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and assessment roll furnished marsbal.

§ 18. On the second Monday of May annually, or as 1863. soon thereafter as practicable, the mayor and council shall

When amount determine the amount of the poll and the rate of the ad of tax to be de valorem taxes for the year; and the clerk shall thereupon make and deliver to the marshal, as soon as practicable, a list, in alphabetical order, of the persons named in the assessment roll, and the amount of the taxes of the current year, and the delinquent taxes of the preceding two years, charged against each, specifying whether the tax is a poll or property tax, and if ihe latter, conciscly describing the property, with a precept, under the seal of the city, coinmanding the marshal, in the name of the city, to collect the taxes charged in said list, by demanding payınent of the persons therein charged, or by distress and sale of their respective goods and chattels, or of lands, tenements, and hereditaments described in said list, and to return said precept and list to the mayor and council, and pay over the money so collected to the treasurer on or before the first Monday of November then next.

19. The marshal shall execute and return said precept Duty of marshall according to the command thereof, and he shall specify, in in collecig tar. his return, what taxes have been collected by distress and sale, the property sold, the price for which it sold, and the naine of the purchasers, and what taxes remain unpaid, and the cause of their non-payment; and he shall make oath that his return is just and true, which oath shall be 'annexed to bis return. The marshal shall also report to the mayor and council all omissions and other errors in the assessment and tax rolls which shall have come to his knowledge, and the mayor and council shall, at all times, have power to correct any assessment or tax roll, by adding to or subtracting from, as to them shall seem right, and to refund any moneys and make any other just restitution for taxes wrongfully collected.

§ 20. The marshal, upon receipt of the tax book, shall advertise in one or more newspapers of the city, calling on the tax payers to meet him at his office to pay

their taxes ; and if any tax shall remain unpaid on the first Monday in August the marshal may collect the same by di-tress and sale, at auction, of the goods and chattels of the person charged therewith, and found in the city, returning the overplus, if any, to the owner, giving ten days' notice of such sale, hy written advertisements, put up in three public places in the city.

$21. The treasurer and marshal shall, before entering Treasurer and upon the discharge of their re-pective duties, each execute a bond, in the penalty of four thousand dollars, wi:h good and sufficient security, conditioned for their honest and faithful discharge of official duty ; their bonds to be approved by the council, who shall cause the sam- to be filed in the clerk's office, and true copies of which shall be

Marshal In advertise Amen payment out taxes.

marshal to exocuto bond.

and drawed out.

1863. spread of record. If at any time it shall be deemed prop

er the council may require additional security of one or both the above named officers, and increase the amount of either or both their said bonds.

§ 22. The mayor and council shall be authorized to es. Rules to be es: tablish rules to enforce a faithful and honest discharge of force discharge the official functions of all the officers of the city, and 10 tions.

inflict a penalty for their non-observance ; to remove from office the mayor or any member of the council or other city officer; but in all cases of impeachment the party accused shall be notified of the charge or allegations against him at least ten days previous to the day of trial, and they shall also be placed of record in the proceeding= of the council.

§ 23. All moneys of the city, raised, collected, or reciev. Money to be pd ed' by the means of taxes, licenses, penalties or otherwise, into

how shall be paid into the treasury, and shall not be drawn

therefrom except by the authority of the mayor and coun: cil, upon an order signed by the mayor and countersigned by the clerk. The mayor and council shall cause all de mands in favor of and against the city to be adjusted and paid as speedily as possible ; and shall require all officers and agents entrusted with the keeping or expenditures of moneys of the city to account for and dispose of the same, at such short intervals, and in such manner as they may direct; and they shall cause, annually, to be published in one or more newspapers of the city, a full and concise statement of the receipts and expenditures of the city. They shall also, at the close of each fiscal year. cause to be published a true delinquent list, giving the name of each delinquent tax payer, with the amount of his or her

delinquency, to be published in like manner. d

§ 24. All fines assessed by the mayor, for offenses against Finesosi penal the penal laws of this State, shall be paid over to the trus paid jury fund. tee of the jury fund, as soon as collected. $ 25. The mayor, or a majority of the council, may

call Special meet special meetings of the mayor and council whenever they Ings of council

shall judge it expedient, by giving notice to the other coun. Who to rien cilmen, who shall at that time be in the city ; the mayor, fed copy evi and in his absence, the president pro tempore of the council

, shall sign the records of their proceedings; and a copy of the record so signed, certified by the clerk, and under the seal of the city, shall be competent evidence in any court of this State. No by-laws or ordinances of a penal nature shall be passed by the mayor and council, without being publicly read twice; and the vote upon the passage thereof shall be by ayes and noes, and entered on the record, but no such by-laws or ordinances shall be in force until 8 copy thereof, certified by the clerk, unde, seal of the city, shall have been published ten days in one or more news. papers of the city.

may be called.





