Paxton's Magazine of Botany, and Register of Flowering Plants, Volumen6

Sir Joseph Paxton
Orr and Smith, 1839
Periodical devoted to the illustration in colour of new and uncommon plants grown in British gardens; although primarily horticultural in appeal, it contains the first descriptions of many new species.

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Página 24 - Under foot the violet, Crocus, and hyacinth, with rich inlay Broider'd the ground, more colour'd than with
Página 114 - still larger, but the state of the weather drove us from our position. The leaves, when in a fresh state, are of a deep dark and polished green, nearly resembling those of the laurel tribe, from ten to sixteen inches long, and two or three inches wide.
Página 210 - of Lord Bacon—" Reading makes a full man, writing a correct man, and speaking a ready man.
Página 65 - not hitherto been generally thought of. Hawthorn hedges are common everywhere ; and there are between twenty and thirty beautiful species and varieties of thorn in
Página 65 - with utility, by planting, in the outer margins of his natural woods or artificial plantations, and along the open rides in them, and in the hedgerows of his lanes and public roads, trees which are at once highly ornamental and more or less
Página 257 - preserve their fragrance so well that they might be worth collecting for the use of the perfumer ; and if so, they would furnish a new and most agreeable article of luxury to Europe, and a small aid to the natural resources of the
Página 65 - the common indigenous trees for which they are substituted. If, on the other hand, his estate is already fully planted, he will learn from this work how he may beautify his plantations by a mode which never yet has been applied in a
Página 218 - to the splitting of the capsule, to each valve of which is attached a large placenta, and under its edges are found the slender subulate seeds.
Página 9 - the spiral tubes will neither carry coloured infusions, nor in the smallest degree retard the withering of the leaf, when the central vessels are divided.
Página 137 - October, with the last of the party. In the evening of the same day, when running one of the rapids below Dalles des Morts, the boat unfortunately filled, and the following persons perished in attempting to gain the shore.

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