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24 per 10. on

the copper contained therela

3425 Copper-boaring ores and concentratos and articles

provided for in paragraph 316, 380, 381, 387.
1620, 1634, 1657. 1658, or 1659. Tariff Act of

1930 ..................
3425 Jul articles dutiable under the Tarif! Act of

1930, not provided for in the preceding item,
in which copper (including copper in alloys) is
the component paterial of chief value ..........


All artioles dutiable under the Tariff Act of

1930. not provided for in either of the two
preceding items, containing 4 per centum or more
of copper by weight .......................

1-1/24 per ld.
1-1/24 ad val.
or 3/84 per
18., which
ever is the


Topped crude petroleun, fuel oil derived from

petroleum including fuel oil lanown as goo oil,
and all liquid derivatives of crude petroleums
lubricating oil; gasoline or other motor fuel;
and paraffin and other petroleun was produots;
any of the foregoing sold for use as fuel
supplies, ships' stores, 80a stors, or logits-
nate equipmont on vessels of war of the United
States or of any foreign nation, vessels
erployed in the fisheries or in the wbaling
business, or actually engaged in foreign trade
or trade botwoon the Atlantic and Pacific ports
of the United States or between the United
8tatos and any of its pOBS06B1ons .......

Exempt fron

taxes inposed by sections 3420 and 3422, Intornal Revenue Code, subject to the provisions of section Internal Revenue Code

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Plavoring extraots, and natural or synthetic

fruit flavors, fruit esters, oils and es.
sences, all the foregoing and their combine
Containing 20 per centum of alcohol or

less .................................
Containing more than 20 per centum and

not more than 50 per oontum of alcohol... Containing more than 50 per centum of

alochol ........

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Provided, That, whenever the foregoing pro

ducts are subject to a Foderal tax on the
alcoholic content measured in whole or
in part by the rate of an internal red-
eral tos imposed in respect of the al-
ochol contained in the Ulke danestio pro-
ducts, the spcoitio parts of the fore-
going rates shall be reduced fron 12, 24,
and 48 ounts to 7-1/2, 15, and 30 oents,
respectively, and the ad valoran parts
ther of shall be reduced in each case to
10% ad valorone

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Rate of Duty

Act of 1930,

Description of Producto
52 Shast oil and shark-liver oil, inoluding oil

producod from abarkı bora au dogfish, not
spocially provided for .......................

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Boxes, barrels, and other articles containing

oranges, lapons, lines, grapefruit, abad

docks or podelo: ............................
Provided, that the thin wood, so called, 00D-

prising the sides, top 3, and bottons of
fruit bozos of the growth or Danufacture of
the United States, esportod as fruit-boz
shooks, Day be reimported in completed fora,
filled with front, by the payment of duty at

10% ad val. 1/2 the rate toposed on pinilar boxes of entirely foroign growth and damfao ture

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0.34254 per , 0.0075 per 1).

additional, and trao tions of a degros la proportion

502 | Molasses and rigar sirups, pot pocially provided

Oontaining soluble ponggar solids (exclude

ing any foreign substance that day have
been added or dovoloped 10 the product)
equal to bore than 6 por contun of the
total soluble solids!
Testing not abovo 48 per contu total

sugars ......
Testing above 48 per conto total

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0,097 por el 0.0994 add

tional for bash per com tuo of total

gari and tractions of & per conto la proportion


Testing not above 48 por ccntun total

sugar ......
Tosting above 48 por contur total

0.4 per cal.


1opal for mach per o tue of total

irections of a por conta in proportion

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