibanks at the close of the year in the salulation of a truly “Happy NEW YEAB," for 1874.

With many thanks for your favors, and an earnest request for your friendship and support for the JOURNAL, we are, with grateful hearts, very respectfully and fraternally

Yours truly,
CHARLES W'Ilson, G. C. E.,
L. B. GREENE, F. G. A. E.

with brighter prospects than we have ever 'bad hefore, and we fondly anticipate a grand sucess for the JOURNAL for 73.

Ins'ructive and enteriaining as the JOURXA has been in the past, we hope and intend to make it more so in the future. Our experience is continually growing greater and greater, and our anıbition is yel undininished.

Too cultivate a taste for reading in the mirds of the Brotherhood, and at the ganie lime contribute to their moral and intellectual advancement and growth by the character of its contenis, is the aim of Ile JorRNAI..

Another great principle with the JOURBAL is to inculcale in the niinds of the Brollierhout sentimenis of sell-respect and self reliance, thus strengthening and rendering more manly their characters, which uie iv endure with them through life.

And especially to the young men of our Order, and readers, does the JOURNAL furnish a fine field for intellectual im. provenient. By reading and writing for 118 columnis, they may largely increase their abilities, and as they advance in knowledge, they may correspondingly elevate their standing socially and professionally. thus fortifying themselves against many allurements and templations which may confront them, by hav. ing required self-respect and self-reliance.

The JOURNAL is also particularly devoted to the interest of the home circle of the Browherlomowl. Being a medium through which the wives, sisters and daughters, of all. may communicate in regard to the habits, qualities and characier, which njukes bole ibe briglalesi, happiest and nuist desirable place on earth.

Therefore, with a great reliance upon the countinlied interest of our old subseribers, who will bear witness in regard to the fuitillment of past promises, we enter ujron the duries of the year before us with the time collicrion That 1873 will be the niust -imieresting and prosperous year in the histury of the JOURNAL

your annual greetings be as.confi.

Boston, Dec. 18, 1872. MR. CHIARIES W'ILSON, GRAND CHIEF OT THE B. or L. E-Dear Sir ;-We, Engineers of the Busion & Worcester Division of B. & A. R. R, after perusing your address, delivered before the International Convention of the Locomotive Engineers, in St. Louis, and heartily endorsing those valuable truths and sentiments, cannot let them pass unnoticed. We have presented our pamps asking you to accept our many thanks, and assistance, if needed, to carry out those valuable principles, as you have taken sach a noble stand, in trying to elevate our positions as men, as well as engineers, in advocating temperance, and by improving our abilities, to advance us in our positions as Locomotive Engi


We also offer up our prayers to Divine Providence, that your life may be spared to see that state of things brought about along the Engineers.

Yours with ninch respect. J. M. Alger, S. B. Hobart, J. M, Alex ander, E L Wallace, Seth II. Ellis, J. W. Hurd. M. H. Taft, W. Goalding, J. W. Chamberlain, W. F. Leach, J. H. Chandler. W. H. Swallow, J. H. Baird, C. A. Fisher, A. F. Spencer. F. T. Ellenwood, A. L. Huer, Warren French-Lugineers B. & A. K. R.

T. L. Henderson, I. Brooks, Andrew Henry, J. A. Swinerton-Engineers F. R.

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