North American Free Trade Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America, the Government of Canada and the Government of the United Mexican States: Annex 302.2 Schedule of the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1992
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Lac gums resins and other vegetable saps and extracts
Preparations of meat of fish or of crustaceans molluscs or other aquatic
Chapter Page
Cocoa and cocoa preparations
Preparations of cereals flour starch or milk bakers wares
Preparations of vegetables fruit nuts or other parts of plants
Chapter Page 21 Miscellaneous edible preparations
Beverages spirits and vinegar
Residues and waste from the food industries prepared animal feed
Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
Abbreviations The following abbreviations used in this
Ores slag and ash
Mineral fuels mineral oils and products of their distillation bituminous substances mineral waxes
Inorganic acids and inorganic oxygen compounds of nonmetals
Inorganic bases and oxides hydroxides and peroxides of metals
Salts and peroxysalts of inorganic acids and metals
Organic chemicals
Alcohols and their halogenated sulfonated nitrated or nitrosated derivatives
Other symbols and abbreviations used in this schedule
Phenols phenoalcohols and their halogenated sulfonated nitrated or nitrosated derivatives
Ethers alcohol peroxides ether peroxides ketone peroxides epoxides with a threemembered ring acetals and hemiacetals and their halogenated sulfona...
Aldehydefunction compounds
Ketonefunction compounds and quinonefunction compounds
Carboxylic acids and their anhydrides halides peroxides and peroxyacids and their halogenated sulfonated nitrated or nitrosated derivatives
Esters of inorganic acids and their salts and their halogenated sulfonated nitrated or nitrosated derivatives

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Página 477 - Hats and other headgear, plaited or made from plaited or other strips of any material, whether or not lined or trimmed. 65.05 Hats and other headgear (including hair nets), knitted or crocheted, or made up from lace, felt or other textile fabric in the piece (but not from strips), whether or not lined or trimmed.
Página 331 - Finishing agents, dye carriers to accelerate the dyeing or fixing of dyestuffs and other products and preparations (for example, dressings and mordants), of a kind used in the textile, paper, leather or like industries, not elsewhere specified or included...
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Página 660 - Drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments (for example, drafting machines, pantographs, protractors, drawing sets, slide rules, disc calculators): instruments for measuring length, for use in the hand (for example, measuring rods and tapes, micrometers, callipers), not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter...
Página 381 - Registers, account books, note books, order books, receipt books, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries and similar articles, exercise books, blotting-pads, binders (loose-leaf or other), folders, file covers, manifold business forms, interleaved carbon sets and other articles of stationery, of paper or paperboard; albums for samples or for collections and book covers, of paper or paperboard SKXlilSfitSIra?^'!
Página 134 - ... not elsewhere specified or included; food preparations of goods of headings Nos. 04.01 to 04.04. not containing cocoa powder or containing cocoa powder in a proportion by weight of less than 10%, not elsewhere specified or included...
Página 322 - Modelling pastes, including those put up for children's amusement; preparations known as "dental wax" or as "dental impression compounds", put up in sets, in packings for retail sale or in plates, horseshoe shapes, sticks or similar forms; other preparations for use in dentistry, with a basis of plaster (of calcined gypsum or calcium sulphate).
Página 10 - Molluscs, whether in shell or not, live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine; aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs, live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine; flours, meals and pellets of...

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