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AN ACT to incorporate the Deposit Bank of Frankfort.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth
of Kentucky :

1. That Cornelius Drake, Alexander Julian, Thomas Commissioners' Farmer, John R. Scott, S. I. M. Major, and A. W. Dudley, to open books. are hereby appointed commissioners to obtain subscriptions

to the stock of the corporation hereinafter created, who, or a majority of whom, may meet at some convenient time and place in the town of Frankfort, of which due notice shall have been given in the - Frankfort Commonwealth" and “ Kentucky Yeoman,” published at Frankfort, at which time they may open books and receive subscriptions of stock to said institution; and shall keep said books open for one month, and as much longer as said commissioners shall deem necessary, or until the stock is taken.

§ 2 The capital stock of said institution shall not be Capital stock.

less than twenty-five thousand dollars, nor more ihan one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, divided into shares of filty dollars each, which shall be personal estate, and transferable only on the books of the coinpany, in such manner and subject to such regulations as the board of directors may prescribe.

§ 3. As soon as twenty-five thousand dollars shall have When to be a been subscribed and paid in to the stock of said company, body corporate.

the book of subscription may be closed and delivered over to the subscribers, who shall thereupon constitute a body politic and corporate; with the corporate name of the De. posit Bank of Frankfort.” They and their successors shall so continue for the terın of twenty years; and may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and may exercise all the other powers usually incident to such corporations.

§ 4. Upon the receipt of the books of subscription the When to elect subscribers, or a majority in value of them, shall meet and directors.

elect five persons, who shall be stockholders, each the owner bona fide of ten shares of stock, to serve as direc

tors of said institution until the first Monday in January Annual meet. following, and until their successors shall be elected. The Ing.

annual meeting of the stockholders shall thereafter be held on the first Monday in January in each year. but meetings

may be held oftener if the directors, or a majority of thein, How stock require it; and in all meetings of stockholders each per

son shall be entitled to one vote for every share of stock held by him. The officers shall hold their offices for one year, and until their successors shall be elected, but may

be removed by a majority at any regular or called meetofficers to do ing of the stockholders. The directors may choose one appointed.

of their number, or out of the other stockholders, as their president; may appoint a secretary, and such other officers as they may require; fix their compensation, prescribe their



Torm of offico.

Committee to

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duties, and take bond and security for the faithful dis- 1863.
charge thereof; may prescribe the manner and times of
paying in the stock; and shall have the general control of
the attairs of the bank.

§ 5. The directors shall annually appoint two or inore
stockholders to attend and hold the annual election.
06. At each annual meeting of the stockholders a com-

be appointed to mittee shall be appointed, who shall at least twice in each examivo bank. year, examine into the condition of the bank, and file their report in said bank, subject to the inspection of all the stockholders, and shall also publish this report in one of the papers published in Frankfort for two weeks. s 7. The business of' said bank shall be to receive money

Businoss of and bank notes on deposit, and it may allow the depositors such interest thereon as may be agreed on, not exceeding the rates of interest allowed by law'; to loan money; to deal in gold and silver coin, bullion, bills of exchange and promissory no‘es; to buy and sell the stock of other companies, and the bonds of this State, and of the United Siates; but it shall not issue notes or bills, or certificates of deposit, or any other instruments intended for circulation as money. 08. All promissory notes negotiable and payable at some Promissory

notos, &c. incorporated bank of issue in this State, purchased or discounted by said bank, shall be put on the footing of foreign bills of exchange, so far as pertains to the responsibili. ty of the parties and the inodes of collecting, and remedy may be had jointly and severally against the drawers and endorsers thereon; but this provision shall not authorize any usurious interest or discount under color of exchange.

§ 9. The directors shall annually declare dividends of ihe Dividends. profits arising from the business of the bank. § 10. Should any person make a deposit in said bank, Penalty for fall

ing to pay deand be refused payment thereof on demand made for the posits. same, according to the terms of deposit, and without lawful excuse, said bank shall pay to the depositor the amount of his deposit, and fifteen per cent. damages on the amount thereof, to be recovered by suit in the Franklin circuit Ø 11. Said bank shall pay its deposits in gold and silver, pail.

How deposits

. or currency of the like kind of that deposited.

$ 12. The said bank may purchase, hold, sell, and convey May purchase any real or personal estate which may be necessary to carry out the object of its creation; and it may receive conveyances of real estate or any other property as may be necessary or proper to secure any debi due to it, or which may be sold for the payment of such debt. § 13. Said bank shall be located in Frankfort.


Stockholders Ø 14. If at any time the charter of said deposit bank shall be forfeited, or a depositor shall be refused payment amount of of the whole or any part of his deposit in said bank, ac


real estate.

liable for debts

stock owned.

and upon

1863. cording to the provisions of section ten herein, in order to

secure the payment of the debts of the bank, each and every stockholder shall be responsible for the full amount ' of his stock in said bank, at the date of such forfeiture or refusal, to the creditors of the bank, and to that extent shall be personally liable for the debts due from said bank;

his failure to pay the same, suit may be instituted against the stockholders jointly or severally, for the recovery of such debts, in any court of competent jurisdiction.

§ 15. The General Assembly reserves to itself the right General Assem- to examine into the affairs of this institution, by any perbly may exam

son or persons they may select for that purpose, and to of bank.

alter, amend, or repeal this act at pleasure.
§ 16. This act to take effect from its passage.

Approved March 3, 1863.

