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Universal Atlas Cement Co.:

Duluth, Minn.
Indiana Harbor, Ind.:

Buffington Plant.

Buffington Plant.
Virginia Bridge Co.:

Birmingham, Ala.
Memphis, Tenn..
Roanoke, Va..
Drafting Department Employees: Roan-

oke, Va.
United States Steel Products Co.: Bennett

Mfg. Division, Chicago, III.
Virginia Bridge Co.: Birmingham, Ala..
American Bridge Co.:

Gary, Ind
Minneapolis, Minn.
Pittsburgh, Pa.:

Shiffler Plant.

Shifer Plant
Consolidated Western Steel Corp.:

Maywood, Calif
Maywood, Calif.

Vernon, Calif.
Oil Well Supply Co.: Oil City, Pa., Imperial

United States Steel Co.: Pittsburgh, Pa.,

Building Service Employees.
United States Steel Products Co.:
Boyle Mfg. Division:

Alameda, Calif., and
Los Angeles, Calif
Alameda, Calif., and

Los Angeles, Calif.
Petroleum Iron Works: Beaumont, Tex
United States Steel Supply Co.: Newark, N.J.,

Waverly Warehouse.
Columbia Steel Co.:

Torrence, Calift

Pittsburg, Calif.
Geneva Steel Co.: Provo, Utah, Ironton Works.
National Tube Co.: Gary, Ind.
United States Steel Co.:

Duquesne, Pa.
Braddock, Pa.: Edgar Thomson Works.
Gary, Ind
Youngstown, Ohio (3 plants under 1 con-

Ohio Steel Works.
Upper Union Mills.

McDonald, Ohio: McDonald Mills
Taylor Forge & Pipe Works: Cicero, m..
Armco Steel Corp.:

Ashland, Ky

Baltimore, Md.: Rustless Div.
Copperweld Steel Co.: Warren, Ohio
Detroit Steel Corp.:
Detroit, Mich.:

Craine-Schrage Steel Div.
Mill Division

Reliance Division
Hamden, Conn.: New Haven Unit.

New Boston, Ohio: Portsmouth Works
Firth Sterling Steel & Carbide Corp.:
McKeesport, Pa.:

Steel Div.

Firthite Div.
McKeesport, Pa.
Granite City Steel Co.. Granite City, III
Great Lakes Steel Corp.:

Ecorse, Mich.: Great Lakes, Michigan

Steel and Hanna Furnace.

Terre Haute, Ind.: Stran Steel Div. Hanna Furnace Corp.: Buffalo, N. Y Inland Steel Co.:

E. Chicag), Ind.: Indiana Harbor Works.

Chicago Heights, Ill.. Newport Steel Corp.:

Newport, Ky.: Rolling Mill Div.

Wilder, Ky.: Open Hearth.
Northwestern Steel & Wire Co.: Sterling, ni..
Rotary Electric Steel Co.: Detroit, Mich.

Plt. proten.
Plt. proten.
Plt. proten
Plt. proten.

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P. & M Local C

P. &M Local D

P. & M.
Local E.

P. & M
Sparrows Point, Md.:
Finishing Side Plant

P. & M.
Steel Side Plant

P. &M
Johnstown, Pa.:
Gautier Div.

P. &M
Wheel Plant

P. & M Wire Mill Div.

P. &M Franklin Div.

P. & M Lower Cambria Div..

P. & M Chicago, Il...

P. &M Cambridge, Mass. (Boston Warehouse) P. & M

75, 596



2632 2633 2634 2635 2644 3068 3746

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Bethlehem Steel Co.-Continued
Lackawanna, Buffalo, & Blasdell, N. Y... P. & M...

Hourly paid employees: Order, AC

counting and Mill Clerks Depart

ment Units.
Bethlehem Steel Co. (Quarries):
Bethlehem Quarry.

P. & M
Bethlehem Slag Plant.

P. & M
Cornwall Ore Mines..

P. &M
Hanover Quarry

P. & M
Lebanon, Pa. (Concentrator Plant). P. & M
Naginey Quarry

P. &M
Steelton Quarry

P. &M
Sparrows Point, Md. (Foamed Slag P. & M

Lackawanna, Buffalo, and Blasdell, N. Y. - Salary.

Salaried employees of the Order, AC

counting and Mill Clerks Depart

ment Units.
Bethlehem, Pa.

Steelton, Pa.

Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp. (sub.,
Bethlehem Steel Co.):
So. San Francisco, Calif..

P. & M
Seattle, Wash.

P. &M
Alameda, Calif

P. & M
Los Angeles Plant, including Warehouse P. & M.

at Vernon, Calif.
Los Angeles, Calif.: Fabricating Plant... P. &M

Seattle, Wash.: Seattle Fabricating Works. P. & M
Bethlehem Supply Co. of California (sub.,
Bethlehem Steel Co.):
Los Angeles, Calif.

P. & M
Tulsa, Okla

P. & M.
Buffalo Tank Corp. (sub., Bethlehem Steel
Lackawanna, N. Y.-Buffalo Plant.. P. & M
Charlotte, N. C.

P. &M
Dunellen, N.J

P. & M
Dundalk Co. (sub., Bethlehem Steel Co.): P. & M

Sparrows Point, Md
A. M. Byers Co.:
Pittsburgh, Pa.: South Side Plant-

P. & M.
Ambridge, Pa.

P. & M
Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp.:

Buffalo, N. Y.: Wickwire Spencer Steel P. & M

Pueblo, Colo.: Minnequa Plant...

P. & M
Clinton, Mass.: Wickwire Spencer Steel P. & M

Palmer, Mass.: Wickwire Spencer Steel P. & M.

Worcester, Mass.: Morgan Plant...

P. & M.
Clinton, Mass.: Wickwire Spencer Steel Salary-

Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp.:
Pueblo, Colo.

Tonawanda, N. Y.: Wickwire Spencer Salary..

Steel Div.
Pueblo, Colo...

Plt. protcn.-
Pueblo, Colo.: Water Dept. of Minnequa P. &M.

Plant & San Carlos Líme Quarry and

Clay Pit.
Claymont Steel Corp. (sub., Colorado Fuel P. & M.

& Iron): Claymont, Del.
Crucible Steel Co. of America:
Pittsburgh, Pa.: Spring Works..

P. & M.
Midland, Pa.: Includes National Drawn P. & M.

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Park Works.

P. & M
Syracuse, N. Y.: Sanderson-Halcomb Div. P. & M.
Harrison, N.J.:
Spaulding Works.

P. & M
Spaulding Works..

P. & M
Syracuse, N. Y.: Sanderson-Halcomb Div. Salary.
Midland, Pa.: Includes National Drawn Salary

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Park Works..

Harrison, N. J.: Spaulding Works.

Plt. proten..
Syracuse, N. Y.: Sanderson-Halcomb Div. Plt. protcn..

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Order & Shipping Department.
Buffalo, N. Y.: Yard Office Employees. Salary
Canton, Ohio: Canton Alloy Div.

Cleveland, Ohio: 98-inch Strip Mill. Salary
Gadsden, Ala

Salary Gary, Ind. (Union Drawn Steel Div.). Salary Youngstown, Ohio....

Salary Lyon Mountain, N. Y.(Chateaugay Dist.). Mines Minesville, N. Y. (Port Henry District) Mines.

3206 3678 4309 4382 3603 3486 3533 3670

12 200 190

50 465 519 745


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654 296 45 77

1, 253



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