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THESE Volumes are offered to the Friends of BISHOP SANDFORD, in deference to wishes expressed by them immediately on his decease, and, under the conviction, that having been best acquainted with him while living, they were best qualified to estimate the propriety of a posthumous publication.

In deference to the same wishes, they have been carried through the Press with more rapidity than might have been otherwise desirable; but it is hoped not so rapidly as to injure their general acceptance.

The writer of the Memoir is happy to acknowledge his obligation to Bishop Walker for information relative to the Union of the Scottish Episcopal Church, and to the valuable work of the Rev. Mr Skinner of Forfar, for the circumstances of the Church previous to that event. For the particulars of the late Bishop's last illness and death, he is indebted to those who were more happy than himself in being personally present at that affecting and edifying scene.

Chillingham, July 1st, 1830.

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