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He was the North, the South, the East, the West,

The thrall, the martyr, all of us in one;

There was no section that he held the best;
His love alone as impartial as the sun;

And so revenge appealed to him in vain,
He smiled at it, as at a thing forlorn,
And gently put it from him, rose and stood
A moment's space in pain;
Remembering the prairies and the corn
And the glad voices of the field and wood.

And then when Peace set wing upon the wind,
And northward flying fanned the clouds away,
He passed as martyrs passed. Ah, who shall find
The chord to sound the pathos of that day?
Mid-April blowing sweet across the land,
New bloom of freedom opening to the world,
Loud paeans of the homeward looking host.
The salutations grand

From grimy guns, the tattered flags unfried;
But he must sleep to all the glory lost!

-Maurice Thompson.

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Halleck's American
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Halleck and Frantz's Our
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Oldest and Best-Established School Board Periodical on the Pacific Coast Representative of California Federation of School Women's Clubs, Teachers' Association of San Francisco and devoted to the interests of 20,000 Teachers of California


The Western JournalofEducation


RUTH THOMPSON, Assistant Editor.

OFFICIAL DEPARTMENT-Official News and Articles furnished by Will C. Wood and other members of the State Department of Education.

ALICE ROSE POWER, School Director, City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco, Associate Editor.

Founded in 1895, it commands the support of every teacher who is interested in the newest lines of educational thought, and of every trustee who desires to keep in touch with movements for the betterment of the schools. It is not run in the interest of any special organization, of any interest or type of educational doctrine. Its field includes an optimistic support of the best class of educational uplift, both of men and measures.

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Price 15 Cents


TIME: Evening.


JOHN: Did you ever learn a poem to re-
I re-

PLACE: Living room of John's home. Door cite on Washington's Birthday, Mother?
is at left of room.

PROPERTIES: Several chairs, a table, books,
sewing materials, door bell, picture on wall.

John, a school boy.
John's mother.

Marian, a school girl.
Alfred, a school boy.

Thirteen other school boys and girls.

The scene opens showing John, sitting at a table in the living room, trying to study his lessons for the next day. His mother sits near him, sewing.

JOHN, rubbing his head and closing a book impatiently: Oh, Mother, it seems to me that I'll never in the wide world learn this poem.

MOTHER, looking up from her sewing: What poem is it, dear?

JOHN: I'll read a part of it to you so you'll get the idea. You know tomorrow's Washington's Birthday and the teacher has asked each one of us to observe the day by doing something that we have thought of ourselves. I thought a poem would be the easiest and I'm trying to learn. this. Reads in sing-song manner:

"Seventeen hundred and thirty-two
Gave birth to Washington;
This was fifty years before
Independence here was won.

"For in seventeen-hundred and eighty-three
The treaty of peace was signed,
And the plans for this were mostly
In our brilliant hero's mind.

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MOTHER, laughing: Yes, indeed! member one that I learned years ago, very well. JOHN: Do repeat it, Mother. Maybe I'll learn it instead of this poem after all. MOTHER, laying aside her sewing and rocking back and forth:

"He had a hatchet, little George,
A hatchet bright and new,

And sharp enough to cut a stick,
A little stick in two.

"He hacked and whacked and whacked and hacked,

This sturdy little man;

He hacked a log and hacked a fence
As round about he ran.

"He hacked his father's cherry tree
And made an ugly spot.

The bark was soft, the hatchet sharp,
And little George forgot.

"You know the rest. The father frowned
And asked the reason why;
You know the good old story runs,
He could not tell a lie.

"The boy that chopped that cherry tree Soon grew to be a youth;

At work and books he hacked away And still he told the truth.

"The youth became a famous man
Above six feet in height,
And when he had good work to do
He hacked with all his might.

"He fought the armies that the king
Had sent across the sea;

He battled up and down the land
To set his country free.

"For seven long years he hacked and whacked
With all his might and main,
Until the British sailed away

And did not come again."

JOHN: Oh, that's a dandy, Mother!

Mother picks up her sewing and begins to work again. Door bell rings.

JOHN: There's the door bell. Oh, dear, now I never WILL get anything done.

MOTHER, lays aside work and starts to the door: You stay right where you are and learn your poem and I'll answer the bell and try to keep things quiet. I really hope this will be a lesson to you, Son, to get your work done on time after this.

Mother opens door as John resumes his study and is heard to repeat again and again:


"Some in war show forth their skill, But in peace have not a place"Mother remains at door whispering to some In a moment she turns and looks at John. Then smiles, opens the door wider to admit fifteen boys and girls who file quietly in. They stand in a row. John looks up astonished as he sees his schoolmates. Mother quietly seats herself again and takes up her sewing.

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