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Part 1 (continued)

Australian farist Item

Desoription of Produots

Rate of Duty



15 per cent

....../. ....../.


biotal-worlding machines and appliances, etc.
(29) wlling machines
(34) Planing machines
(88) Drilling, Boring and Reaning Machines,

webined or separate, with sechanioal
feeds, eth drilling capacity over
2 inohes from the sould

ad male
(29) Drilling Machines, horisontal
(90) Drilling Machines, portable, radial
(9) Drilling Machines, Radial, except those of

gleder type
(92) Drilling Machines, rail or bogey type

ad nie
(93) Druling Machines, vertical, equipped with

feeds operated by xahanical as distinct
fra hand power, exceeding nine sixteenths
inch drilling capacity in old steel or
oth maran speed in excess of

5,000 r.pinte
(94) Drilling Machines, vertical, oth larinite !

variable speeds, haring a madis speed

of 6,000 rp.n or over
(95) Drilling and Sletting Machines, for

piston rings
(205) Grinding and Fluting Machines, cebined,

25 per cent



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174() (continued)

Metal-worldng machines and applianoes, cto.
(106) Grinding machines, eto. (continued)

Cutting off
Cylindor Rcborers or Grinders of the

partable type
Coubination Cutting and Grinding
machinca, electrically des von or
driven by oloctrio wtors, for the
reconditioning and running a
aatongbilo oncino pistons and valves
Emory Wacel standa
Pacing and Refacing, combined a

soparate, valm
Gulleting Machines
Hob, with hand feoda
Knife Jointers
Hortioe Chain
Portable cleotrio
Swing Frame
Tool Post
twist Drill
Turning and Grinding, for hand-finished

Valve, and
Plain, Cylindrial, Universal, Tool and
Cuttor, Piston and Automobilo Parts
Grinders, with capacities of loss than
30 inohos be tiroen oentres, with or
without automatic feeds to the table of
the mechanioal typo, but ozoluding such

nachdnes with hydraullo feods
(194) Shaping Machines, Cear
(235) Shaping Machines, power des von

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MOB: The produits provided for under the paragraphs of Itou 174,

against wioh the eyebol 0/. uppoars, shall be exempt from adinary
pittavoured atha auntoms duties which exceed the preferential
doties on such products by more than 15 per cent, ad malariato


Part 1 (continued)

Tarift Itaa

Description of Produots

Rato af Duty


Bx 176(F)(1)

Ex 176(P)(1)

Ex 176(F)(1)


lother machines and appliances, vix. :-
(36) Hand tools (excepting spray guns and orcase

guns or lubrioa tors), pneumatic, partable,
but not including anaps

...... 01.
Air or Gas Compressors, n,e.d., and Air or Gas
Exhauteri, noe, i.

424 per cent, Ite tal-worldng machines, viz. :

Drilling machines, n. e, 1.3
Grinding Machines, n.e. 1.;
Lathes, n.e...)
Planing and Shaping Machines (combined), n.o.d.

ad nal. 50 per orat. Wool Soouring and Washing machines

ad vale bo per conto Rufrigerators, mechanical, of thc types used for

food storage, up to and including 10 cubic fect
gross internal capacity, and parts thereof, 7e. :-
(1) Refrigerators 1r.uiuding mechanical driving

units and apparatus for transmitting power
from such driving units to the driven

ad val. 55 per cent. (2) Parts (when not incorpora ted in completo

refrigerators) imported in an assembled or
partly assembled condition, vs.:-
(b) Compressors (not forming part of sealed

or semi-sealed refrigerating units)
(1) Single cylinder

ad nal. 55 per cent. (2) Double cylinder

ad val. 55 por ocato (0) Evapora tors (not forming part of scaled or semi-bealed refrigerating units)

ad val. 55 per cent. (a) Sealed or send-sealed refrigerating

units, including mechanical driving
units and apparatus for transmitting
power from such driving units to the
driven uni to

ad vall 55 per cent, (e) Other

ad vale 55 per cent.


NOTE: The products provided for under the paragraphs of Item 176,

against which the symbol c/. appears, shall be except fra ordinary
mostravured-nation customs dutics which exoced the preferential
dutos on such products by more than 15 per cont, ad valore


Part I continued)

Australian teist Iten

Desoription of Products

Rate of Duty


55 per cent. 55 per cent,

176(7)(2)(0) 16(x)(2)

Refrigerating appliances and parts thereor imparted

in an assembled or partly assembled oondi tion
(other than refrigerators and parts thereof
enumerated in sw-paragraph (a): ne ta pressing
for cabinets for refrigerating appliances ad val
Parts nei, of refrigerating appliances ad val.
we ters mee, 1., pochanioally or elootrioally

operated, for measuring gas air stean oil water
or other fluids, including panals imported with
such me tors and including parts of such meters
Imported separatc ly or otherwise (but not
including (1) meters or parts of me ters ou table
for we in the retailing of petrol (1) positiv
type water meters up to and including 3 inches
in size and parts thereof excepting meters
constructed for measuring hot water in a boiler
house or cngine howe (111) Larerential water
meters of the turbine and also types and parts
thercof and (iv) inferential water meters of the
compound or combination type and parts therca )s
Ganges and controllers for water filtration plant
and mechanisms for tranand tting loss of head or
rate of flow to such gauges, Gauges (other than
those of the typo used on motor vehicles for
indicating the amount of petrol in the tank of
the motor vehi ole) for Indicating or recording
Liqua lowl in roservirs canals nors or
tanlos, 00 and 002 Indioators and fooorders
including aspirators and filters for we thara
with: Regulating and controlling devices,
automatic (other than those woed in refrigerating
for rogulating temperature humidity pressum
vacım or rate of flow Temperature measuring
instruments whether indicating a recording or
combinations of both, apparatus for remote
indication or recording of tonperatura masura
nents, and parts thereof imported soperately or
otherwise, using any of the following basio
principles, vs.;- mcroury in steel bulb type,
gous filed but type, vapour but type,
potentiometer thermocouple type, thermoelootto
pyrone ter type, oleotrioal resistanoe thermometer
type, and bi-metallic strip type -
(a) As prenoribed by Departon tal By-Laws ad val.
(0) Other than those proscribed by Departrental

By-law under sub-paragraph (a) ad val.

20 per conto

20 per oent.

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177 (B)


10 per cent,

Iractors and tractor parts (but not including

Anches or pneumatic rubber tynts and tubes.
whether imported with the complete tractor or
Tractors but not including the folloing when
inported therewith, víz,:- tractor wheels and
tractor wheel centres, por iso rith pneumatic
tyrce -
(a) As prescribed by Departraental Byulan

ad val.
(0) Other than those prescribed by Departmental

By-Laws under sub-paragraph (a), as

prescribed by Departmental By-laing
NOTE: The Government of the Commonwealth of

Australia shall be free to make, esand or
revoke By-Laws relating to products
adrid se iblc inder Items 177()(1)(a) and

NOTE: Thc products provided for under

I tom 177(3)(1)(b) shall be exempt from
ordinary most-fnvourcd-nation customs duties

thich excecd the preferential duties on such
products by more than 121 per cont,
ad valoreme

B/. See note at end of Part I.

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