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AN ACT to incorporate the Louisville and Southern Park Railway

Be it enacted by the Generul Assembly of the Commonwealth
of Kentucky:

§ 1. That U. E. Ewing, Joseph B. Kinkead, David H. Corporators' Davies, Z. M. Sherley, Thos. T. Shreve, and Alfred Harporate powers.

ris, their associates and successors, are hereby made a corporation, by the name of the “ Louisville and Southern Park Railway Company," with power and authority to construct, inaintain, and operate a single track railway, with all necessary and convenient tracks for turn-outs, siile tracks, and appendages, from such point on Third street, in the city of Louisville, as the gineral council of said city may designate; thence along Third street to the Louisville House of Refuge; thence along the Park avenue to the main entrance to the Southern Purk.

§ 2. That the road shall not be made within the limits of Nolto bonbeint the city of Louisville without the license of the general of city council.

council, and upon such terins as the general council of said city may prescribe by ordinance.

3. The capital stock of said corporation shall be sixty Capital stock.

thousand dollars; it shall be divided into shares of one hundred dollars, and be issued and transferred in such manner and upon such conditions as the board of directors of said corporation may prescribe.

$ 4. The affairs of said corporation shall be managed by Who to manage six directors and a president, who shall be stockholders in

the corporation. The first board of directors shall consist of U. E. Ewing, Joseph B. Kinkead, David H. Davies, Z. M. Shirley, Thomas T. Shreve, and Alfred Harris, and ihereafter of not less than six stockholders, who shall be


, first directors.


chosen each and every year by the stockholders, at such

1863. time, and in such manner, as the said corporation by its by-laws may prescribe. The said directors shall hold their offices until their successors are eleɔted and qualified, and may fill all vacancies which may happen in the board by death, resignation, or otherwise. They may also adopt such by-laws, rules, and regulations for the government of said corporation, and the management of its affairs and business as they may think proper, not inconsistent with the laws of this State.

§ 5. Said corporation shall have the right to acquire such May acquire Jand or right of way, by writ of ad quod damnum, in the right of way. same manner that turnpike road companies are authorized by the 103d chapter of the Revised Statutes of Kentucky, which took effect on the 1st day of July, 1852, as may be necessary for laying their track, side tracks, turn-outs, turn-tables, for car sheds, and stables.

6. In laying the railway track, it shall be so done as How track to be not to obstruct the travel of other vehicles or prevent the flow of water; the track of said railway shall not be elevated above the surface of the street, and shall be so laid that carriages and other vehicles can easily and freely, cross said track at any and all points, and in any and all directions, without obstruction.

7. In taking up the street to lay down the railway Streets to be track, said corporation shall carefully replace same, and kept in ropalr.

be bound to keep said track, and two feet on either side of tiit, in good repair, so long as said company continue to

operate said road. $8. The cars to be used upon said track shall be opera- only to be used!

power ted by animal power only.

$ 9. The rate of fare for any distance within the city Rate of fare. limits shall not exceed five cents; and out of the city limits shall not exceed ten cents per passenger. 10. The track, from such point on Third street, in the

be consli ucted. city of Louisville, as the general council may designate, to the Louisville House of Refuge land, shall be constructed in three years from the passage of this act, or this charter will be forfeited; and from the House of Refuge, along the Park avenue, to the main entrance to the Southern Park, at First street, within four years, or that part of the grant herein set forth will be forfeited. $11. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.

Approved March 3, 1863.

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AN ACT to incorporate Catlettsburg Lodge, No. 142, 1. O.O. F.

Be it cnucted by the General Assembly of the Commonwcalth of Kentucky :

$1. That N. J. Andrews, James Wise, John J. Williamson, John Klander, John A. Klaiber, and Peter Hammis, and their associates, are hereby created a body corporate, by the name and style of "Catlettsburg Lodge, No. 142, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows ;” and they and their associates and successors shall so continue, and bave perpetual succession ; and by that name are made capa: ble, in law, as natural persons, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, contract and be contracted with, answer and be answered in all courts of law and equity in this Commonwealih ; to make, have, and use a commun seal, and the same to break, alter, or amend at pleasure; they may make and ordain regulations and by-laws for their government, and those now in force in said lodge to alter when deemed proper, and may change and renew the same at pleasure : Provided, They be not in contravention of the constitution, law's, and regulations of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, incorpo. rated by an act approved February 16th, 1838, nor in contravention of the constitution and laws of the United States or of this State. The said corporation shall have power and authority to acquire and hold real and personal estate, not exceeding twenty thousand dollars in value, and, from tiine to tiine, it deerned expedient, sell and convey the saine, or any part thereof, and to reinvest and dispose of the proceeds. The right to alter, amend, or repeal this act is hereby reserved to the General Assembly. § 2. This act to be in force from its passage.

A pproved March 3, 1863.

AN ACT to incorporate Morning Star Lodge, No. 16. I. 0. O. F.

Bc il cnacled by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky :

§ 1. That Isaac H. McIvethy, Win. Wingate, Jas. H. Snyder, and John G. Gaines, and their associates, be and they are hereby created a body corporate, by the name and style of Morning Star Lodge, No. 16. Independent Order of Odd Fellows; and they and their associates and -uccessors shall so continue and have perpetual succession; and by ihat name are made capable, in law, as natural persons, to sue and be sued. plead and be iinpleaded, contract and be contracted with, answer and be answered in all courts of law and equity in this Commonwealth ; to

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