Jurisdiction of



§ 26. The mayor shall have the same jurisdiction and 1963. pistei, in both civil and criminal cases, which justices of the peace have, if the causes of action or of complaint mayor. shall have arisen, or the defendants, or one of the defendants, shioll be found in the city; and he shall have jurisdiction of all cases for a violation of any by-law or ordinance of the mayor and council; he shall also have the power to issue all process for carrying the jurisdictior, into ellect; shall proceed in the same manner, and be entitled to the saine fees as justices of the peace; he shall keep a To keep docket, docket, which, in all re-perts, shall have the same effeci as the docket of a justice of the peace ; and a copy therefroin, certified by the mayor, under his seal, shall be competent evidence in any court in thi- State; and the parties to any suit before hiin shall have the saine right to a change of venue, to a trial by jury, and to an appeal, as if the suit Wax pending befire a justice of the peace. $ 27. It shall be the duty of the inarshal to serve and re- Duties and pow

er of marshal. turn all process directed to him by t'ie miyor, and his power for this purpose shall be co-extensive with Bourbon county: also to collect the taxes and perform all the duties of a collector; he shall attend all trials before the city jindge; receive the same fees for services, and do the same duties in like cases as constables. In case of the ence or inability of th: marshal, the inayor may direct process to any con table of Bourbon county, who shall serve and return the saine, § 28. If no goods or chattels shall be found, out of which How lands, &e,

for taxes may be to inake the taxes charged on any lands. tenements and hereditaments, or being found, and vold, shall be insufficient to satisfy such taxes. The marshal shall seize such lands, tenements, or hereditainents, and having given three weeks general notice of the sale in a newspaper published in the rity, he shall. at the court-house in the city, on the fourth Monday of October, between 10 o’olock in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and thence from day to day, as long as it shall be necessary, sell, at public auc. tion for cash, the least interest in said land:-, teneinents, or hereditaments that will satisfy the taxes charged thereon and the co-is of sale; and the taxes and costs being paid by the purchaser the inarshal shall give to him a certificate of such sale, signed and sealed by hi!nsell, stating particularly the property sold, the annount and the year of the tar, and the purchaser's naine; said certificate shall be recorded by a clerk in a book kept for that purpose, within sixty days after its date. The inarshal shall charge one dollar in the cost of the sale, of which he shall keep seventy-five cents for making, and pay to the clerk twenty five cents for recorling the certificate; and if all proceedings relative to the tax and sale shall have been regular such certificate shall vest in the purchaser and his representatives and as



1863. signs an indefeasible title to the interest so purchased in

such lands, tenements, or hereditaments, and the certifiWhen certid: cate shall be prima facia evidence of such regularity. If ante of sale giv

any lot or part of lot, sold as directed by this section, shall not be redeemed at the expiration of two years from the date of sale, the marshal that made the sale or the mar. shal of the city for the time being, shall make a deed to the purchaser, in which deed the certificate of sale shall be recited and acknowledge the same for record in the Bourbon county court clerk's office; and such deed shall be prima fucia evidence of the regularity of the sale, and vest an indefeasible title in the purchaser. But any person interested in the lands, tenements, or hereditaments 80 sold, may redeem the same, at any time within two years from the date of such sale, by paying to the purchaser or the clerk of the city, for the purchaser's use, the amount for which the same was sold, together with one hundred per cent. thereon the six per cent. per annum as interest on the purchase money ; but the purchaser, bis representatives and assigns, shall not be liable to account for the use and occupation of the lands, tenements, and hereditaments between such sale and redemption; and they shall have the right to remove all improvements made by them within such period; this act shall not be so construed as to impair the rights of infants and femes covert to redeem as aforesaid, or to contest the validity of the sale as aforesaid, for two years after their respective disabilities shall be removed; but this saving shall not extend to any joint tenant or tenant in common not laboring under said disability.

29. The council shall provide, by ordinance, for all elecprovided for.

tions in conformity with this act, and the constitution and

laws of this State. omcers to give § 30. The common council shall have full power to cause tond.

each officer appointed by them, before he enters upon the duties of his office, to execute bond in such penalty as they may direct, (by ordinance.) with such security as they may approve, conditioned that he will faithfully discharge the duties of his office, and fully pay over to the treasurer, when required by order of the council, all moneys which he may have received by virtue of his office; which bond shall be filed away by the clerk. Each and every bond required or authorized to be executed by this act, by any city officer, (except as otherwise provided,) shall be executed to the city of Paris ; and upon all such bonds suit may be brought and judgment recovered in any of the courts of this Commonwealth. All suits commenced hereafter, and prosecuted for and on behalf of said city, shall

be in the name of the city of Paris. This act judicial aet, and to be

$ 31. This act shall be a public act, and be judicially liberally

con- noticed and liberally construed by all courts in this State:

Bloctions to be


and in pleading it shall not be necessary to recite the by- 1863. laws and ordinances of the mayor and council, but it shall be sufficient to refer to their date, title and section; the rights and privileges herein granted shall not be taken away or affected by any law hereafter made unless the corporation hereby created shall be expressly named therein; and the fact of any person being a citizen of the city of Paris shall not render such person incompetent to be a witness in any suit to which the city may be a party.

Express com

panies may be § 32. The mayor and council shall have power to license licensed. any and all express companies which may be engaged in the transportation of goods, wares, and merchandize for pay, which shall have an office or offices within the city limits, and may charge for such license any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars; and no such express company shall have or keep an office within the city limits, or do its business therein, by an agent or otherwise, without such license, under a penalty of two hundred dollars, to be elforced as other fines, by proceeding before the mayor, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. s 33. All by.laws and ordinances passed by the common Pol forderungen

unul council of the city of Paris before the passage of this act,

pealed. shall remain in full force until repealed by the common council, and all laws not inconsistent with this act are to remain in full force.

Deputy marshme

may be appoint § 34. The common council may appoint a deputy marshal or marshals for any period of time not ex :eeding the time for which the marshal has to serve, and to fix the compensation for the same. $35. This act to be in force from its passage.

Approved January 29, 1863.

Law, heretorre


AN ACT to extend tbe March term, 1863, of the Madisou Circuit Court.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of thc Commonw alth of Kentucky:

$1. That the Madison circuit court, at its March term in 1863, shall continue for eighteen juridical days, if the business of the same require it. 82. This act to be of force from its passage.

Approved January 29, 1863.

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